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The SMG category here in Warzone 2 season 2 is pretty competitive; we saw a lot of adjustments, some very surprising adjustments, to a handful of the SMGs with the season two patch, so today I wanted to break down the current top five Subs in the game.

Best vel-46 (mp7) loadout in warzone 2

Best vel-46 (mp7) loadout in warzone 2

Now starting at number five, we've got the MP7, aka the Vel; this is just kind of your standard SMG.

There are some other really good honorable mentions here, like the Mini Box, which has great damage per magazine but a little bit of a lower TTK. I think the Hurricane is pretty solid as well, like there are certainly a lot of really solid choices, but the MP7s, kind of just the do-it-all SMG if you will, is a decent ttk for close range and certainly capable of holding its own because it's very easy to use, but it can also perform some in the mid-range as well for sort of a sniper support build, which I really like to see.

So this setup is primarily based around mobility because it's already very easy to use, and the control here is super straightforward, so first up. I've got the soldier rear grip, which is better for sprint to fire, and I'm tuning to maximize that even more. I've got the RXT stock, which is again better for Sprint speed and ads.

Here I go for a little bit of stability on that bottom note. You could also go for the strafe speed if you're totally up to it. Once more. Pro underbell that I like to run on my Subs for better hip fire accuracy, so if you're transitioning close range from hip fire to ads, it's going to be super accurate that way, and you can tune for better mobility, which of course is what I do here, then lastly, just for some consistency for maybe some of the mid-range and to keep it easy to shoot.

I go for the lock shot. KT 85 is going to help out just in general with that control, and I tuned in for the better ads and gun kick control on there, and I really like how the MP7 feels. It's not anything crazy; it's just consistent middle-of-the-ground SMG , and number four, I've actually got the MX9.

Best mx9 loadout in warzone 2 after update

Best mx9 loadout in warzone 2 after update

Quite frankly, I think you can make an argument to, you know, flip-flop numbers four and five, depending on who you ask. The MP7 and the MX9 are both, just like I said with the MP7, not insane, broken SMGs.

They're just good at being close-range options, and maybe some mid-range here as well. Again, the MX-9 is so easy to shoot that the recoil is about as easy as it gets when it comes to SMGs, and in particular, the only thing holding this gun back is the magazine capacity. 32-round run mags are the maximum you can run, which of course we are doing here.

If this were 45 or 50, this might be a top-two SMG because it's so easy to use, and the TTK is pretty competitive as well. I also got the q900 with the better rear grip, better ads, and Sprint to fire of course tuning to maximize those as well as the face cam. I actually have the C11 Riser comb on here, and this again is going to help out with those ads and get Sprint to fire I do tune for a bit of recoil stabilization here just for the mid-range to keep it reliable and usable there right also the ads speed on there as well.

I have to use an optic on the MX9, the iron sights, and I hate basically the entire OG platform here. I'm not really a huge fan of the irons, so Chrono Mini Pro Basic Blue Dot here for this time position faster ads on that tune, and then I also end up going for the Bruin S901, which is going to help out in a ton of solid ways with velocity and range for some of the mid-range but also movement speed and hip fire accuracy, and then I just go ahead and tune for better mobility in general here, so that's a really solid choice.

The barrel in this build, in particular, is going to capitalize on what you really want to focus on and give you a nice few extra benefits as well as being very solid.

Warzone 2 best vaznev loadout after update

Warzone 2 best vaznev loadout after update

SMG Then, at number three, I've got the Voz Nev. Now, this did catch a slight nerf with the season 2 update, and kind of a surprising one too, because I didn't feel like the Vasna was crazy broken. And it's best to know its strengths, if you will. Its close range didn't actually get nerfed with the season 2 patch, but they nerfed its mid-to-long range, so its damage drop off is a lot more noticeable than before, but if you're playing super aggressive with this thing for close range, it's right there with the top tier choices.

It's ttk, which is super competitive in the first, you know, like 10 to 12 meters or so, which is obviously where a lot of SMG gun fights are. Going to take place, so first up here, I got the true tacking rear grip better ads and Sprint to fire sort of copy and paste here on the rear grip tuning, a handstat.

cod warzone 2

Once again, I got the R7 stock, which again is going to help out with the Sprint speed and the ads just to make it even more aggressive. I once again tuned for the slightly better stability for maybe some of the mid-range fights if I had to take one there and the better ads yet again. Olay, Laser—no surprise here—better ads, and Sprint to fire on these tunes to maximize that speed even more.

I do use the shark fin under the barrel; you could also go for the drop grip here if you wanted to as well. Both of those are good choices here, where we're basically just tuning to get that free advertising speed and aim walking speed with no real cons in play. Then. Lastly. I do use the cast one, which really is more important than ever just because that damage range was nerfed, so this will help extend that out a little bit and make it a bit more competitive in the, you know, 12 to 15 or 16 or 17 meter range there, which could be the difference between you winning or losing a gunfight.

It does slow it down a bit, but we tune for better mobility, and let's face it, we've got so many other mobility-based attachments here that it's not going to be a huge hindrance whatsoever. This thing is very reliable for those close-range fights real quick before we jump into the number-two spot here. It really would be appreciated, as it does really help grow the channel.

Warzone 2 best pdsw 528 loadout after update

Warzone 2 best pdsw 528 loadout after update

Alright, now that we're in the number-two spot, just a heads up: you're getting a step up from post-headed, Zach, and today you're getting a whole new outfit. Zach today, because, naturally. With my real-life Cod timing, about two hours after I rendered the initial version of this top 5 SMG article, they pushed out an update that nerfed the Finnick and completely screwed up my number two and number one spots in the article, so now we're here updating.

This is especially needed with the fennec not even in the top five anymore. That thing got destroyed. As we've talked about coming in at the new number two spot, the PDSW, aka the P90, is low-key and not one that I expected to be here. I ran the stats, and it's actually crazy how underrated the P90 is in this game.

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