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Warzone best off meta loadouts after new update explained!

Warzone best off meta loadouts after new update explained!

ladies and gentlemen. While we do obviously have plenty of different meta choices right now for War Zone gameplay, whether you're looking for the best rifles, lmgs, snipes, or SMGs, whatever the case may be, there's a lot of weapons y'all are sleeping on; there's some underrated, great choices right now, some sort of off-meta loadouts, that I wanted to break down here today into the top five best of them.

Warzone best vel 46 loadout (mp7 loadout) after update

Actually, if you're looking for something just to spice up your gameplay, We're starting first with one of my personal favorites, the MP7, aka the Vel 46. Even dating back to World War I, the MP7 was one of my favorite SMGs because it's always been versatile, like it is now. It's good at, you know, close range, and it's competitive enough to hang with some of the other SMGs.

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But then it really starts to thrive in, like, the early mid-range, and so it's got that versatility option that not every single SMG in the game has while also being incredibly easy to use. So initially, here I'm starting off with the Sonic suppressor. It's actually going to hurt my control; it's a bit, but like I said, this thing is easy to use, not a huge deal.

OB, we do lose some sprints of fire, but we'll gain that back later, and this helps out that first damage range, which makes it even more lethal and does help gain an edge over some other options in the SMG category. And it helps out the velocity, which makes it even better for that early mid-range, as I mentioned.

The dart barrel is kind of going to do more of the same there with that added velocity and also gain some control back. It only hurts your mobility a tad bit across the board, so not really a huge deal there, so it just adds some nice, you know, consistency to the setup in all types of fights. I do go for the angled under.

The barrel here really just focuses on that horizontal control. There's no penalty outside of vertical control, which is not a big deal, so it just makes the pattern a lot more predictable and easy to use as usual. For the basic 50 ronic cinemag, if you wanted to upgrade to 60, that's totally an option as well.

You'll be a little bit slower, but it's not the end of the world, so either way, it works just fine there, honestly. Then I also go for the soldier's rear grip. This one's all focused on mobility here with ads speed and sprint of fire, so you're still snappy and aggressive while also being a laser beam and having some good mid-range values in there as well, so you're sleeping on the Vel 46.

This thing's actually surprisingly good. That said, I'd love to see a lot of the MW2 SMGs buffed, including this one, just to bring them even more in line with some MW3s.

Warzone best mcw conversion loadout after update

Warzone best mcw conversion loadout after update

Now, one of the few MW3 weapons that I feel is a little bit underrated is probably the best sniper support option in the game; arguably the best sniper support is the MCW, which, as a normal rifle, is pretty mediocre.

It's slow recoil, but its damage is kind of eh, but you change it to the conversion kit and it becomes an SMG AR hybrid, and this thing fries; it's fast; it's aggressive; it's crazy good close-range; I love the feel of this thing, and it's really not used as much as some other snipers support options like the Ram or even some SMGs, so this is one you might want to pick up and give it a try because this setup is pretty nasty.

Initially, we do have the Jack Raven kit on there, obviously to make it an AR SMG with a better rate of fire, better mobility, and better damage up close. You just love to see that I don't love the irons; they're a little bit bulky in this situation, so I just go for an ELO sight. The Nar is pretty good.


Slate's good as well, and as always, whenever you're using an optic, just go for the one that's going to be the most comfortable for you. I do use the 40-round mag here, which has a bit of a drawback here because it's got a faster fire rate, and this is the max-capacity accent mag, so you do have to be mindful of that.

It's damage per mag is not fantastic. But the ttk is that if you're landing shots, you'll be just fine, because this is so easy to use. I do use the DR6 hand stop here just to increase my mobility and make it even more aggressive as an AR SMG combo, and then, of course, just to make this thing an absolute laser beam. I'm using the Jack BFB, which, as we know, turns your Red Dot into an advanced UAV ping, which in the close to mid-range can almost be an advantage because it takes away elevation, so you sort of get that element of surprise, and you can just fry any because you're not going to have any recoil using this thing on there, so this is definitely a slept-on sort of conversion, and you know, a way to approach gameplay with the MCW, but it gets the job done very well.

Warzone best kastov 545 loadout after update

Warzone best kastov 545 loadout after update

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Next up, we got the COV 545, another MW2 weapon that is slept on now really playlist update every time anyways another MW2 weapon that slept on its long range is not crazy by any means but really its mid-range is wildly effective and what that mid-range is right there with those other, you know. Prime MW2 MW3, rifles that do well there some of the lmgs in that mix as well and so you end up having a really aggressive rifle here that's great for like Resurgence style gameplay in specific, it's also extremely easy to use as well obviously MW2 weapons typically have a little bit more control, issues with their visual recoil and their patterns, but this one is arguably one of the easier ones in the game initially here going for a 2.5, times optic for the mid to long range as I'm sure you guys know by now this is sort of my go-to choice again though always go for preference here if need be the 6 onic cend mag works just fine here If you wanted to jump down to 45 to be a little bit faster and a little bit more aggressive, you could do so, but damage mag obviously will be the best with 60 again.

I am using the FTAC angled under Barrel here just because it's so easy to use. You know, go and attack that horizontal control. And it's going to be an absolute laser beam. The pattern will be super predictable, and I don't need to slow it down anymore, just because it's already so straightforward.

There is a really unique feature with that: I can sort of get better stats out of one specific area without having to worry about hurting anything else. If the beard fire suppressor has better range velocity and control, just making it even better for the mid- to long range, then I go for the 406.

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