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For Resurgence's gameplay, where obviously things are a little bit more hectic, a little bit more chaotic, if you will, with how gameplay plays versus, you know, all mods being right, this first set up here is probably my new overall favorite loadout in the game. It's a combination of the ISO Hemlock and the MP7, with the ISO Hemlock being the best rifle in the game and one of the top-tier SMGs in the game as well, just to go over it before we go into any of the other setups.

This is the same on all the loadouts here today. I run smokes and semtex as my tactical and lethal weapons; you could also run knives, though if you want the instant finishes, that's a good choice as well, and then for my perks. I end up running if I go ahead and hide the face cam here, a quick fix for my ultimate perk, though if you like high alert more, both of those are really good choices, so there's no wrong answer there.

I also go for resupply so I can continuously restock the nades there, and then double time and overkill for the one combination there. Like I said, that's all the same on every single loadout. I mean, this is about as good as it gets for mid- to long-range accuracy, especially with this setup. Easy to use, like we're attacking recoil here with the second tread 40 and the edge 47, so it's going to shoot straight, it's going to shoot like a laser beam, and also fry at the same time, right?

cod warzone 2

So on the optic here, I like the amount of V4, but if you like a blue dot or 3.4 times or whatever other optic you like more, feel free to use that. You're always tuning for the furthest eye position and faster ads, though 45-round extended magazines for those disadvantaged fights are just your basic X-cinema option.

I go for high-velocity ammo, which is more consistent in the mid- to long-range and has better velocity. And damage range on the tunes there are the Edge 47 as mentioned for the better stability over range for tuning for better stability and stabilization and the sack and tread 40 for all of the recoil and control that offers and we're tuning to maximize that even more so clear number one choice for the rifles right now things are an absolute beast and then the MP7 has Gotcha Covered for the close range this will allow you to fly and fry as well as have great movement really fast ttk.

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up close as well as I'm loving the feel of the MP7 right now so first up here I do have the schlager, soldier rear grip better ads, and Sprint to Fire tuning to maximize that we've got the stock movement here also tuning to maximize that with a little bit of stability thrown in there as well just for some consistency seven.

Milliwatt laser is faster than ads and Sprint to fire. You love to have your mobility stats boosted there, so I go for the drop grip. There's a lot of good barrels though, so if there's one that you prefer more for specific stats, feel free to do so. This one's got pretty minimal cons with some solid pros, especially with the tuning added on there; then, I go for the Lockshot KT85.

This is just basic control, so it'll be consistent in the mid-range. I find myself in that situation, so I tune to help that out a little bit there overall, though these two paired together are one heck of a setup, and I'm loving it. Lowdown number two is another wildly consistent one; we've got the TAC 56 or the Scar and then the P90, probably my second favorite SMG at the moment, just behind the MP7; this also has ridiculous movement stats and a really fast TTK.

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And then, just like the hemlock, the scar is decent TTKO over range—not as fast as the hemlock but pretty close—and then also super easy to use with very low recoil and is very straightforward, plus you get to use the iron sights built here, which for forward surgeons specifically is so good because the gunfights aren't nearly as far as on the Mazda.

Of course, in this mode in this map, you can just fry it any range of these because you're going to have that clear visibility, so first up here. I go for the combat rear grip, just for better control; pretty basic there; we're tuning to maximize that, making it easy to shoot 40; round X to the mag works well; and you could also go for 60.

It'll slow you down a little bit more, but it's never a bad choice. So if you're comfortable with that slower movement, feel free to go with that instead of the high velocity yet again. Same deal as before, better velocity and range on the tunes there, and then I go for the Edge 47 once more as well, just for the pure stabilization.


This is a great option for that better stability and stabilization on the tunes for that, and then the echoless Eddie suppressor is a great choice whenever this is available, by the way. If you don't want to have a compensator, this is always the best go-to suppressor. It has essentially better velocity and added speeds on the tune.

There's not much else we have to say about this car right now. It's been this consistent for quite some time; it's a fantastic choice. The P90 has really risen in rank recently with some of the Nerfs compared to the other SMGs, and this one is becoming one of the faster and one of the more reliable SMGs through close and mid-range.

I mean, it's just ridiculously, ridiculously good. So first up here, just like on the MP7, I got the KT 85 just to minimize that recoil. It's going to be very easy to shoot with better stabilization and gun kick control in the tunes there. I love that 50-round default mag; we don't have to spend any attachments on that.

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On that, I go for the seven milliwatt laser yet again for the better ads and tell Sprint to fire. I'm not a big fan of the iron sights, and even though they were fixed with the Reloaded update, they're still not really my thing. I also don't like the rail optics either, so I do waste an attachment on a blue dot here for this diet position faster ads.

If you're okay with the irons or the rail, feel free to use those and go for a movement stock or, you know, over-pressure something like that. There are some ways you can mess around with the setup if you don't mind the optic there. I also got the TV shows Tacoma, Comb, and Behind the Face Cam; this is for better ads, and Sprint will do some fine tuning to maximize that.

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I also got the q900 grip, which is basically just more of the same, so the movement on this thing and the ttk on this thing are very few things that are going to match that up. a quick reminder as we move on into loadout number three. Loadout number three is another very consistent one that's very easy to use all around, so we've got the M4 and we've got the MP5, or the lockman, sub, as it's also known, so M4.

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