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So it looks like Modern Warfare Zombies has just about had everything added to the game; all of the usable items, schematics, and acquisitions are now finally available, and so today is going to be a big article showing you how to get every single schematic. From start to finish, for every single one that's ever been added.

I'm going to show you where and how to get each individual schematic, but I'm also going to give you some tips and tricks on how to acquire some of the more difficult ones in the game much easier. Keep in mind that this can all be done solo if you want to. If you're watching this and want to do it all yourself, that is absolutely doable.

However, you can absolutely do this in a co-op game as well and play it with your friends, honestly. With that being said, let's get started, starting with some of our most basic schematics. It's important to know that a lot of these earlier ones are going to be acquired by doing your story missions, and that is the case for the green uncommon.

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The ether tool is one of the most basic items in the game, but this is going to be acquired inside of the Act One story missions and doing Tier 3. After completing these particular story missions, you will be given the uncommon ether tool as a reward. Now, the slightly better blue rare ether tool is also acquired in a story mission; this is inside of Act 2, and these are in the Tier 5 missions.

Keep in mind that all of these ones that are given through this method are guaranteed, and that's not the case with all of these other schematics. The Epic ether tool, which is purple, is acquired in a random tier-three contract. Earlier in the game, this was much easier to acquire because the overall loop pool was a little bit more diluted, but it can be a bit more difficult to get now.

However, with epic ether tools, the schematics are still located by doing Tier 3 contracts in the most difficult zone. Now, when it comes to getting the coveted, legendary ether tool schematic, the one you really want to keep is a little bit more involved. You can't get this through regular contracts or story missions.

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This is acquired by defeating the red worm, AKA Grey, but for the purposes of this article, when I talk about him, it's going to be the red worm. This is a secret boss that is activated once per match, and to do this, you need to go to this very specific part of the map, and every time you load into a game, there's going to be this board that shows a couple of different locations on the map, and you go to these specific spots, you can ping them, and then activate the machines.

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There should be a couple of them, and once they're activated, near the end of the game when The Ether storm starts coming in, a boss is going to spawn it's going to be the sort of worm boss from the story missions themselves but this is going to be a bit of a tougher version you can do this Solo or you can do this Co-op and the health scales with the number of people in your party so you can fully Take It On by yourself if you have good enough gear or you can have one or two friends help you out, with a lot of people it becomes pretty tough so I recommend keeping your party relatively small but either way it's just going to require you defeating this boss in a timely manner to get some of your rewards, now these can guarantee a couple of schematics but that's where the legendary ether tool schematic can be attained from so that is it as far as the you know actual tools upgrading your weapon, now let's talk about crystals these are also quite important because these allow you to start the game with a pack-a-punched, weapon and so getting the most basic raw ethereum Crystal.

Which is the Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch equivalent? This schematic is acquired in Tier 2 contracts; it's completely random, and there are contracts that I feel are quicker to complete, such as the HVT. You can do the cargo, which is pretty simple, especially for solo players. There are a few that I would stay away from anything Merc-based, which I wouldn't really rely on, but doing tier 2 contracts should eventually give you the schematic for the raw ethereum crystal, aka the tier one pack-a-punch.

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Now, as far as getting tier 2 pack-a-punch, the refined ethereum crystal, this one can be acquired again by doing tier three contracts. This requires you to complete a lot of them in the red zone and these can also be a bit of a challenge doing hvts is an option doing cargo is probably the easiest here if you're having trouble doing tier three contracts there's two things I'll recommend if you're playing solo use a Wonder off if you have it obviously, and complete some of the Outlast contracts and stuff like that it makes it a lot more simple but also if you're just wanting to farm tier 3s you can consider just partying up with people and joining their squad as they're doing tier three contracts and then reaping those rewards and hopefully you'll be able to get it it's been a while since I've seen this schematic I'm not going to lie it feels pretty rare now but in order to get this one you will need to just Farm those contracts, as far as getting the best one the Flawless ethereum Crystal which has basically the highest cooldown time in the game at 3 days is the tier three Pack-a-Punch Crystal and this one is also acquired by defeating the red worm I would say this is a bit more of a reliable repeatable, process oddly enough it's probably easier to get this schematic.

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Than it is the tier 2 Crystal at this point at least there's a guaranteed method on how to acquire it you know relatively speaking but defeating the redworm should give you the chance for either of these two options we've talked about so far which are some of the best items in the game allowing you to fully upgrade your weapon every single match defeating the red worm is going to be of the utmost importance and that will give you all three of the crystals, that are available in the game now real quick let's talk about Ammo mods these ones aren't too to hard to come by and some of them are guaranteed some of them are not the brain Rod ammo mod is going to be acquired randomly, through tier one contracts the easiest Zone in the game and obviously if you have anything else that we've acquired so far to be able to help you this will be much easier in farming all of these but brain rot is going to be randomly acquired it's usually not too difficult to get cryofreeze.

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