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Best ttk taq-m loadout in warzone 2

Best ttk taq-m loadout in warzone 2

It is the TAC M, and this is a peculiar weapon for a handful of reasons, just because this actually got a buff with the Season Two update, so this is now a much better gun than it was before, but it's by far the most difficult to use in terms of all the ones on the list here today. This actually has a ttk of about 586 milliseconds at 50 meters, which is very impressive.

Keep in mind all this data today; all the numbers are coming from True Game data on his website, so it's all been verified through the war zone data guy himself right there, so the attack It's semi-auto, so it's hard to shoot, but when it comes down to it, this thing can actually fry when you're landing your shots.

best ttk warzone 2

Here, though, the semi-auto fire rate got buffed, but it's still kind of rough in comparison. Also, it takes sniper ammo, so ammo is always kind of hard to come by here, though I am initially using the schlager 3.4, which is nice for like the mid- to long-range, where it can potentially take three to four shots of enemies even with full plates furthest away.

Side position, and faster ads on the tunes there. I also use the combat rear grip. I really just want to focus on a lot of control and stability with this setup to be as accurate as possible when I'm shooting since your bullets do count for so much on a gun like this, so I get better control there and tune for better steadiness and stability.

The 20-round mag here is a little slower than the 15-round mag, but all the extra ammo you can get in this case is better, right? Edge 47 under the barrel again for that stability just to make things nice and easy to stay on target better, stability and stabilization on the tires, and lastly I go for the second tread, 40.

You could use a suppressor here if you wanted to maybe get a little bit more range or a little bit better velocity, but this works well for me. I just love how simple and straightforward the weapon is to use in this particular instance, just because where I'm shooting is where the bullets are going to go, and so if you're accurate and you can track players as well as trace players, it will actually fry, as mentioned with that super-fast TTK, so overall the attack is surprising, fast, and surprising effective at killing, just very difficult to use and to master.

Warzone 2 best ttk chimera loadout

Warzone 2 best ttk chimera loadout

Next up, we've got the Chimera. This is a weapon that I've talked about a handful of times over the past couple of, you know, weeks because this is really coming out as one of the best and most versatile weapons in the game. This is really an AR SMG, a hybrid yes, it's an assault rifle, but it really thrives where SMGs are played right, so close to mid-range is where you want to use this thing, and it actually has a 605 millisecond tick at 25 meters, which is very much improved.

10 15 20 meters It's also right there with the best of the best and the fastest TTK options there, so this is a 110. Another solid option here and certainly deserving of being on the top five best TT lists initially. Here, I'm trying to basically just build this like a sub, right? I want the movement, I want the aggressiveness there, so I go for the brew and Flash grip better ads, and Sprint to fire.

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I tuned for a slightly better sprint to fire and then some recoil, setting this just for the mid-range to keep it a little bit more consistent. 45, round mag, perfect for squat engagements Edge 47 is under the barrel here yet again, but this time I'm tuning for better mobility just to keep that consistent as well.

I'm getting the stabilization for mid-range and the mobility for close range basically right. Sack and tread 40 on here yet again for better stabilization, and gun kick control you. You could also go the inverse, though, and get better stability if you wanted to, and especially better ads. Speed just depends on how you want the weapon to feel, and then finally, I got the Vorpal barrel.

This is going to give me better movement and ads, but also some better damage range, so why not add that free bonus on there and tune to enhance that damage range more and add some ads? The Recoil studies again, though you could go down into the left if you wanted to as well; there's no wrong answer for the tuning in this particular instance, but the Chimera, overall for sniper support, builds a close to mid-range , an absolute beast following that, we've got a weapon that plays nearly identical to the Chimera, and it really just comes down to preference here.

Warzone 2.0 fastest ttk kastov 74u loadout

Warzone 2.0 fastest ttk kastov 74u loadout

So we've got two rifle options that are truly better SMGs than they are rifles. Obviously the Chimera's got a bit more range, and personally. I prefer the Chimera, but it's really just coming down to feel here; these guns are so similar to one another, so if you like the feel of it more, maybe the iron sights, go for this over the Chimera again; there's no wrong answer here, right?

So initially, here I go for the R7 stock, and we're building this in a similar way. I want mobility, speed, and aggression with this, so that'll help out with the sprint speed in the ads I tune to maximize the ads and then also the strafe speed as well. X2 Grand on here for control, then I tuned for the inverse of ads and for Sprint to fire kind of the same deals on the Bruin Flash but just reversed, right, so we're getting all the nice pros out of that control and mobility. 45-round mag again, pretty basic Olay, laser is going to have that snap your ads, and Sprint to fire on a tune to capitalize on that even more, and lastly, the Br-209 barrel is going to give you that better mobility in ads, as well, and I tuned for the slightly better control again, just for some of that mid-range, and then also the faster aim down sight speed to make this thing nice and snappy, super aggressive, and one of the best close-to-mid-range options in the entire entire game.

Warzone 2 best ttk raal loadout

Warzone 2 best ttk raal loadout

By the way, we are breaking down all the stats today on these weapons and all the setups. Let's try a name for 2 000 likes on this one now because we saw no actual damage changes to the route with the season 2 update, and of course this is still the same. Go for TTK in this game over long range. Obviously, this list is in no particular order because we're focusing on all types of different ranges here, but the route for the medium-to-long range is.

The number one option, it is the fastest killing gun in the game, with a 716 millisecond TTK up to 75 meters, which is ridiculously fast for that kind of range. When you compare that to rifles, they're looking upwards of, you know, 900 milliseconds, maybe even getting into the second long TTK at that point.

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