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Top ttk smgs

Top ttk smgs

I'm going to focus on SMGs as well as maybe some ARS that might fit in a little bit here. But really, the metagame for close range has not changed very much. It has more damage range and a dramatically better time to kill than literally every other SMG now, for two seasons in a row, so I'm not sure what that's about, but it is still clearly the best SMG for.

Single headshot ttk reduction

Any sort of aggressive play, damage profiles, and fire rate changes are fully up to date on true game data for season two, so if you want to go mess around with this stuff yourself, go ahead. Another reason the Fennec is so good is that with chest shots, if you just hit one single headshot, this is the shots to kill calculator on TGD; it's a premium feature, so you can see that it's set up on chest shot damage of 27.

With one headshot, you get one shot to kill reduced, which means you get a ridiculously short time to kill at 440 milliseconds. So this is why the fennec is so dominant; it just has the best time to kill and for aggressive SMGs. The meta usually starts out with things that are easy to use, like really low recoil and low visual recoil SMGs, and then as people find the ones that kill fastest, the meta always shifts to that, and people found the fennec very quickly this time, and it has pretty much been the meta since day one of Warzone 2. It's still the meta for the season.

Top attachments for fennec

Top attachments for fennec

I'm going to go through what I think are the top attachments for the weapon, and then that'll help you decide and find attachments that you might not have known about that are really good for the weapon, so I'll still give you my recommended build towards the end of the article.

We're going to go through what I think are the best attachments for the assault. Agile L7 stock This is the first one that I'm going to talk about, so nice two and a half percent decreased ad time and then just a nice straight up buff to your ad movement. Sprint speed is taxed, so that's a nice buff there for the Fennec overall.

It hurts your recoil a little bit but not too much, and the recoil is really easy on this gun already, so an extra 2.8 percent is going to be basically not even noticeable. An honorable mention goes to the F-TAC stock cap. Obviously, this helps the ADS sprint fire a ton, but it makes your recoil just atrocious.


So, I personally don't ever run this, but it gets an honorable mention just because the positives it has are crazy. If you're going to run this thing super, super close, like you don't ever take fights outside like 10 meters with this, then the F-tax stock cap is definitely one of the absolute best attachments.

Lasers are also very good on the fennec, so this is true of pretty much any SMG, but the CLK seven milliwatt is the one that is only on when you're ads, so it's green; it's on when you're ads, and it no sorry this is the this one's red, so it's all in your ads and it's red, so minus 10 sprint to fire time is 10 sprint to fire time a huge buff.

obviously It already has SMGs printed to Fire and SMG 80s, so it already has really good numbers there, but making it better is just going to make you win against all the other SMGs more so than you already did, like this will give you an edge over our other people that are using the Fennec if you're both sprinting or anytime you need to advertise before you start the fight.


One of my favorites is the one milliwatt quickfire laser. This is just a straight-up minus seven and a half percent ad time, and it doesn't have any cons at all. The laser doesn't show up in the air, so it doesn't give away your position if you hold ads. So I really like this quick-fire laser as well, and one attachment that I discovered while making this article was the rear grip.

Finnick rubber grip, so this is a really good attachment minus three percent of the ad time minus 15 sprint to fire with an increase in recoil, but again, the recoil and the fennec are super, super easy, so at six percent extra, it's not that big of a deal for us; a 15 reduction in sprint fire time that's very, very dramatic.

My favorite attachment, as well, is the X10R-40 suppressor. The fennec also has really low bullet velocity, so Plus, 30 bullet velocity is really nice there, especially because you can't use high velocity on this weapon. So, I think that's a really good attachment; it's one of my favorites, and I use it often.


I also like being suppressed in close-range fights. I just feel like when you're super loud, it tends to draw a lot of attention, and in the craziness of close-range fights, a lot of the time, I think that's pretty important. So, that is one of my absolute favorite attachments if you are building this with something like the stock cap or something that makes the recoil difficult, or if you just have difficulty with recoil in general.

A couple other really good attachments would be the Xrk Sandstorm and the Bruin Pendulum. These both are the most recoil help you can get vertically. The Brewing pendulum has a little more horizontal and a little less vertical; the XRK sandstorm has a little more vertical and a little less horizontal; as for horizontal recoil, the lesserta compensator is used.


This is 27 percent horizontal and 7 percent vertical. That's really, really good, especially for only a 40-millisecond penalty to ad time. That's a great attachment for anyone that's trying to shrink that recoil in horizontally. Let's take a quick look at the barrels in general. The barrels are not very good; they just have too many negative trade-offs.

That barrel is kind of out in my opinion because of that. The Ftech eight and a half-inch Recon does not actually hurt your range, so this is one that I actually think is decent; it's not great, has a really small buff to your movement speed, also helps your ad time, but hurts your bullet velocity, and this gun already has terrible bullet velocity, so that's kind of a painful one there.

The recoil is not a big deal. 4.8 percent, it's not a big change there, so that's not really that big of a negative, but the bullet velocity is a little bit negative, but if you want to run a barrel. I think the eight and a half inches are probably the best option. Because, if you look at the rest of these barrels, yeah, it gives a bunch of range and a bunch of bullet velocity and recoil control.

iso hemlock mw2

This one gives a bunch of range and bullet velocity. A 40-inch range on a 16.5-inch barrel is crazy. But if you look at the ad time penalty, 174 milliseconds on the ninja barrel, 110 milliseconds on the covert force, and 150 milliseconds on the zlr ignition barrel, that makes the fennec feel like an lmg, almost like the amount of ad time you have is crazy when you add those attachments, and those are straight additive.

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