News - Warzone: Full Codmas Update Patch Notes & New Changes. Warzone 2 New Update

New codmas update patch notes & changes in warzone & mw3

New codmas update patch notes & changes in warzone & mw3

The season cod, Miss, has arrived in Call of Duty. The holiday or Christmas event is here today across multiplayer, War Zone in Zombies. With today's update, we actually got a full breakdown of what to expect at the event, obviously today, but also in the coming weeks. It's sort of a multi-week, long event with various new updates coming in the middle of it, so we've got patch notes.

We've got gameplay changes and all sorts of new content to break down today as we get into it.

All codmas content updates for mw3 multiplayer, zombies, & warzone

Patch notes, meta breakdowns—literally everything going on in COD is right here, but this is our first bit of detail. Here is the official Cod Miss update via a new blog that went live this morning, which includes.


Basically, what is the content overview? sort of explaining the patch notes, but in content form, if you will. Season one of locked and loaded CMAs comes early with Santa's Slayground event in Modern Warfare and War Zone, so there was like a brand new trailer that went out today. The cool trailer is pretty typical stuff for COD through Santa's Slay Ground multiplayer, zombies, and War Zone, so this is a brand new event all themed around Santa this year, so Santa's seating.

Santa's, and NS are here to terrorize all those who disobey him. Prove your worth by completing up to eight challenges in the Santa Sligh Ground in-game event. We'll talk about those notes here in just a bit to earn a price, which is more impressive than a lump of coal. Get rewards like consumable items in cosmetics like calling cards, finishing moves, and a new blueprint and operator skin to play across new themed maps in multiplayer.

Zombies and War Zone are so themed and have limited time modes in multiplayer. Codas brings two holiday-themed mapy skins with ship Miss and hangover, plus infectious holiday and snowfight is a twist on two fan favorite party modes, so this is ship Miss. Obviously, it's a shipment, but it's frozen over.

modern warfare 3

It's got like the northern lights in the background. We actually haven't seen this version of a shipment before, so it's cool that they've done this in a way that is new and unique. I'm always for that. Then we also have hangover, which is high-rise, but it's got a Christmas party going on. There's like a disco dance floor, some lights, and obviously snow all across the map as well.

It also kind of takes place at night rather than with the sun setting if you will, so cool little makeover there, and that'll be its own playlist as well, with Miss and Hangover in one. You can either play a really small map or a little bit of a larger map. We've got a couple of new LTMs, so infectious holiday Play Infected in a lobby full of Santa Claw operators.

modern warfare 3 codmas

Infected players will transform into the zombie Santa skin, which you can obviously see here combined with cheerfulness and combat prowess to retain those Rosy Cheeks against the undead Menace, so we'll have that to look forward to. We've got Snowfight, which is a gunfight iteration. The first two rounds are decided by snowball fights.

These snowballs hit hard, so stay light on your feet and capture the suspiciously yellow snowball in the center of the map for a one-hit elimination. If you hit them with the yellow snowball, it's an instant kill. After regular loadouts return in the third round, players can still loot snowballs; however, the fun little LTM is there for the gunfight.

We've also got some CMA updates for zombies. There was a lot of concern about whether zombies were even getting anything for this update, and it looks like we've got a boss wearing some Santa hats and a reindeer. Hellhound. Encounter new seasonal models and updated infill music and collect snowballs around the map, which can be used to launch deadly attacks, so overall it's not anything too crazy for zombies, like War Zone's really the major update.

modern warfare 3 codmas update

MP gets some fun seasonal stuff. Zombie is just sort of like makeover stuff: put some decorations on some of the bosses and whatnot, which is still fun but definitely not as significant of an update as what multiplayer in War Zone got going on, speaking of the War Zone slay ride. Resurgence comes to the war zone.

This operator's skin looks sick. I'm not going to lie. Play the Limited Time Resurgence: A Slay Ride Resurgence playlist during the CMAs event for the chance to earn high-quality loot by decorating trees and taking on Santa in an ambush on these seasonal trains, so the slay, ride, take the fight to Santa aboard the train traveling through Exan, succeed in toppling the king of Christmas to earn powerful in-game Loot and an emblem prove your prowess, so if you jump on the train now, you're going to notice that there are these holiday zombies walking around; those are the AI that are sort of protecting the train.

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You have to then take them out, and then it looks like taking out Santa. With a likeness to a juggernaut, style stuff here we got like the minigun and whatnot couldn't remember the name so we got like a mini boss fight if you will on the train and if you take them out then you get rewards for that we've also got the deck the halls event the deployed to one of six deck the hall tree themed capture points marked on the TAC map in slay ride Resurgence, looting up with high-tier gear right at the start of the match, standing near the tree with no opponents nearby, will begin the festive decorating.

It's almost like a hardpoint or like an Intel contract, I guess, which is a better way to describe it. The tree can be upgraded to Tier 2 or fully decorated at Tier 3. Improve the Val by improving the value of the loot, so if you loot it after Tier 3, you get the best stuff. The more decorated your tree, the better the weapon kill streaks and in-game cash you'll earn in return.

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Be on the lookout for other CMOS-related secrets around the map. While completing these events, they did mention there was going to be like a portal to take; if you got this, then you'd be able to go and take on like a boss fight Santa. But they don't describe that here, so maybe that's one of the secrets.

We also have some New Year's updates as a part of the CMAs event, and these are honestly really interesting ones, so enter the Flames of Vortex to fight for cataclysmic rewards. In this event, players will progress through the 15 available rewards by playing in the vortex-themed maps tetanus. Satan's Quar, and Spard, and these are reimagined maps, so this is rust but it's tetanus.

The lighting is crazy; we got like the glowing green all across. It looks really cool. Satan's Quarry is obviously a quarry, but it's full of lava and whatnot. Now we've got Spore Yard, which is a scrapyard, and I love The Vibes here because it's all blue, green, and glowy. Really cool, like remakes here.

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