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all right They finally did it; it took a hundred days to nerf the RPK or Infinic. Maybe we'll see; I've got some testing to show you, but first, we're going to go through the top 10 long-range meta for Ashika Island in War Zone 2, but let's look at the patch notes that came in today. So we got increased initial bullet vertical recoil in the RPK; increased horizontal recoil reduces damage and ranges; and then we cast off the 762; we're going to talk about that gun today too.

That reduced the damage ranges, and then the iso Hemlock You probably saw Jay God's article about the 300 Blackout rounds no longer registering as hitscan; that is no more; they have taken care of that, and they also nerfed the Phoenix, so they reduced far damage and reduced damage against armor, so recruit requires two more additional bullets to break armor.

556 icarus loadout

But we're not here to talk about SMGs; we're here to talk about long range, so let's hop over to TTK, and I want to explain TTK. Versus actually using the gun in the game, so let's transition into that over there all, right, let's talk about TTK. Which is time to kill versus, using the gun in the game, there's theoretical time to kill because you can shoot different places on the body: your legs, your arms, your chest, your neck, and your head.

They all have different damage values, as you can see right here; this is the theoretical time to kill. If you hit your shot, so I'm going to go through my top 10 long-range metas for Ashika Island and more in a masa, but these are my top 10 based on how I feel. I play on a controller, I use aim assist, and I'm not a mouse and keyboard kid, so it might be different for you, but take that into account.

TTK versus how it feels in your hand are two different things, and this list is how the guns feel in my hand. I will give you a breakdown of each one and kind of show you what I use on it in the firing range. I'll show you the recoil pattern, and we're going to go through each one step by step so I can show you what I think about each gun and kind of give you the ranking and kind of give you my top three that you should be using in our Mazura and Ashika islands.

So let's hop over to the builds and get your screenshots ready.



Okay , my. Top 10, long-range meta loadouts Let's start with number 10, which is the attack V. I like the Tech V; it's got a 663 TTK (time to kill), and that's pretty quick, but here are some challenges with that gun. The recoil is not forgiving, so you've got to be able to hit your shots. So let me hop in, and let me show you how to build for it with all my guns.

I'm going to have that aim of V4 as the optic, so that's going to stay the same. Let me show you what that looks like with the tuning. I'm going to have it always up to Flinch resistance and always over for closest. The way I see it, it makes it a little bit easier all right, let me show you the recoil on the attack V.

Close range Not too bad, that's 10 meters; not too bad, 25. Now look at this long range. This is 50 meters, and this is what long range is. Meadow is supposed to be right, but it's not as forgiving, like I'm an aim assist, and it's hard for me to control. Let me show you the recoil pattern on this door right here.

Set it up, and it jumps around a lot from left to right and goes up; it does go straight up, but you see how the bullets are left to right, so that's why it's my number 10 pick. Let me show you the loadout. All right, we've got the 50-round drum, we've got the high-velocity rounds for that bullet velocity, the lock grip Precision 40 to help with the recoil, and the zlr Talon 5.

I'll show you how to do quick tuning on them. I don't mess with the little adjustments. I just go all the way for smoothness and stability. I go hip-hop rail control and accuracy; I go recoil smoothness and recoil steadiness; and I go the 50-round drum, and that is the TAC-V. Like I said, it's not forgiving on hitting your shots; you've got to hit your shots.

So that is the attack-V. Let's roll into number nine, all.

556 icarus

556 icarus

Right number nine is the 556 Icarus. Now, I know what you're thinking—it's an LMG, but it's definitely worth a look, so let's take a look at the build. I'll go into the firing range first, so we're going to line up real quick, at a fast fire rate, and delete pretty quickly.

Let me show you the recoil. That's the recoil from attack V; let's compare it to the 556. Okay, let's just show you the recoil pattern for the 556. It's not too bad; it doesn't jump as much; it's pretty consistent. Let's show you the build, all right. So the build here is the 556 High Velocity rounds, the lock grip Precision 40 Zulu 60 muzzle, the Cold Forge 16 inch barrel, and again the AMOPS V4.

That is your build for weapon number nine on the top 10 long-range weapons to use, all right?



Let's go into number eight, all right, number eight, we got the row, so another LMG is on here that is real fun to use. Let me show you the range with the bots, which are a little slower; they go straight up and zigzag a little bit to the right; they are a little bit harder to control, but not too bad.

All right, the biggest issue with the guns I show you on the screen is how slow it takes to reload the gun. You don't want to get caught out in the open when you're reloading, so you're going to have to practice reloading around cover before switching to the other gun, but that is that gun. Let's go into the build.

We got the build for the high-velocity rounds in the Talon 16 muzzle, the ex-golf 16-barrel ammo, the V4, and the Step-40 grip for recoil. After tuning these, I got the recoil steadiness maxed out, aiming for aisle stability. All right, let's show the tuning on the bullets. We're going to go full recoil smoothness and recoil steadiness, Talon 16 tuning.

We're going to go for full recoil smoothness and aim for idle stability. The reason why I do that is because if you go to bullet velocity, it doesn't add much to it; you're going to want the recoil piece and then the barrel; you're going to want to tune in the barrel's recoil steadiness and aim down sight, and that's going to be your build for the route. That is my number eight in my top ten; let's move over to number seven.



All right Number seven on the list, we've got the wrap. There are a lot of common themes here with the longs, but let's take a look at the wrap before we go straight into the bots. This route is a little bit faster than routes one and two.

Third, let's check out the recoil pattern. This one goes to the right, but as you can tell, it doesn't go as high when you have 75 bullets, so it's pretty easy to maintain, but you still have the slow reload. Let's go back in and take a look at the lockman grip or lock grip Precision ZR Talon 5, the schlager Peak Box 4 for ads aim OP04, and the Lochman TCG 10 grip.

In this video, we're going to take a look at the Top 10 Long Range Meta Weapons after the RPK nerf. These weapons are all still potent and can be used to take down enemies from long distances! After the RPK nerf, long range meta weapons are still some of the most important weapons in Warzone 2. This video will show you how to use these weapons to your advantage and take down enemies from a distance.
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