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best ttk assault rifle warzone 2

Season two obviously changed up a bit, specifically in the rifle category, with some buffs and nerfs to some of the more commonly used weapons. I wanted to break down some of the stats for you guys, but first up. What's going on in the actual meta when we have these stats before us? So initially.

I want to focus on the M13 and the 762; these other rifle changes really aren't all that relevant, but for the M13, they say they increase the damage at mid-range and increase the upper torso damage. So in theory, this should be better in the mid-range than it was in season one, and if you land any chest shots, it should be better overall than it was in season one.

The M13 that true game data has actually talked about is not totally better than its season one counterpart; it's actually changed in various ways, so these patch notes are not all that accurate, and also the cast of 762 they ended up nerfing, the damage then also the damage range for long range basically here as it says obviously, and so you might say Okay.

M13, it's probably going to be way better than before 762.

Best assault rifle ttk stats for warzone 2 season 2

Best assault rifle ttk stats for warzone 2 season 2

So the man is an absolute wizard when it comes to Warzone stats, and we can go ahead and look at a handful of weapons; we've got five added here, the M13 and the cast of 762. The iso Hemlock is attack 56, and I went through and figured out the lockman's 556 is basically the best out of all the remaining ones that we don't have added for, you know, mid- to long-range, and that's what we're focusing on here.

It's a better choice than the Chimera than the 545 or the 74U. You know the M60, you've seen the M4, and the STB is the closest, for the sake of this conversation in particular, when it comes to TTK now. I do just want to simply focus on the base weapons here, obviously. As you start to add on barrels and ammo and muzzles and stuff, it's going to increase certain factors there, but the base stats are only going to be enhanced.

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You know, 100 would obviously be multiplayer, and things are very different. M13, which, when I saw those patch notes. I was like, Okay, it's Gotta Be You Know significantly better with that buff, but, in fact, if I were to throw on a no actually and quickly replace the lockman 556 here if I had drop that off and throw on the M13 from season one, you would see that the M13 from season one's yellow line is actually better than our red line for the season 2 M13, so that buff was not accurate; it didn't make it better, which is very strange anyway, so go back on and add on the lockman 556, for the sake of this conversation, so the M13 is actually over range.

Right, it's still going to be really good because it's so easy to use, and I think it's one of the better rifles in the game regardless, but it's ttk when you're landing 100 shots and is not as good as you might think despite the buff. It's good in the mid-range and whatnot, but over range, it's not crazy good.

The Lochman 556 is again super low recoil and really good in the mid-range; it drops off severely past 60 meters. The attack 56 and the hemlock are blue, and our green lines here are actually very similar up until the point of about 55 meters here, in which the hemlock kind of overtakes it and becomes really competitive over range, but despite the Nerf none, that still competes with the cast-off 762.

It still ends up having the best range. It has a damage drop off here that you know is somewhat severe, but it still is outgunning all these other ones, and then over range it's basically equal with the Hemlock, as you know it continues to drop off so curiously, enough that the buffed M13 didn't actually get significantly better.

In some cases, it actually got worse, and the Cast of 762, when it comes to just the rifle category, is actually now the best long-range TTK option with the Hemlock being right. Personally. I feel like you could go back and forth between the two, and I wanted to break down the setups for each in case you guys want to use one over the other now as we get into these setups.

Best ttk kastov 762 loadout in warzone 2

Best ttk kastov 762 loadout in warzone 2

Let's try and aim for 2,000 likes on this one, so here on the 762. This is the new build; here for season two, basically, we've gone ahead and jumped off the barrel, as we've discussed previously.

It's very necessary in a lot of cases. I go for the amount of V4, which is still my go-to optic in most scenarios. Honestly, for this diet, the faster ads on the radio are better. I do use the demo X2 rear grip; this is for better control; I just want to keep it consistent over range, and, especially when you're comparing it to the hemlock, which is so easy to use, it's important to try and land as many shots as you can because that's going to be the difference maker potentially in a fight where if one player has a hemlock and one has a 762, who is going to be more accurate?

A hemlock's easier to use; you might pick that one. So we want to focus on control, stability, and steadiness on the 40-round basic extinimag, not doing anything crazy but necessary for the squad fights. 47, Grip Under Barrel: Here we're going for better stability and recoil stabilization on top of the basic stabilization this is already giving us, and then I go for the second shred of 40. Better control all around is obviously huge in a case like this, as is better gun kick control and stabilization on those Tunes, so this is option one for the best TTK in terms of rifles right now in season 2.

Best ttk iso hemlock loadout for warzone 2.0

Best ttk iso hemlock loadout for warzone 2.0

And of course, option 1B would be the hemlock, and personally, I think I'm going to prefer this just because of the ease of use.

The 762 does hit hard, and it's a weapon that we're all familiar with, but this thing is kind of a laser beam, and if it has the ttk stats, well, obviously, despite the mid-range not being as good as the 762, once you're past the 55- and 60-meter Mark 60 meter Mark and they're so similar, you can't really go wrong without the choice.

I love the fact that we have a competition now here where one is maybe good for certain fights and this one is really good for those other fights, but you know, overall. They're right there with one another, and it's not a clear, "Hey, this gun's the absolute meta," so you got choices again. I'm running the Amod V4 here for the Stein position in the faster ads; on the tunes 45-round mag in this case, the fire rate here is a little bit slower, and having that extended mag is nice.

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I go for High Velocity here over a rear grip just because it's so easy to use and getting that extra Velo and slightly better range is nice. This is actually pretty clutch, in my opinion, because High Velocity is going to make things feel more consistent when it is implemented. have such a bad hit rate in general edges—47 under barrel yet again, basically the same.

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