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We've talked a lot about the different attachments and some of their specific raw datamine statistics here in War Zone 2. Previously, we talked about some of the muzzles specifically, and looking at the suppressors, some of them have hidden statistics. Hidden Pros Hidden Cons: Because the game is just so inaccurate, it's really a bummer that we wouldn't have the actual stats of what certain things are doing if it weren't for data mining sites like Sim.

We've also looked at certain barrels to see which are better in terms of stabilization. General recoil controls, and so on and so forth. Today I wanted to talk even more about the broad overview of recoil and control here in War Zone 2 and technically in MW2 as well, since the stats are basically the same for all of them, and something else you can add to your setup or possibly replace it with to make it even more optimized and efficient.

Universal attachment stats for all general warzone 2 loadouts

Universal attachment stats for all general warzone 2 loadouts

So I've got a couple of guns I want to give a look at here between the 762, the TAC 56, and the M4, so some stats here. Some attachments are going to be universal, right? If you were to look at the polar fire, it's going to give you that better velocity and that better damage range, right? Things like the Talon have better velocity, better control, and better damage range.

If you look at tag 56, we have very similar ones right Zulu, which are going to give you that better velocity and better damage range. Same deal with Harbinger or Echolus, so while they have different names, they're still doing universally the same statistics, right? Same deal on the M4 if we were to go ahead and look at Harbinger.

best loadout warzone 2

Echolus, they're doing the same things on different guns right now, same deal with under barrels if we were to look at these because these are especially universal rippers, for instance, a four percent increase to the overall control 20 millisecond, an increase in the time to exit ads 40 for the ads time and on the attack 56 it's going to do the same thing 40 milliseconds, 20 milliseconds, a four percent increase across the board, so those are all going to be universal and it'll stay the same between different guns; barrels and whatnot won't do the same.

Certain other things, like stocks, won't always do the same because they're specific to certain guns; however, you can see here that when we have one set up here, let's for instance put on the Talon 5. Let's put the Ripper under barrel, for instance, because that's a pretty standard setup when we look at the actual stats down here.

If we were to scroll all the way down to the bottom, we would see that on our list of 762. We'd have a better velocity now because of some of the attachments, and we'd also have better recoil and control here with a 0.93 because of the attachments we're using. I've also gone through and added them onto the tags 56 and M4, so all these are basically running the same setups right, but you'll notice that when we go ahead and buff certain things per usual, you know, when we have better control here, we also end up hurting some other things, though, as we saw here behind the FaceCam, all these have stats.

that hurt your strafe speed, that hurt your ad speed, and whatnot. What you may not know, though, is that's not always the best option for control in.

Replacing certain attachments maximize weapon control & save other stats

Replacing certain attachments maximize weapon control & save other stats

You can see behind the face cam there that it's doing about a six- to seven-percent increase. To your overall gun kick, which is not good; however, the demo X2 is one of the common ones that you'll see are going to be named differently on certain guns as well if I were to go over and add on the M4, right?

So if we go in here and throw on the M4 and look at its rear grips, we'd have the SA and ZX, and we can see here that these are actually offering control an eight percent increase to the view kick and a seven percent increase to the gun kick with no cons, which is particularly interesting because you're getting a little bit more out of something than you would with the ripper, which is only a four percent increase, hurting your ads speed and your straight speeder if we were to look at some of the other ones that are solid.

Merc 4 grip: nine percent increase, but pretty severe cons with your strafe speed. your movement speed your ads speed Locker Precision is the same deal; there are even things like the Edge 47, which are relatively minimal in terms of cons but still hurt your ad speed with a 4 percent increase in recoil control.

If you wanted to optimize your setup the most here, you could actually end up dropping an underbarrel if that was your fifth and final attachment and you were trying to maximize your setup here, but you had to choose between an underbarrel and something else. The rear grips are impressive. You can see the demo X2 with eight percent view kick vertically and seven percent across the board for the rest of the view kick, and all overall gun kick with no cons.

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Optimized warzone 2 loadout comparisons

Optimized warzone 2 loadout comparisons

Nice little discount When you compare how this would differ, this first setup here with the 762 is just the Talon suppressor and the Ripper; under Barrel Number Two is the Talent suppressor and the Edge 4700; and Barrel Number Three here is the Talon suppressor and our demo X2 rear grip.

You can see our ad time here is noticeably better, and we actually have better control stats. It's a one percent view kick ninety percent in terms of total recoil, whereas these have 93 across the board, so you're getting a three percent better recoil. Stat here and a much better ad, stat now, that's not to say we couldn't go through and add on and stack these; that's certainly an option as well if you were to have these 762, you could go through and add the Talon suppressor again, we could add the edge 47, and then we can also go through and add demo X2 if we go down and look at the fourth one now, our ad speed here is also going to be particularly slower compared to no under Barrel but, but.

best loadouts warzone 2

The control here is now even better; you're looking at 86 overall and 96 for the view kick here as opposed to 90 or 93. You can get really good statistics from using a barrel muzzle. Under Barrel Optics. Magazine, right, but say you want to really maximize efficiency. Here you can get more control out of some of these rear grips with fewer cons, and that's something that is particularly important.

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