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I want to talk about rail management. This thing has definitely risen up the ranks and is definitely now in my top five guns to use in DMZ, and it's become my best friend as a solo player. I've been using this gun pretty much exclusively for the last, I'd say, three or four days, and I've been playing solo, and in duos we're not in patrols; we're playing with my Airtel Rage.

I completely condone missions and stuff like that getting into PVP, and this thing hasn't let me down. It's just been it's just been a monster, you know, for anything or any type of activity you are doing in the DMZ, and especially as a solo player, it is just my best friend. It just helps me out; it does all the work for me.

You know it can deal with close range, medium range, and even long range if you spec it out slightly differently than mine, but I will leave my gun build at the end if you want to use the exact same one as me. I'm using a counter-pumped laser. The reason for the counter-laser on the gun is that it removes a lot of visual recoil.

Right, visual recoil is one of the bigger things in this Call of Duty; there isn't actually too much actual physical recoil, but there's a lot of visual recoil, and you can do a lot of things to kind of mimic that. You can put the scope too far, you know, when you tune it, but with the LMGs, I found they are really well canted, like they're really good.


There are a lot of guns that are well canted, and it'll do It was just doing work as you know it in Canton, even for medium- and long-range shots. I was just popping people's heads, so that's why I'm using the canted laser; it's very good for things like mice and keyboards, for sure. I have been using Mason's keyboard again for anyone who doesn't know I had an arm injury.

I still have an arm injury, and I've managed to find a compromise where I can use my ice and keyboard again without having my arm ache like mad. So it's been pretty nice, so I'm kind of like going between like this you'll, see like gameplay where I'm using controller you'll see gameplay when I'm using Mason keyboard, and I'll just basically depend on my arm because my arm's aching really badly, or for having a bad day.

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I'll mostly use a Beyond controller. And then, if you know my arm's fine, we both should be definitely beyond amazing on the keyboard because that's my preferred input. But in the fridge, we have my second attempt at the weapon crate on building 21. Building 31 has just opened again, and I didn't actually go in with the objective of getting the weapon crate.

I just wanted to go in to try and do a bit of PVP, do some PVE testing out this gun, and do a bit of looting. Um, I ended up changing my mind and getting into some PVP, and they ended up getting the weapon crate out, so I hope you enjoy the footage. It was quite a It was quite a good raid, actually, but I hope you see it soon.

I'll now move over to the live bombs. I took it a little slower today because I was like, There are always some spawns when you spawn in on Building 21. We should have you, like Lucia, over 30 seconds away from another spawn, the pspv. I think, so I was just taking it a bit carefully, and yeah, this is fine. This thing is an absolute monster against PVA, so I'm not going to go for the weapon crate; I'm just going to go and or bring someone here.

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Okay, they are so close—are they on the stairs? Because basically what I want to do is get into some PVP and mostly go and loot some of the stuff; I want to chestate all the looting spots and stuff like that and figure out where the key spots are. Sometimes, if I spawn nearer to the weapon crate, like in the server room, I go for it.

What are these guys doing? They can come down or not. As I heard the opening to my left too, and there's fighting to my left, this might mean there is a team to my left going for the server room. Yeah, so I think someone's in the server room trying to attempt it. I'm going to go up and try to kill these guys.

We need to push a bit faster now because there are people in the server room. I think I saw a laser; they'd see my laser, though. Let's just unlock the door at the top; he went down so fast; yeah, the shit; just slash him; no, I didn't get him; there we go, that's two; is there another one? I want to go out just because of self-res; no, they haven't got stuff.

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okay, this is all good. This is awkward; see how fast this gun just took those down though. So I'm going to try and get to the armory. I think that might be the best play here because there's probably a team going through the server room at the minute, so they're going to unlock the Army Force that saves us doing it in Wheeling.

Wait, there are going to be people already waiting this time, so instead of me going and doing the server room and then getting killed by someone camping there, we're going to be the campers in the server room now. Just take these out as fast as I can because I want to get everyone there as fast as possible.

Again, this thing is a beam, and as long as you go for the head, it just takes them out so fast. I'm running the um flame rounds on this through the fire rounds, "Just Gonna Keep On Running," well, the doors haven't opened so they haven't unlocked it, and we haven't seen a notification sound that's been unlocked, so I'm going to reload and just.

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Maybe they've died down there; they might have died on the server, and there's quite a big possibility because there are quite a few bots that do charge you. Yeah, I don't think I can hear anyone. The server room is, and we can then come straight back up so we don't have to run across the car park or anything.

You can only unlock that from the side; I unlocked it, but you can't come up this way and unlock it from the other side. This is one thing I've learned so far, so yeah, I don't think I can hear anyone. The server room is only up here; it's literally just up here. Yeah, I hear bots around here; it looks like things have been looted here too, so chances are people have died here.

We'll just clear out the PVE quickly, right? Let's hold this down. People are going to charge on this side; they're always charging on the right hand side here. We want to go as fast as possible now that we've hacked it, and I'm aware I haven't reloaded, so I'm going to reload now. We're going to go back up these stairs.

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I'm so glad he didn't shoot me. I didn't have any armor. Let's just get some armor going before we head into the army room because there's the possibility there are going to be bots in there or even PVP, possibly getting bugged up by the AI. I'm going to shut this door. We've got an armory box here too, which is going to be handy.

Solo DMZ just got a lot more fun with the RAAL MG, this has became my NEW best friend in Solo DMZ. This will deal with all activities around the DMZ, PvE and PvP. I take the RAAL MG into DMZ Building 21, This HIGH tier new map has some very high tier AI and some fun PvP. We go after the weapon case again SOLO.
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