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Finally, we have attachment stats for every gun in Warzone 2. So in today's article, I'll be taking you guys statistically through the best attachments for any assault rifle. Loadout to get the best stats out of your weapon got to give a massive shout out to Sim GG; their attachment stats beta for all of the guns in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is now out, and we do have access to a bunch of the important ones, like fire rate and muzzle velocity ads.

time sprint fire speed, and, of course, time to kill and damage ranges, so we're going to build our attachment blueprint for any assault rifle using the TAC 56, the reasoning being that it's probably the most meta of all the ARs tied with the cast of the 762. At the moment, the first attachment is really a no-brainer, and it has nothing to do with statistics per se.

It's going to be the bigger magazine size now for the TAC 56, and for some of the other guns, we actually have two different magazine sizes to pick from in general; just go with the biggest one, especially if you're a trios or quads player, so you can handle coming up against potentially four players and needing to take multiple people out with no reloading.

kastov 762 warzone 2

Next up, we've got to talk about one of the glaring issues with all of the long-range options in Warzone 2, specifically the assault rifles, and that is the muzzle velocity. We've got a base muzzle velocity on the TAC 56 of 590 meters per second, and you can compare that to other ARS in the game, things like the M4, 590, and Lachman 556.

590, is that high or low? Well, let's compare it to Warzone One. You can look at Sim GG and take the Automaton, a very meta AR with 860 meters per second; that's almost a 300-degree jump in comparison to Warzone's Cooper carbine 880, so all of our guns in Warzone One were incredibly snappy when we started shooting, and you've got to consider that Caldera was overall a smaller map than Almasra is, and Warzone 2 has a lot more recoil to contend with as well, so muzzle velocity is one of the most important stats in Warzone 2.

Now, most players will go in search of muzzle velocity by looking in the muzzle and barrel areas for things with high muzzle velocity, but there is one attachment that absolutely trumps all of that, and it is the high velocity ammunition. 260 meters per second bonus—that's about a 45 percent increase from the 590 we started at; we put that on, and we're straight up to 850 meters per second, but it gets better than that.

lachmann 556 loadout

A lot of people get scared when looking at this attachment in-game because they see improved bullet velocity but less damage range. I don't want to do that, so I'm not going to use the attachment, but as you can actually see from the website, you only lose 0.03 times your damage range by using this ammunition.

That is negligible, and what really seals the deal on this being the best attachment for any long-range gun in Warzone 2 is its tuning options. You can tune for recoil steadiness and smoothness on these two sliders. It does say you'll lose bullet velocity and damage range, but the losses you get are minimal in comparison to the nice buffs to recoil that you get from an ammunition The next attachment that I really think is a must-have on any long-range gun, especially assault rifles in War Zone 2, is going to be a muzzle, specifically, one of the suppressors that gives you bullet velocity and damage range multipliers.

A lot of people will go in and say you don't need a suppressor in War Zone 2. There are no red dots; it's not like a war zone. Well, the muzzle velocity and damage range boosts you get from suppressors in this game are incredible, which is why I'm still running them and why I recommend that you still run them.

In terms of which exact muzzle you should be using, there's currently a debate between the Harbinger D20 and the Echoless 80. They might have different names on different guns: the polar fires versus the ZLR and Talon. Okay, so if we go back to the harbinger versus the echolus, 80, the only difference between these is that they've got the same muzzle velocity and damage range multipliers; they are both massive; boosts to both of those; the difference is the ad time, but you'll find that the harbinger D20 has better recoil.

taq 56 warzone 2

Overall, in-game, the same thing goes for the polar fire versus the zlr. The zlr is a slower muzzle to use but gives better recoil in game, and with how bad recoil is in Warzone 2 in comparison to Warzone 1. I'd recommend that you go for the heavier muzzle, the one with the longer ad time, so in this example it would be the Harbinger D20 or, that would be the zlr Talon on the guns that have that.

That's going to give you really nice controllable recoil and incredible buffs to bullet velocity and damage range for basically every set up. You're going to have an optic as your next attachment, and in terms of which optic you go for, there are a couple of strong recommendations first. The wrong recommendation is to not use any.

The big teams are terrible in this game. The reason we used things like the VOK in war zones was because they actually reduced recall. They don't do that in this game; they just kick all over the place instead. Instead, you want to be using either a mid-range or a short-range optic that you can still control and shoot at long range, so mid-range.

warzone 2 best ar class

Optics are currently the most meta, with the Aim Op V4, but the one that I like using at the moment and that a lot of people are starting to use is the szsr07. I'll show you this one in game; you might not have actually seen it, but it has a really nice, clean little dot in the middle. It feels like it shoots really nice and straight, and I prefer it a lot to the AMOP V4.

We can also compare the aim-down sight times for both of these optics. As you can see, the AMOP V4 adds 20 milliseconds to our ad time, and if I go to the SZ SR07, that is also 20 milliseconds, so even though it might look a little bit bigger, it doesn't make your ads any slower. The last attachment slot for any AR build in the game is going to be between the barrel and The underbarrel underbarrows are purely focused on recourse statistics and making sure our gun shoots as straight as possible.

warzone 2 best ar loadout

The best one at the moment that most people recommend is the F-TAC Ripper 56. The reason being that it gives incredible buffs to stability. This is probably the most important recourse in the game because it has all to do with how your gun sways, not just when it's idle but also when it's shooting, so you need to curb it, so the ftap rip is the best.

Warzone 2 Best Builds for EVERY Assault Rifle need to use the Best Attachments in their setups! Today we're using actual Attachment Stats from Sym. gg to create the perfect build for any Assault Rifle in Warzone 2. Whether you're using a TAQ 56, Kastov 762 or even the Lachmann 556, this build will work amazingly for any of them.
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