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It is definitely one of the more competitive categories that we have right now, and there are a lot of very solid, very close options in terms of their overall ttk, their versatility, so on and so forth, and today I wanted to break down the top five best rifles we currently have in the game, starting at number five here with the Chimera, personally one of my favorite rifles in the game.

Best chimera loadout in warzone 2 after update

Best chimera loadout in warzone 2 after update

But what it is good at, it is very good at, and that is close to mid-range. This thing is outgunning SMGs and all other rifles at close range like it is the perfect AR SMG, hybrid-style weapon; just, you know, over ranges of 40, 50, 60 meters and beyond, it's not going to be as competitive as the four, three, two, and one on this list right now, but for mid- to close-range combat, this thing dominates.

I got the Bruin Flash rear grip on here; it's going to help out the mobility. I tuned for an even better sprint to fire just to make it even more aggressive and also some better recoil steadiness, just to keep it, you know, usable in some of the mid-range fights. 45-round magazines are your basic extended magazines, great for duos, trios, and quads.

We got the edge with the 47-round mag under the barrel for the better stabilization, just to kind of help out with that recoil a little bit, and then I actually tuned for the better mobility here, so I'm getting good control and some decent mobility stats out of this all-in-one. Zack. And the tread 40 muzzle is just something I have specifically for some of those mid-range fights, you know, 20-30-40 meters, where it might be a little bit more shaky because we are going for mobility in a lot of cases, so this kind of balances that out. I go for better gun kit control and stabilization, there, and then I also go for the vorpal barrel, which I love on this setup because it's going to help out with your range and your movement and your ads, which is like the best of all worlds right, and I tuned for better damage range just to enhance that a little bit more you could also though tune for the better Mobility on this as well if you wanted to kind of have the choice to yourself in your own personal preference space, but yeah, the chimera right, now absolutely A top-tier rifle is now at number four.

Best m13b loadout in warzone 2 after update

Best m13b loadout in warzone 2 after update

I've got the M13 and another weapon that I've really been enjoying as of late. The downside to this weapon is that with the season 2 update, it got a buff that helped its mid-range some but ended up hurting its long-range a bit, which is a bit unfortunate. The thing with this weapon is that it is a fantastic rifle in terms of TTK, damage over range, and all that.

As long as you're hitting the upper part of the body—the upper torso, the neck, the head—and if you are consistently landing shots there, which is relatively easy to do with this; it's a very easy gun to use in terms of control; it's going to fry. But once you start getting lower stomach shots, leg shots, and slim shots, that's what really hurts the TCK here with that combination of realistic TTK, so that's why it's no longer like the number two TTK.

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Rifle, but overall, it's still a fantastic choice. Like I said, it's very easy to use and great for mid- to long-range shooting. in my opinion a mod V4 for my optic here you could always go for whatever optic you prefer , more though if there is one out there that I tune for the furthest eye position, and faster ads, on all my optics per usual 6 60 running cinemag, is a sort of a must-have for the fire right here so you're not running out of ammo too quickly High Velocity Ammo of course is clutch for that better velocity over long range; you pretty much need this on all rifle builds if I'm being honest; I tune in for the even better velocity and damage range on that Zach; I introduce the 40 muzzle again for that better control over range, which will make it even easier to shoot; tune in here for better gun kick control and stabilization.

And then, lastly, I go for the Echelon Barrel just for the better range velocity and control add-ons. This has again been tuned to maximize those with basically better range and steadiness. It's a very straightforward and reliable gun right now. The damage per magazine could be a bit better, but overall it is going to be a top-tier choice.

Warzone 2.0 best kasotv 762 loadout after update

Warzone 2.0 best kasotv 762 loadout after update

Now at number three, I've got a total of 762. And as we've talked about lately in terms of pure power, the rifle It is by far the heaviest hitting rifle and has basically what is equivalent to the best TTKO over range; however, this does have a little bit more noticeable recoil than some of the other rifle options.

It does bounce around a little bit, and it also caught that slight Nerf with season two, so that brings it down a little bit, but overall, it's still holding its own once you land your shots with the 762. The thing is going to be beefy, and the thing is still going to erase enemies because of how fast this TTK is; it's just not nearly as dominant as it was back during season one here, though again, a pretty basic setup with aimpoint V4 or the style position faster ads on the tunes.

No surprise there, right? We got the demo X2 rear grip; we're going for the better steadiness and stability on their Tunes; it's going to give us that better general control, which of course is huge here. As mentioned, the 40-round magazine is a pretty basic extended magazine. High-velocity ammo yet again, just for that consistency over mid- to long-range, we're tuning for better velocity and better damage range here per usual, and then lastly, attack and tread 40.

Barrels in this just because they're not going to give you crazy stats; I'd rather just have the better controller here. That way, even though a barrel could give me slightly better range or slightly better velocity, that's not going to matter if you're not hitting your shots right, so Zack and Tread 40 give me the ability to do that better gun kick control stabilization.

Here once more, like I said, after you get the pattern down and you master this gun's control when you're landing your shots, it's going to delete players. It would be really appreciated, and it does really help the channel grow.

Warzone 2 best taq-56 loadout after update

Warzone 2 best taq-56 loadout after update

Now at number two, I've got the TAC 56; in comparison, you know that the ttk of the TAC 56 is going to be more similar to the m13s. Nothing crazy, but not bad either; it's going to be a bit slower than the 762s. But what this has going for it is just how easy the attack 56 is to use, especially with this build.

It's so straightforward and simple. The recoil is almost nonexistent. It is one of the easiest guns to use in the entire game over range, which is obviously huge. You're going to have a more realistic ttk with a gun that's got a decent ttk and incredible control versus a gun with a crazy fast ttk and terrible control rights.

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