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New best weapon/loadout in every warzone category

New best weapon/loadout in every warzone category

ladies and gentlemen. Just in general, across the war zone meta, we've got a pretty solid variety between you know some really good rifles to use some good SMGs, so on and so forth, and with that, today I wanted to go through every main weapon category that you can actually customize a loadout for and break down the best weapon and best setup in that category, so the best pistol, the best sniper, the best SMG, etc.

Warzone best pistol loadout

And of course, if you're new here or if you have not subscribed yet, every day I'm your one-stop shop for all things going on in COD news updates. So we're starting here initially with the pistols, then we'll move up through all the regular primaries as well, but for the pistols, this one's actually already kind of flip-flopped around a bunch this year; initially, it was the Aikimbo Tier Snake Shots, then it was the Aikimbo retes, but now it is definitely the conversion, kit core 45.

best weapon

This basically acts like a burst pistol, and it's insanely good at all ranges, but especially. Up close, it is a little bit awkward to use, so you do have to take some time to get used to it, but if you do. I mean, this thing is crazy good if you're accurate, so of course, initially, we've got the conversion kit.

This makes it shoot once when you press your trigger, and then it shoots again when you release your trigger, so, like I said, it's kind of like a two-round burst, basically. We got the 30-round mag on here, but you could also jump up to 40 if you really wanted to. There's not going to be a huge difference there outside of just general mobility, essentially.

I don't love the iron sights, especially with the sort of recoil that you have with the conversion kit, so I just went for the ELO site. This is more of a preference-based thing here, though if you're okay with the irons or you want a different optic, feel free to go for that. The Dod laser is faster, and Sprint to Fire is obviously clutch for a pistol build.

I also go for the Sonic suppressor XS just to keep me off the radar. It adds in a little bit better range and a little bit better velocity, so you can extend. Your engagements are there a little bit—nothing too crazy—but they're going to be efficient at what they do. Like I said, this thing takes a little bit of time to get used to, but man does it fry now, unfortunately.

Warzone best sniper loadout

Warzone best sniper loadout

With snipers, I mean, it's an incredibly obvious choice because there's one sniper that can shoot at any range, regardless of what build you have on, and that's the cat. It's slow, it's heavy, but if you're looking for a true sniper, that's going to one-shot knock players at 20 M with quick scopes or at 200 M with long-range sniping.

It's this; it's an obvious choice. Admittedly, initially here we got the Nightfall suppress; this is going to help out the most with velocity. I'm not really worried about range; this doesn't matter for one shot of snipes; I'm going for one shot of a head shot. I want the least bullet drop possible, so the Nightfall is going to be great for that, with the Zang Barrel also helping out a ton with bullet velocity and the Spire Point rounds also helping out a ton with bullet velocity on there, so you're getting the best V possible out of that.

I also go for the rubberized stock pad just because I do run around with this is my primary a lot, so the base general movement speed is solid. That said, if you just rather have faster ads, switch over to the tack pad stock, either way, or there is going to be a great choice, and then just behind the face cam I've got the quick bolt on there; that way.

I can get my shots off faster back to back to back in case I need to get a knock or in case I miss my head shot and I just break armor. That's obviously super clutched there, so there's the screenshot if you need it for your you-know-setups there, but yeah, clear and obvious.

Warzone best marksman rifle loadout

Warzone best marksman rifle loadout

Best sniper now for marksman's, While it's a little bit more competitive than it was before, it's still got to be the MTZ, or interceptor. This thing, despite the Nerf, is still ridiculous.

Ridiculously good, especially over super long ranges where you can be accurate with a 3 to 5-shot kill and the fire rate's not all that bad, so this means you can still melt players if you are a very accurate player, which doesn't take much to do in this game with the crazy assist obviously, so this thing is absolutely still nuts initially here.

Spirit Fire suppressors better control range and velocity with that nice 3 in 1 combo that you really never see on suppressors, which is why this one is so valuable there because this is a semi-auto gun and I want better reentry and stabilization. So Ripper 56 is going to be one of the best choices in the game for the reason that it's not doing a ton for just general recoil control, but that reentering and that better idle Sway and whatnot are just so important now, personally.

I go for the long shot barrel; both of these barrels are good. Longshot just has a little bit more control, which I find makes me a little bit more accurate than if you wanted Blackthorn. That's not a bad decision whatsoever; it's also very good, especially for super long range with that better velocity on there, but both of those barrel options are great.

20-round mag is the max, so of course I run that, and then, just for efficiency, I go for the 2.5-times Eagle ey optic. I'm the most accurate and efficient with this, which is my scope here. Again, if there's a different one that you prefer more that you're more comfortable with, always go for that with your optics there, but yeah, this thing even after the Nerf is crazy good.

Warzone best lmg loadout

Warzone best lmg loadout

Now for LMGs, this is by far the most difficult category when it comes to narrowing it down to one specific gun and saying. Okay, this is clearly the best my choice; it's got to be the brew, and just statistically, ease of use factored into this thing's ttk, from zero to, you know, 90 M and beyond really is the most consistent and reliable.

That said, the pum yat with the conversion kit is right there, and the DG is right there. The eradicator is right there. The LMG category is easily the most competitive, so while I say the bruan is the number one just because, as you know, it's true, you could absolutely make arguments for several other choices, and they're all valid.

This category is insane, and that's why, like in a top 10 article, you have so many lmgs. But as far as the Breu goes, this thing is feeling just like Prime Brewing Meta back in War Zone 1. We got the spirit fire suppressor on here again, the Horizon Barrel, which helps out with control and just velocity.

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