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Warzone new best meta loadout in every category!

Warzone new best meta loadout in every category!

ladies and gentlemen. SMGs, pistols, snipers, so on and so forth. There's actually a pretty solid list of weapons from every single category in the overall competitive meta, and today I really wanted to take the standout option from every weapon category and break down the best loadout for it.

That's exactly what we're going to do.

Warzone 3 best pistol meta loadout

So we're going to start here first with the pistols that make our way through the main primary categories, and even though it was nerfed with a couple of updates back, yes, the Retti is still the best overall pistol in my opinion. The core 45 conversion kit's like, right there, really, really good ttk, as we know, also surprisingly good range for a pistol, but the renetti, even after Nerf, is still right there with some of the best SMGs.

Still very aggressive and also incredibly easy to use, much more so than that core 45 conversion, at least in my own opinion here, so I am still running that ferocity carbine kit on here to turn this into basically an SMG pistol hybrid that's going to obviously be clutch for really making this thing as good as it can be.

I still go for the 50-round drum; the more ammo, the merrier in this case. Right, the Ravage 8 stock is my preferred, like sort of fifth attachment here if you will. This is one you maybe could change out for an underbarrel if you want better movement or a laser sight or something like that, but I like the added control here because it makes sure that I am just super accurate, and it's got pretty minimal cons, so it's just super easy to use.

It's really good trade-offs there: the Nar model 2023 and optics. I am curious to see if this is adjusted anymore.

Warzone best sniper meta loadout

Warzone best sniper meta loadout

Going forward, next up for snipers, for me, it's got to be the Moris just because this thing is the most versatile. In the game, now you could build an aggressive one-shot setup for like quick scoping, and you could also have an infinite one-hot range as well, so you can kind of go either route with this thing.

I like to have a sniper setup that's going to be able to one shot at 5 m if I no scope head shot somebody or at 105, M right, and so that's what I've got going on here. The antimaterial slug rounds are what's important here; this will give you that one shot head shot at any range whatsoever. I also go for the ton heavy barrel that extends that V out some, which is obviously very clutched there the Razer Hawk laser sight just for a faster ad speed just to make it a little bit more snappy.

The Super Light 990 stock can even faster ad speed but also much better movement speed across the board. The strap speed on this is pretty crazy, and then just behind the face cam here. I've got the quick button on there; if you want to go for a screenshot, go ahead, but this is obviously going to make it so I can just get my shots off a little bit faster back to back to back; you don't have to worry about that longer delay in between shots, so by far my go-to sniper setup is now a ton of fun, and obviously any one-shot sniper is going to be up there towards the top of the meta as is.

Warzone 3 best marksman rifle meta loadout

Warzone 3 best marksman rifle meta loadout

Now for marksman rifles, there are a lot of really good options in this category, some really crazy choices too, but for me, the MCW 6.8 It's got to be that number one choice still. It's kind of been like this for some time, like this has been my go-to Marksman for the past couple of seasons, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it right.

It's got the Amo capacity that other Marksman just don't have, at least when the mag actually wants to load into the game and work correctly. You got that 60-run accent mag crazy fast ttk, and you can spam this thing really quickly too, so it's got a lot of really good upsides and not too many, you know, drawbacks, whatsoever here, so as mentioned, the 60-round drum is something you won't see on other Marksman The problem here is that this does glitch out a lot and doesn't actually load into the game.

That's a bug they have going on with a lot of attachments right now, unfortunately. 2.5 times, Eagle is great for the mid- to long range. Obviously, I like the assault stock on here; just better recoil control across the board. not really hurting anything all that much outside of ads, which is not super relevant in this case.

I also go for the brew and heavy support. This is a super clutch for semi-auto guns because yes, it'll help out with that control when you're spamming, but also aiming idle sway firing aim stability, which is super important on semi-auto guns for reentering and just staying accurate while you're spamming, and then lastly, the Spirit Fire suppressor that has three-in-one combo range velocity and control also keeps me off the mini map of course too, so really, really fun. Marksman is one that we've obviously talked about a lot, but I really do enjoy this thing; it is a beast.

Warzone best lmg meta loadout

Warzone best lmg meta loadout

Next up for the LMGs, I've got the bruan. This is probably the most competitive singular weapon category in the game right now. I mean, the evolver is up there. The eradicator is up there, the rap is up there, and we've got the DG58.

There are like, so many good messages. The bruan is just kind of the best of all of them combined, though in my opinion relatively AGG-like for an lmg. Especially with the 60-round conversion on here, we've got a low recoil and really good damage profile across the board. ttk is solid at every single range, like this thing doesn't really have any major drawbacks, maybe outside of the fact that it does have an open bolt delay, but that's not really a huge deal across the board.

With this, the 60-round mag, as mentioned, speeds you up a ton, so you get some much better mobility out of that. Really, any optic you're comfortable with here, go for that. I like the glass list for really all ranges; it's nice and clean and gives you some firing aim stability. Eagle I would work here with a slate of night art, whatever you're comfortable with.

Like I said, Horizon Barrel is great for the big map. In my opinion, ferocity is what I actually use on Resurgence and gameplay, but really both of these barrels are great choices. It just depends on whether you want less control and more range or more control and less range. There's not really a wrong answer.

Both of these are really, really good and ruin heavy support yet again. better horizontal control gun kick, better firing aim stability, and Idol Sway and the Spirit Fire suppressor, once more on here as well, super competitive category, so to be the number one. I think that's a pretty solid title to hold right now.

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