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Today we're dropping into Building 21 with Paradox, one of the best players in Building 21 that I know, and we'll take you on a full tour and point out some tips and tricks that will take your game play from there. This is a more confident play style, like Love the Chas in the Hunt. I set the pace when I'm running.

I always take what I want. I always give it 100. I don't need a bank; no, I'm funded. Play the game like it's nothing. I'm always thankful for something. Don't take something for granted. Stay humble now wake up. It's time to look at the enemy. Look in the mirror to see if he is no friend to me.

It's mind over everything; I want to feel like this. I can't teach you gun skills that come with practice and repetition; you just have to keep playing and figuring out the movement and the weapons that work best for you to be able to hit your shots and eliminate the enemies. But one thing that will greatly help in all the maps, but especially in Building 21, is map knowledge and, uh, confidence.

building 21 dmz guide

Step one to having a better chance of survival in Building 21 is understanding the map. So we'll go through and cover each individual floor of the map, and I'll point out some things to consider at the beginning of the match and throughout the match. The first-floor garage area is a fairly open area, and that's where most of the fighting usually takes place.

There are five spawn locations, so be careful moving around this floor. I would get away from it as quickly as possible if you spawned there. There are stairwells at each corner of the map that will take you to the second and third floors. Also, there is a dead drop that will spawn at the bottom of one of the stairwells randomly.

The second floor has seven spawn locations and many areas full of different rooms surrounding the central courtyard, which is where the station spawns. Don't worry, not every spawn location is used in every game. There are only four teams, and they will be assigned random spawn locations out of all the ones on the first and second floors.

building 21 guide

The third floor is where all the fun stuff is. You have Velic, the Wilson weapon case, and keep in mind that on this floor you cannot access it through the A3. Now that you know where all the other teams may spawn and how to get to the stairwells to get to the other floors, one thing to consider is the timeline of events in the game.

This is critical because you will have specific events taking place at specific times, and it could impact your movement and how quickly you want to get to an xville or to a specific location. Building 21 games follows a specific timeline, and the longer you stay in the game, the harder it gets. Familiarizing yourself with this timeline will make it much easier to determine the amount of risk that you need to take to achieve the goals that you're trying to achieve within Building 21.

The game starts with 13 minutes on the clock at an 11-minute protection level. Charlie kicks in, and the time lock doors open. These are the generator room, the archive room, and the third floor stairwell doors, except for the stairwell, which can be unlocked only from within the third floor or from the stairwell by using a skeleton key.

building 21 guide dmz

With 7 minutes left on the clock, the first ax fill is revealed. At 5 minutes left on the clock, protection level Delta starts, and that's when you get stronger and more AI roaming around the map. At around 4 minutes and 40 seconds, a velin spawns, and then, with 4 minutes left on the clock, the second axill is revealed.

When the clock hits zero, the final axill is revealed, and protection level Echo starts; that's also when the gas starts. At this point, you have 3 minutes to get out, facing the strongest and most amount of AI on the map on top of the timeline, which is extremely important. Be careful; if you enter any of the rooms where the saves could spawn, the game will warn everybody that someone is entering those rooms, essentially giving away your position.

If you have some aggressive players, they will come and look for you, and they'll know exactly where to go. Look, there are five locations where saves could spawn. The only guaranteed spawn is in the safe of the armory, where the weapon case is located. The other ones are random, so you may not find a safe in every one of these locations.

building 21 weapon case

Every game, it takes about 30 seconds to drill a safe, so be ready to protect your position. The first spawn location, or possible spawn location, is in the generator room. You enter through the door on each side of the room, and the safe is located right in the middle right here. The second possible spawn location for a safe is in the archives room.

Once you access the archives room, this safe is where the spawns are located right here. The third possible spawn location for a safe is in the core lab on the third floor. This is a highly contested area, as many players like to go for this safe since the room offers very good loot. The fourth possible spawn location for the safe is on the third floor in the side lab, and it's located right here.

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The fifth spawn location for the safe and the only guaranteed one is in the armory, but you can only access this room. If you're enjoying the content, please consider giving it a like and subscribing. It really helps the channel grow, and I truly appreciate it. Also, if you have any comments or any other suggestions or tips that I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment below.

I look forward to seeing you. There, if you're trying to X fill with the weapon case from Building 21 you'll need to head to the first floor Data Center and locate the server rack, right here which you can interact with to start the hack, once you begin the hack you can't let go of the button or move or the heck will stop and you'll need to start from scratch at the same time there will be waves of AI coming into the room trying to eliminate you so you'll need to defend yourself as best as possible from this position, once the ha completes which takes about 20 seconds you'll be able to head to the Armory room which is on the third floor once you access the Armory room you'll have to eliminate a few Ai, and locate the safe to begin drilling it to grab the weapon.

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Unfortunately, the weapon case safe has been unavailable for about 6 weeks, but good news: I checked it again, and with the hunting event update, they fixed it so you can get the weapon case. Again, Wilson can be located on the third floor, roing around the dream path on the map, and he's fairly tough.

In this DMZ Building 21 guide, I will show you all there is to know about the Building 21 map so that you can gain more confidence when entering this high PvP map and have a better chance of surviving the Building 21 experience. Building 21 in DMZ can be a very challenging map, no matter if you go in looking to PvP or to sneak around. Knowing the map, where to loot for items and the game timeline will give you all the tools needed to make better and more confident decisions within Building 21 increasing your chance of making it to an exfil successfully.
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