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Warzone 2.0 best kastov 762 loadout after update

Warzone 2.0 best kastov 762 loadout after update

Rifle. This is one of the harder-hitting rifles that we have in the game right now. Like I said, it did see some nerfs, so its damage range is not going to be as good as it once was, but it still is one of the best in class, currently, so this thing is a powerhouse; it is a little bit more difficult to use than maybe some of the other options on this list, but after you master The Recoil if you're landing your shots you are going to just absolutely obliterate enemies, right, so this setup here mainly focuses on some control while keeping the long range consistent as well initially.

Amop V4, but if you prefer a 3.4 time, a blue dot, or a hollow therm, always use the optic that you are most comfortable with. Going for furthest eye position and faster ads, on the tunes, there's 40 rounding cinemag pretty basic there; it's the largest you can get, so you kind of have to deal with that high velocity ammo here pretty clutch; the velocity on the 762 is a bit lower by default, so this is going to make it a lot more consistent.

Over the long term, we're tuning for better velocity and a better damage range. I also go for the Edge 47, under barrel; this will help out a ton with that stability in keeping your weapon easy to use over long range; we got better stability and stabilization on those tunes; and then lastly. I go for the Polar Fire Suppressor; this will help out the velocity in the range as well, making it even more lethal and even more competitive over the long range once more I'm tuning for the better velocity, slightly better ads.

You could also go for the smoothness, though, if you wanted to. But yeah, overall, this thing, as soon as you start to learn that recoil pattern and really get the basics of this gun down, is.

Warzone 2 best tempus torrent loadout

Warzone 2 best tempus torrent loadout

Next up, a beast: we've got our brand new Tempest Torrent Marksman rifle. This thing has a very strong upside if you are good with it. It also has a very large skill set.

The gap is that it is semi-auto. This is probably the most difficult weapon to use on our list today, but its power is also ridiculous. Good as well, so if you can do so consistently, if you land shots back-to-back-to-back, you're going to erase players if you miss shots; it is going to be very unforgiving, so just keep that in mind, but the pure TTK, here and now, on average, is going to be very good for those players who can master this for semi-auto.

I love the 3.4 time slot grafted on; it's perfect for visibility over a long range in this high position, and there are faster ads on the tunes there as always. 30-round extended magazine here; you could jump up to 50 if you're okay with the major slowdown that it causes with that larger magazine capacity, but to me, 30 is totally sufficient, even for duos, trios, and quads, right?

So I'm okay with the fact that there's an Edge 47 on here yet again with the same deals over on the 762. And actually, the same is true with the polar fire suppressor as well. It's really just going to keep it consistent over the mid- to long-range, and then, lastly. I go for the Outreach for a Barrel, which is going to extend that damage range even more and increase the velocity.

As well, so this thing is just going to hit consistently, over long range, and where you shoot is going to be where the bullet goes, so as long as you have good player tracking and good player targeting, you are going to be able to fry with this thing now.

Best sakin mg38 loadout in warzone 2

Best sakin mg38 loadout in warzone 2

Of course, it wouldn't be a long-range meta article if we didn't talk about some LMGs, because these are really what run the long-range meta in terms of damage output. Still rocking, here in season two reloaded, with a little bit more recoil and slightly shorter damage ranges than before season 2 reloaded, but still one of the top choices.

It's still very easy and straightforward to use, and its TTK is pretty competitive outside. Of one specific option, which spoiler alert we're going to be getting to here in just a moment, but for the second here setup, not changing all that much currently a mod V4 optic for the sky position faster.

Per usual. I'm still running the G305 rear grip just for the straight-up better control, especially after the Nerf to the control. This will help out some; however, if you wanted to drop this and throw on high velocity ammo if you wanted that slightly better consistency with full velocity and hit reg over long range, either or both will work just fine.

Edge 4700, Barrel yet again here for better stability and stabilization, and as usual, there's Zack and Shred 40. Just boost that recoil control stat even more. That said, there are plenty of good suppressor options here between, you know, Polar Fire and Zulu, which are also very good. Talon is good; you could go with any of those if you wanted to stay off the radar in the compass rather than with that, but again, there are no really wrong answers.

Lastly, I go for the silver series barrel, which has better control, better velocity, and better range—all fantastic pros to have on a long-range weapon. We tuned for that better damage range and better steadiness. Like I said, it's not the hardest hitting LMG, but it is very straightforward, very easy to use, and a great option for long range gunfights.

Warzone 2 best raal mg loadout after update

Warzone 2 best raal mg loadout after update

Of course, the hardest-hitting weapon at long range is none other than the rail. Despite the fact that this game has seen several nerfs recently, including with Season 2 Reloaded, it is still a fantastic choice and still has the best long-range TTK, which is particularly impressive.

Right now, this setup is actually the same as what we were using pre-NERF, but because they nerfed The recoil controls so much on this that all the things here that we have that focus on control are going to make this now the most optimized setup for ease of use while still keeping the power fantastic, so again, a mod V4 optic is the same deal as always for the stack position faster ads just like on the second on running the rear grip to step 40 for the better control, but if you wanted to drop that for high velocity ammo, that's a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

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I would recommend that if you want that consistent feel and you're really good with recoil control, do use the Dune on our barrel here for better steadiness. Better recoil in general, so it'll help keep that nice and easy. Better stability and stabilization on those Tunes treads, and the CP90 is going to attack the control as well, just like the second shred 40 would with the basic compensator here.

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