News - Warzone 2 Zombies - Full Easter Egg Guide To Unlock All Rare Schematics & Wonder Weapons Solo (full Guide)

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In today's MWZ article, we showcase a guide on how to unlock all eight of the Ultra Legendary as well as the classifi schematics inside MWZ. Most of these are solo, but some are a little bit more challenging than others, so drop a like. Throughout this series, you guys will be seeing me use the tiers quite a bit, so the loadouts we are running are the snake shot ammunition and the alley regret.

Trigger action: the rbo tiers for the rear grip, the KR hx15, laser light, and then the Zi6, heavy long barrel. This is going to be the best build for this weapon, so make sure you guys use this if you guys do want to kind of have it a little bit easier now. There are a lot of other guns you can use, but this is definitely one of the best guns right now inside of MWZ, so make sure you guys are running this.

Another op loadout is for bass B. We're going to be running the Brewin Venom long barrel, the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop under the barrel 45 round magazine, the ST8 grip for the rear grip, and then the Slate reflector. You guys can change this up however you want, but this is kind of my loadout when running the bass B.


I do recommend these two weapons as your mains for getting all the schematic unlocks. Going onto your tack map, you're going to want to go ahead and head to H2. This is going to be all the way up by the Orav military base. You're going to want to be looking for this building right here on the map.

You're going to want to come up to this building. Head up this stairwell. You do see now that you will notice there is a door on your right or a window. You're just going to want to go ahead and pop through, and you're going to see this wall full of pictures. You will notice that Barrera will start talking.

Each of these locations has a set of UAV towers that you do need to locate, so this one's going to be in the Tier 3 Zone, which is going to be way over here. Right there, let me go ahead and take down these zombies. They are always messing with you. When you're up here, this one's going to be at the top left now.

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Keep in mind that these are different in every game. Sometimes you can just run past one and get lucky, and then just go ahead and activate the USB Tower. This one's going to be at the double buildings, which I like to call them, or you can call them the quad buildings, just to kind of keep them a little easier, so that one's going to be all the way down here, and then this one right here is going to be down at the bottom, so usually they all have separate locations.

And they are pretty far apart from each other, kind of in the four areas of the map, or the Four Corners, is the best way I could put it, but for this one, there is always one guaranteed in the Tier 3 zone. When approaching a UAV tower, make sure you are paying attention; whenever you do it and activate it, they will drop you a USB.

Port that you're going to want to be picking up a lot of people, I see they'll do the UAV Towers except they'll just run away right after and completely forget about the USB. So once you do get all four of those items, you're going to want to make your way over to The Ether Storm. Say the ether storm is right here.

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You're going to want to look for the two ammo caches that's going to be the location of the actual boss fight itself. So once you make your way to the actual boss fight place itself, you will notice that there are four refractors, each of which requires its own USB. So when you do go up to one of them, you will see that it requires an active ether storm.

You're going to have to wait for the timer of the match to go all the way to zero for the ether storm to start moving now. Once it does cover up each of these, you can go ahead and place them in, and the boss fight will start. I do recommend doing this with a team. In my game, I did it with a team, so I definitely do recommend that you guys go ahead and find yourself a team.

It's very simple to do it in game chat. Just ask people around, and mostly everybody wants to do it right now, so now is the best time to do it. In doing this towards the end, you will see yourself getting a few rewards. Now these are going to happen to be they can be the legendary ether tool, the Flawless Ethereum Crystal plans, as well as the scorcher plans.

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So that's it for the boss fight, but I do recommend that you guys take in a ton of good items because you're going to need as much power as possible. Also, keep in mind that the more players that you have on your team, the more the worm does stack damage, so it's not going to be easier because you have six people, but I do recommend six in case you do go down or you need a little help killing zombies.

It's definitely a lot easier that way. Ray gun schematic plans All you want to do is head to the Tier 3 Zone, pick up a contract, and basically just farm these Once you do get through a few contracts, you're going to notice that inside one of your reward rifts are the ray gun plans. This is the only way to do it.

Just go ahead and extract the plans, and there you go. You just unlocked yourself a free ray gun every two days for the Wonder WAP DG2 schematic. First things first, you're going to have to make your way through a ton of missions and get to Act 3. There, you're going to find a mission that you do need to extract the Wonder Waf DG2 plans from by completing an Outlast contract.

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Once you go ahead and equip this mission and grab your first Outlast contract, it can be in Tier one tier two tier three, after you complete that, it will drop you the Wonder WAP DG2. Now, if it's not on the first one, just go ahead and complete another one. Sometimes it's a little bit buggy, but that's the only way to unlock the Wonder WF plans if you guys do not have them.

It's definitely a very simple Mission and actually one of the rewards as well for this mission is a free ray gun case so you guys will be able to use the ray gun as well after this, but yeah this the Wonder wave was definitely one of my favorites and it is definitely one of the best Wonder Weapons in my personal opinion, first thing you're going to have to do is complete the new Act 4 Story Mission where you go in and kill The Ether Worm.

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Now, I do recommend you go in with the team if not; it's not too hard doing it solo. I did it today alone, but then I went in with the team. So you guys can pick which one you want to do, but it's a lot easier when you do it with the team. Once you guys do kill the worm, you're going to notice he does drop a bunch of stuff, but most importantly, open up the rift, and you're going to go ahead and get the notebook you want to keep when you do XFI.

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