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AKA, not the launchers and not the melees, but every other category that has customizable weapons. We are breaking down the single best weapon in every single category, so the best rifle SMG, LMG sniper, and so on and so forth.

Warzone 2 best pistol loadout

Warzone 2 best pistol loadout

So let's start with our secondaries to move back towards our primaries here. In the beginning, for the pistols, obviously the only secondary class that you can customize, I feel like the go-to has got to be the X12.

I mean, this thing is the starter pistol in a lot of cases, and it is ridiculously expensive. For no reason whatsoever, honestly, all the pistols are relatively competitive with one another. You have the snake-shot basilisk. You have the Kimbo X13s. Those are all solid to me, though the X12 is so reliable, so trusty, if you will, that you can spam it, and its TTK is pretty ridiculous for a pistol, so this setup here is all about aggression and then a fast fire rate initially.

cod warzone 2

I've got the Lima 6 rear grip. This is going to give you not only a better ability to fire than the Sprint, but also a better pistol. Fast Draw as well, so you can switch to it a little bit quicker. I go for the 24-round magazine here, just a nice little safety net, if you will, so you can spam it a ton and not have to worry about having to stop and reload in the middle of a fight.

I've got the Dior Laser; this is going to be for better ads, and Sprint is going to fire yet again. It's only going to show when you're advertising, and you're not going to be giving away your position too much there. I am tuning for the better ads and Sprint to fire there, of course, and I also have the tr9.

Trigger, on here just for the faster fire rate, and conveniently. Enough, you can also tune for faster ads and a faster Sprint to fire there as well, and then lastly. I go for the luck. 9-Barrel this is for better movement speed in ads; it hurts your velocity and your control, but that doesn't really matter on this pistol whatsoever, so we don't really have to worry about those cons, and again, we get better ads and a better strafe speed as well here, so this is a super aggressive pistol setup, and it works really, really well as the secondary, surprisingly ; then we move on into our primaries here, and we're starting with the sniper is for these, and I mean.

Warzone 2 best sniper loadout

Warzone 2 best sniper loadout

I mean all snipers right now. I'm not going to lie. In The Meta just because none of obsolete. In the meta, because none of them can realistically take one shot, but if you want a sniper, that's going to be fantastic for super long range. I think the victor is that sniper. This setup here is basically going for the best velocity possible, so it's going to feel as close to hitting scan as you can make a sniper essentially.

It's not super aggressive; you know, if you're looking for an aggressive sniper, the signal or the SPX might be a better choice there because of the advertising speeds or the spam ability of the signal, but for overall long-range sniping, this one's very reliable. So first up, I do have the Bruin Q900, rear grip.


This is for the better ads, primarily. Is what I'm getting out of this obviously, we're tuning to enhance that even more than to get some better stability here. It is a slow ad setup, but you want to just go crazy on your velocity, so that's something to take note of. I do use an optic in this case, and I really like the SPX 6.6.

It's a nice little variable zoom there that is great for long range but also some mid-range if you find yourself in that scenario or again tuning for that slightly faster speed in the furthest dive position, high. Velocity ammo is obviously going to help with that bullet velocity and give you that sort of hit-scan tuning.

For the better velocity and the better damage range on there, I go for the Nilesonic 90 suppressor. You're getting really good velocity out of this with pretty minimal cons. You can tune once more for the better velocity and the better damage range, as well, which is super convenient. Lastly, I go for the super barrel in this case.

It's not going to give you the absolute best velocity out of all these, which would be the mammoth, but this is also just wildly slow, so the super barrel is totally sufficient in my opinion, and here we're tuning again for the faster ads, faster than also the slightly better aim walking speed. I said it was really great for long-range sniping, but unfortunately, none of the snipers in particular are all that crazy.

Warzone 2 best marksman rifle loadout

Warzone 2 best marksman rifle loadout

Up for the marks and rifles are honestly a pretty competitive category. I feel like the TAC M could have a spot here; its fire kind of holds it back in my opinion, so that's why I think the best choice here is the EBR, which is a consistent two- to four-shot kill depending on the range of the enemy's health and obviously.

If you're accurate, but also if you can spam this, it's got a decent magazine capacity overall. It's a really reliable gun that really since day one I've been a decent fan of, like it's very fun sort of an off meta gun but still super competitive when it comes down to it for all my semi-auto guns.

I love the Schlager 3.4. This is the perfect mid-to-long range optic, in my opinion, for that further eye position and faster ads, as well as a 20-round mag just to have that extra safety net yet again. High-velocity ammunition to help with that consistency over the mid-to-long range once more tuned for better velocity and the better damage range on the polar, the fire suppressor here with minimal cons and decent payoff with the pros, though, with the better velocity and range tuning, for the better velocity and the slightly faster ads, speed, and lastly the bore.

The master barrel here is really solid as well; it's going to help out a lot with the velocity and with the control if you are spamming it. Of course, with tuning, For the better range and steadiness on this one, so for mid-to-long range, it is a very consistent choice, and one that I think a lot of players would be surprised.

Warzone 2 best lmg loadout

Warzone 2 best lmg loadout

By then we get into the LMGs, and right now it's no surprise that the rail is the clear and obvious choice and that there are a lot of good LMGs.

Like, frankly, the entire category is fantastic RPK, very good sack, and very good Icarus, and it can even be good. HCR can be good, but the route I mean is the king of TTK over long range. Nothing competes with it; it is just so powerful and, in my opinion, by far the number one choice, as set up here, so not really changing all that much.

I go for the amount of V4 great optic for mid-to-long range for this diet position faster ads, and on those tunes I do use this tip 40 grip here. The recoil nerf from the article really has me focusing on control a lot here. I'm tuning for better stability and setting this on there to really enhance that.

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