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You can either take a semi-auto gun and actually turn it into a fully automatic gun or, in some instances, you could take a fully automatic gun and turn it into a semi-auto gun, and this year, doing so changes things quite a bit in so much of a way that some weapons are actually considered. Meta When you change their properties, other ones lose a lot of their value.

If you change their properties today. I wanted to look at a handful of the weapons in specific, the battle rifles, and see if changing the properties of the gun by changing it from semi-auto to full auto or vice versa is going to make one specific variation of it more effective and potentially in The meta, so here we are on true game data, and we're going to go through basically all the battle rifles.

I think this is a good category to highlight because, yes, you can take some of the rifles and turn them into single-fire whatever the case may be, but a lot of the battle rifles are semi-autos by default, and I wanted to compare this to how they would obviously function fully, automatically, and with true game data.

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Tony the Wizard of Warzone actually has it available on his site to see all the stats of the semi-auto versions of these guns and the full auto versions of these guns, which is really cool, so we're going to go one by one with each of these and see what the stats are like. Weapons do have a bit more of a skill gap than fully automatic ones; you have to have that faster trigger finger to maintain a good TTK, and you have to be very accurate with it, but this particular TCK is not even close to a single.

Firefly Tech is absolutely the way to go now. When we compare the single-fire Lockman 762 to the fully automatic Lockman 762, it's a very different story. Our single-fire one, as you can see, is only better for about one meter here in the grand scheme of things, and again, it is much worse than the fully automatic version here.

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Now there is something to take note of when you do change these guns to fully automatic if you're doing that in this instance, and that's that the recoil becomes increasingly louder. Worse, you're going to notice it a lot more when you go from semi-auto, spamming, to it being fully automatic, so when we go through and break down the setups here in a bit, you're going to notice that any ones that we have that are fully automatic, you really want to focus on control throughout.

Now, obviously, you want to do that in general, but it's especially important on the fully automatic versions here because the recoil is going to be much more noticeable. Next, we have the So14, and this one's actually particularly close compared to our first two, and you can see our orange line. The fully automatic SO14 is just ever so slightly better than the standard SO14 single fire.

Now this is one where I truly feel like you could go either way, even with the slightly increased recoil. Of going fully automatic. I feel like the skill gap of just being able to spray and pray versus having to spam this to really get that insane fire rate and really good ttk is enough of a gap between the two that makes the automatic one even with the slightly faster ttk.

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Really, it's a lot more worth using now if you're an insanely good player. You could have an easier gun just by spamming if you have, you know, a scuff with some digital tap triggers like mine (be sure to use code Immortal if you want to grab one, by the way) or if you just have a really fast mouse click trigger or a really fast trigger finger in general.

The standard one could work well here, but for most players I feel like automatic, even with the more you recoil and more noticeable recoil, especially in the mid-range here where there's a large gap in the TTK, and then lastly we got the tacv, which is the only battle rifle that by default is actually fully auto, so in this case you could turn into single fire if you wanted to, but Frankly, it's not really a good option to go with a single fire in this case; keep in mind the attack.

V has seen a lot of nerfs in the past couple of weeks, so it's definitely not nearly as good as it was, but for where it was like a top three, top four meta weapon in the game, you can see single fire, it's ttk throughout, is a lot slower up until 45 meters, beyond which there's a negligible difference between fully auto and single fire.

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So I just stick with the standard one and go fully automatic, so now that's said, we've got all four of our best variants here: the single-firefly attack recon, the fully automatic lockman 762, the standard tacv, which is fully automatic, and the SL14, fully automated, and we'll go ahead and look at the stats here again.

With 250 health combination shots, we get a very interesting chart. Quite frankly, what stands out to me the most is the fact that attack V, previously one of the best meta weapons in the game, is so much worse than every other option here, and not at one single point in time does it have a better TTK than our other three options here also.

What's very surprising is that the F-TAC Recon, which for a long time was regarded as a very underwhelming gun, is actually very good. Has the best TT all the way up through 52 meters, in which case it is in the lockman 762, full auto, and has a negligible difference yet again, one that you would not be able to tell the difference of in-game, and honestly, the SO14, right, is behind the lockman 762, full auto.

Pretty much throughout now over range, you'll notice that there's a little bit more of a gap here between the full auto Lochman and the full auto, so 14; but again, we're looking at about 40 milliseconds of difference there in ttk, which isn't huge; it's something, but you know, not nearly as much of a gap as some of these other weapons here and by some of the others.

I mean the attack V right, so really all three of these options, but the tacv, are perfectly viable in this current meta; they're very surprisingly good ttk. Throughout, so let's go ahead and break down some setups here for those three guns now as we get into this.

Warzone 2 best ttk ftac recon loadout

Warzone 2 best ttk ftac recon loadout

But first up here, let's focus on the F-TAC Recon, of course, the only single-fire weapon we've got here, but that TTK is solid so if. You are accurate with this, which is really the big part.

You have to be able to shoot it fast in some of the mid-range fights, and you have to be able to stay on target while shooting it fast if you can master this gun. Payoff is absolutely there, right, so first up here, I'm going for the schlager 3.4 times. I really like this Optic Force semi-auto gun.

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