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best battle rifle warzone 2

Battle rifles do insane damage. Let's look at the attack V today, which has 49 to the chest and 76 to the head, and compare that to the popular M13, which has 24 to the chest and 33 to the head. Only attack V hits like a crazy fright, train, and I'm here to guide you through the whole build with the tuning screenshots at the end.

An important decision to make in the beginning is that you have 20 rounds of basic ammunition, which you could put on a 30- or 50-round magazine. You have very few bullets to kill, so a 30-round magazine might be enough, which gives you 33 milliseconds of added time plus, and the 50-round magazine gives you 66 milliseconds.

I chose the 51 here because we're playing quads and attempting nukes, but the 31 is more than enough as well. The recoil is more or less just a straight up with a Whipple in the side, so you're actually already very well off without a single attachment to just hit these shots and even the distance shots.

What we notice is a bit unruly; look at the barrels you have: one for the hip controller, one for downside speed, and then also one for damage range and ball velocity, whereas the ball velocity here is only 83 meters per second. The damage range increase is nice, but you also get 66 milliseconds every now and then.

best taq v class

For not even getting a single ounce of ricochet control, the precision barrel doesn't seem worth it for sniper support; they'd rather take the huge chunk of ball velocity that they get from the high-velocity rounds. Take away the damage range minus you get by adding damage range plus and also adding some Rico to steadiness, and now we're looking to get that left and right bounce a little bit straightened out, and we have two choices for that.

I kind of like to take the lockshot KT 85 for vertical or horizontal Rico at the same time we could just look at the horizontal for the Thai LR8, let's try the Thai LR8 first for tuning on gun kick control and also recoil and stabilization, and how much that really gets it together, especially with the bonus of Rico steadiness that we have now as well from the High Velocity rounds.

best taq v class mw2

Most important is that you just get rid of this left and right shake, and I think we already got this a bit closer together, considering that you already shrank the Rico from down here down here with the recur steadiness, and now we get it still horizontally aligned, which is very important because again, you want to be able to do these shots here with ease, and that was way better already.

We do have two more attachments that we could both now put under Rico's control. We also have to consider that you might not be able to handle the eye inside. Let's go with the assumption Einstein is okay for you, and we'll check the two recoil attachments, but I'll also tell you which attachments you can do off for a sign on the barrel looking at the very straight recoil.

It could be a phase 3 f-tag ripper extent, drop, or even the Grave Digger, which are all relatively straight up. We could also look into the RICO steadiness, which would potentially be the hex 40 or the precision 40 gram. You have to choose between stabilization and steadiness, and we can test both to see how they work.

best taq v class setup

Let's start with lock-grip precision here for the recoil addiness, which is more strain toward aim. Down's high speed This one stays the same, and now this would be Rico's stability instead of stabilization, and it feels nice and steady; you notice the recoil gets a little bit shorter again, but it has a significant Wibble wobble left and right.

Instead of the locker Precision, we're going for the phase three or the F-Tech ripper, both fantastic candidates for this. I'll take the F-Tech gripper in this case again because the grippers are more or less the same and that feels way more stable in my eyes. You can also see it. This one has very large left-right left right left right very outliers, and this one is way more straight, but the F-Tech Ripper is definitely phase three.

best taq v loadout

It's also about target acquisition, especially at any distance, and about hacking glitches. Now that you're saying, "Pony," "I'm an absolute professional, and I can handle this very well," you could take the stock, and the stock would be aiming stability and Ricoh control mind, me that the aim down side speed minus is absolutely minimal you're getting, and you can make it go towards zero with this, so you have a quad of Ricoh control making this even more.

or even less shaky now if you think, "Ah." "I don't need the bonus of bull velocity because the velocity of battle rifles is fantastic." I've lost three rounds and put his side on as well. This is how I play it because I think that the RICO control from the stock helps more than the ammunition steadiness, and I'm fine with the amount of bull velocity that I get from the rifle that it offers.

Choose your poison here, then play attack V of the attack 56 that the tag V has due to the very high bullet damage that the tag V has to offer. It just really slays away, and it's so much fun to play for all the scar lovers out there. That will get its own article. Until then, I have a crazy OMG roll for you with almost zero

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