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We've seen a lot of meta adjustments and weapon balance changes over the course of the past couple of updates, specifically with the season three patch, and today I wanted to take a look at five of the new fastest ttk and fastest killing weapons we have in the entire game.

Warzone 2 best so-14 ttk loadout after update

Warzone 2 best so-14 ttk loadout after update

This has an 815 millisecond TTK at 64 meters, which, in comparison to other weapons at that distance, is very, very fast now. Keep in mind that the asterisk here means that you have to have the SO14 in full auto mode, which means its recoil is going to be a lot more noticeable, which is really what we're going to focus on here.

So I got the second tread 40 first and foremost to help out with that vertical and horizontal control. We're also tuning for even better recoil and control. I've got the edge 47 under the barrel. This is like my sort of preferred option that said Locker Precision could be really good as well, as could the Rippers.

So you've got options here if you want to experiment for yourself. Always tune in for better stabilization. High-velocity ammo is going to make it feel more consistent in the mid- to long-range; we're tuning for better velocity and a better damage range. Now you've got two options for your extended magazine.

25, which is alright, but in full auto, you're still going to burn through that kind of quickly. 50, which is perfectly, you know, fine and sizeable for full auto, but it's a lot slower, like noticeably slower, than 25. So, pick your poison there: slow, but more ammo and fewer reloads are faster, and less ammo and fewer reloads are right, so keep that in mind.

Then, lastly, I go for the amount. V4 is just my preferred optic here. Always use the optic that you are most comfortable with and tune for that furthest eye position and faster acceleration, but yeah, like I said, this is a super underrated weapon. People aren't paying attention to the SO14, but this thing can fry once you get the hang of it.

Best ttk rapp h ttk loadout in warzone 2 season 3

Best ttk rapp h ttk loadout in warzone 2 season 3

another weapon people Overlook a ton of the rap; now this is a bit trickier. This one has a lot more noticeable recoil than some other options like the rpk, the second, or the HCR, but its tck is spicy; a 749 millisecond roughly at about 51 meters is really good for that mid-range, and this thing really does fry, over all ranges, if you have your sights up and ready and you can control it.

Obviously, it's an LMG, so it's super slow, its reload is abysmal, and its fire rates are fast, so you're reloading often, which is why I have the 100-round mag on here. It's kind of a necessity in this case because you want to reload as little as possible, so that'll help out there. The TCG 10 rear grip has a recoil control base like most of the other attachments, but here, because, like I said, the recoil is noticeable, it takes some time to get used to, but once you master it, you're good to go.

Mod V4 on here yet again throws this diet position faster, as per usual, Edge 47. Once more, if you want to go for lock grip or ripper, always use the one that you're most comfortable with for better stabilization on those tunes, and lastly, use the second tread 40 here as well for better gun kit control stabilization.

And overall recoil control that it's presenting as well, so once again, a very slept-on weapon, one that can absolutely fry in the right hands.

Warzone 2 best ttk cronen squall loadout in season 3

Warzone 2 best ttk cronen squall loadout in season 3

Now a brand new addition to the fast ttk list is the brand new Cronin, Squall, and quite frankly, you can't go wrong with this thing in any mode. It is good in full auto, which is what this setup is based around, and it's also good in semi-auto. According to True Game Data, full auto is going to be your most reliable option there.

The recoil in full auto is a bit more noticeable, so once more you're going to have to get used to that, but if you land shots with this thing, it's going to fry. Of course, surprise, a brand new weapon is very good. Who would have thought? This setup, though, really, like I said, controls Basin; as far as the stats go, we're looking at a 690 millisecond TT.

Okay, nice. At 45 meters, which is perfect for mid-range, and it really is, you know, thriving over the mid- to long-range as well here, so optic. Totally preference-based. I've been running the blue dot. I mean, for close range, mid-range, and long range, this works. If you want a higher zoom, feel free to go for that.

For this position, faster ads are on here as usual. The fifth 50-round drum here is nice and really large. It's going to be perfect for full auto. If you wanted to use it in semi-auto, I feel like 30 would be totally sufficient, but 50 for full auto is really nice. It's a little bit slower, but, you know, high-velocity ammo is pretty standard here.

Better velocity, better damage range, and consistency over the mid- to long-range Edge 47 Yet again, same Spiel as always, better stability and stabilization, and then, honestly, you've got some options with a suppressor. The Polar Fire S is going to give you really good velocity and range for tuning for better velocity and speed if you want to go for a suppressor that offers more recoil control.

Talon, Would be solid for that. I mean, like I said, the Squall is spicy; this thing absolutely obliterates. Let's try to aim for 1500 likes on this one. We really appreciate it if we could hit that now.

Warzone 2 best ttk raal mg loadout after update

Warzone 2 best ttk raal mg loadout after update

Curiously enough, the row did receive yet another Nerf with season three, but the route has been so powerful since day one that three or four Nerfs in a row are still Have it as a top ttk weapon, the thing is, now it's got way worse recoil, so this setup is like all control-based, and it's not going to hit as hard as it did on day one, but still, the Rally's got an 820 millisecond ttk at 74 meters, and as you go further out, 80, 90, 100 meters, that ttk is very slowly dropping off.

There are no steep, harsh drop-offs like that; this thing is unreal. The power is unmatched quite frankly when it comes to War Zone 2, but like I said, we're going all out control here, so amop V4 for the optic's furthest eye position and faster ads step 40 rear grip for better control. Tunes: to enhance that even more, do an under barrel for better steadiness, so that's all general recoil control tunes for stability and stabilization: shred, cp90.

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