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The overall TTK has shifted a bit since launch. We've seen a lot of the faster killing guns in the game nerfed a bit to make their ttks more in line with the majority of the weapons, but there's still a handful of guns in the game that have very, very fast ttks, whether they are for some close-range actions, some mid-range actions, or maybe even some long-range actions as well, and today we're breaking down five weapons that have ridiculously fast time to kill, starting first with Old Reliable, the M4A1.

Warzone 2 best ttk m4 loadout

Warzone 2 best ttk m4 loadout

This one is particularly good in the mid-range; it's a very consistent rifle overall, aggressive enough to be used in close range, consistent enough to be used in mid- to long-range, and in that mid-range particularly, it's very spicy. All the stats All the data here today is coming from true game data after Season 2 Reloaded, and currently the M4 just as a stock weapon has an 815 millisecond ttk at 44 meters, which is like prime for Resurgence gameplay and really good for aggressive all-MOZ gameplay as well.

This set-up here is pretty straightforward and very easy to use. I'm going for the AMA V4 optic if there's one that you like more, whether it's a 3.4-times or a red dot or a blue dot that you always use. Choose the optic you are most comfortable with, but always tune for the furthest eye position and faster reading.

cod mw2

I go for the 45-round mag, but if you want to jump up to 60, that's a great choice as well. It's just a difference of a little bit of speed and movement there, so that's really the only change you'll notice if you throw on one or the other high-velocity ammo for the better consistency in the mid- to long-range, tuning for that better damage range and higher velocity as well.

I'm using the Edge 47 here, just as a consistent underbarrel, although this is one you could interchange if you wanted to; I'll get to that in a moment, but if you want that stabilization and if you want that super easy recoil and tuning for the better stability and stabilization on this one, then I also go for the Echolus 80 suppressor; this is going to be great for that added velocity and slightly added range as well, and we're tuning for the better velocity and adding speed.

That said, if you wanted to really capitalize on that mid-range ttk and extend it a little bit, and you're also very comfortable with the M4, you could drop the Edge 47 and throw on something like the high tower barrel, which is going to extend the damage range, and in theory make that ttk even better at that slightly further distance.

So, I definitely implore you to mess around with that. Both of these setups would be really good choices; you can't go wrong with either one.

Warzone 2.0 best ttk lachmann 762 loadout

Warzone 2.0 best ttk lachmann 762 loadout

Next up, we got a super underutilized weapon, the Lockman 762 Battle Rifle, and the key here for this to have a really, really fast TTK is to turn this into full auto mode. Now, when you do that, obviously the fire rate is going to increase a ton and it's going to be way easier to use, but the recoil pattern also becomes a lot more drastic.

It has a lot more recoil in full automatic. So it's not as straightforward as an M4 or maybe some of the other guns on this list, but if you're landing your shots, it's pretty crazy. It's got a 809 millisecond TTKO out to 81 meters, which is very impressive by all means when you compare all weapons at that range.

cod warzone 2

That's one of the faster TTKO options in the game; it just has that higher skill. Gap because of how the weapon performs in that full auto mode, which is why we're pretty much just attacking the control throughout. Now. I go for the Chrono mini pro optic in this specific case, but again, if you wanted to use a schlager 3.4 or any other one, feel free to do so for this defensive position, and faster ads are on there yet again, and I go for the 30-round extended mag.

I think 50 is a little overkill. It's a little too slow on the movement speed for my liking, but if you're okay with that slowdown, it's also a good choice. I mean, you can never have enough ammo, I suppose, but 30 for me is totally sufficient. I've lost the ammo yet again for that consistency over range for the better bullet velocity and damage range on the guns as well as lock, grip, and aim.

grip Precision is going to offer you a ton of recoil control, which is super clutch. Here, I am tuning for the slightly faster ad speed and hip walking speed for some mobility aggression, but overall, this is a great attachment to help out with that full auto recoil. pattern, and then, lastly. I go for the second tread, which is 40, which again is just focused on recoil and control, and we're tuning to enhance that even more, so this will help someone out and make the weapon a lot easier to use. It still is going to take some getting used to, but it is a little bit higher risk and very high reward if you're able to land your shots now often; that's much lower risk but also still a very high reward for the rap game.

Warzone 2 fastest ttk raap loadout

Warzone 2 fastest ttk raap loadout

This thing is just an absolute spray-and-pray machine, if you will. It has a crazy fast fire rate but also brings the damage of an LMG to the table, making the TTK very, very spicy.

We're looking at a 755 millisecond, up to about 56 meters, so you'll notice that the recoil with this over range becomes a little bit more tricky, but in the mid-range for an LMG, this is very, very good in comparison, and it's going to literally fry because it's just like spraying for days. The fire rate here is ridiculously fast; this setup is kind of meant to combat some of the recoil but also make it so that you're not reloading super often, right?

So initially, this is a mod V4 pretty standard for this die position faster ads, and the TCG 10 rear grip is all based around control, and we're going to tune to enhance that even more just to make our lives a little bit easier with that. You've got to run the 100-round magazine on here; the 50-round magazine, by default, is just nowhere near fast enough for how fast you're firing now.

Yes, it's an LMG, so the real load It's going to be slow no matter what, but you'd rather have a slow reload less often than more often, so 100 is kind of mandatory in this case for the Edge 47 under barrel yet again for the better control and stabilization, over-range tuning. To enhance that and do the same with the second tread, 40 Just focusing on control here once more as well, so it'll be easy to use by comparison to the stock weapon but still take some getting used to, but after you learn how to land your shots consistently with this thing, it's going to be a very fun and unique LMG to use now as we continue throughout the setups here today.

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