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There's quite a few new camos to unlock in Modern Warfare 3. One of them is the longest camo grind in COD history; another is the most expensive camo in COD history; and there's also some animated camo to unlock as well. So starting off, we have the longest camo grind in COD history now. Even though this is technically the longest grinding cod, it's also one of the easiest.

The issue is that you can only make very little progression for it each day, so it doesn't matter how good of a grinder you are; this camo is always going to take you about a month to unlock, making it four times longer than any other camo grind in COD. This being the biometric scanner camo on Rebirth Island, they added scanners that you can interact with, and they drop a key card.

These key cards can be gold, platinum, or polyatomic. Orion, and so on. You can then sell these cards to a buying station for rewards. The rarer the card, the better the rewards you get. You can get free loadouts, perks, cash, and more. However, this isn't important for the camo grind; the only thing that's important is the text at the top left of the scanner that says daily scan.

best camos in mw3

These scanners actually track how many unique days you've used them, and the higher the number gets, the more rewards you unlock. The first reward you unlock is at three daily scans, this being the need for a hand-calling card. At 12 daily scans, you'll get a 1 hour Double XP token, and for 12 days, you'll get a 1 hour Double Weapon.

XP token for 17 days of scans you'll get the encrypted animated emblem, for 21 days you get the loading screen then after 27. Days of unique scanning you'll unlock the welcome to the Mainframe camo now I can't show you what this camo looks like because no one's unlocked it legitimately, yet because these scanners haven't even been out for 27 days in total yet but the camo isn't that impressive and it doesn't seem to be animated and though these scans don't have to be in a row so if you miss a day it isn't going to reset your progress back to zero these scanners always spawn in the same location so it's super easy just to load in once a day drop at a scanner location and get progress for it I usually land at this building near the harbor, the industry building, or the stronghold scanner location.

best camos in warzone

It's important to note that these scanners don't spawn in ranked play in LTM modes, so even though this is technically the longest cam grind in COD history, it's also one of the easiest. Now, real quick, while we're talking about new camos, something that's a little bit of old news, but I feel like when over people's heads, there are new camos for Resurgence rank play.

If we go to skill division VI division rewards, these are rewards you get depending on the highest rank you got during the season, so if your highest rank was gold, this is the camo you'd get; if your highest rank was platinum, when the season ends, this will be your camo; diamond, this would be your camo; now these are where they start getting really cool.

best free camos in mw3

The Crimson Camo reminds me almost like a jawbreaker with the different layers here, then something they did differently this time the iridescent Camo is animated. It looks a little bit funky because of the different colors here. I wish they went with more of a purple theme. The green kind of throws it off for me, but it is interesting that the Airy camo this season is animated, and normally the only animated camo there is the Top 250 Awards.

Only 250 people are going to get this camo; it's a topag graphic pattern with gold on it, and then it's got the top 250 logo on it. In my opinion, this is probably the worst top 250 camo we've seen so far because there's another camo that was extremely easy to get that looks a lot like this, so look at this camo.

We actually have a camo right here. Look at how close this looks once again—a topographic pattern with gold on it. This is one of the older rank play camos you were able to earn in War Zone back in the Modern Warfare 2 days; however, the difference is that it wasn't a top 250 reward; that was actually the gold division reward, so in my opinion, the top 250 reward, the one that only the best of the best players get, looks a lot like one of the old gold ranked play camos.

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The obvious difference is that the top 2501s are animated. In my opinion. I'd rather have the Eerie camo or maybe even the Crimson camo; both of these look great, but even if you're a low-skilled player and you're not going to get super high in the war zone rank division. I still think it's worth going in at least to get gold because it's a pretty unique-looking camo.

There aren't other camos that look anything like this in the game currently; if you can get platinum, this one's pretty cool, but yeah, these were some camos that you might not have known about, and there's 43 days left in the rank season if you want to grind for them. Next up, we have one of the most expensive camos in Call of Duty history, this being the gold cheetah print camo, and to get this, you have to spend $100, and I say $100.

You're actually going to have to spend a little bit more than that to get this camo. You have to buy $100 of merchandise from the Call of Duty shop, and it can't just be any items; there's only certain items that count for it. The catch is that your cart total before you check out, before tax, and before shipping has to be $100.


So once you hit $100, you go to check out. On top of that, you're going to have to pay tax, and you're going to have to pay shipping. Most people are going to end up spending close to $125 to $130 to unlock this camo, and if you don't get the camo right away, last time there was a Call of Duty shop camo like this, the second you made the purchase, they would email you a code with the camo and you could redeem that.

The issue was that people were doing that, then refunding the items. This time they made you wait till the item had started to ship; that way you could no longer cancel it, so no, you're not going to be able to buy these items. cancel your order and still get the code you're actually going to have to go through with the entire purchase.

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To get this personally, I had to check my spam folder. I got this camo two days ago and didn't realize it. That's because the email with my camo code is sitting in the spam folder, and I didn't even think to check it. So if you are going to spend $100 on a single camo, make sure to also check your spam folder.

Also, this gold cheetah camo promotion is for the US only, so if you live outside the US, you're going to be able to buy items, but you're not going to be able to get this gold cheetah camo. You're going to have to get someone from the US to buy items and get you the code, now that we spent over $120.

MW3 - The Most EXPENSIVE and LONGEST Camo Grind in COD History Animated. MW3 - This Camo Costs 100. MW3 - The LONGEST Camo Grind in COD History. This MW3 Camo Costs 100.
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