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Mw3 season 3 reloaded operators early first look

Mw3 season 3 reloaded operators early first look

Welcome back to a brand new article. We got our first article for the season 3 Reloaded update, and that's what we're going to cover. We're going to go over the operator skins that have been revealed and leaked so far, and surprisingly, I know you guys are like, Wait, season 3 just started. We actually have around 2 weeks until the midseason.

The update goes live, and starting next week, we're going to get the blog post, the road map, and all the details that we need to know about it. It's actually right around the corner, and we already have some leaks in regards to that, so that's what we're going to go over and talk about real quick.

Season 3 reloaded update date & time

I wanted to let you guys know that memberships are now live. This is another way that you can support the channel, and I just wanted to give a shout out to Michael and Erica for being some of the first members here on the channel. The season 3 Reloaded update is going to go live on May 1st at 9:00 a.

M pacific Standard Time, and some of the first things that we usually get and cover here on the page are the upcoming operator skins that are associated. With that update, now it looks like, from the season 3 trailer itself, there were a couple of operator skins that weren't added in the season 3 update but were in the trailer, meaning that they're going to come in the reloaded update. We've talked about these in the past, but I just want to showcase them just to remind you that the very first ones are the bat mascots.

4 bat mascot operator skins early look

4 bat mascot operator skins early look

They come in a different color variety. I've seen in the trailers that we had a purple version, which was shown in the trailer over in the new six-star location.

Then there was the white version, which was shown like in the pregame Lobby, and then we have a pink version, which was also shown during one of the gameplay trailers now. Because there're just different color variations of the same exact skin, you could probably expect that they're going to be within the same exact bundle, and if that's the case, the bundle is more than likely going to be a little bit more expensive.

Probably 28 to 3, 000 Cod points because it features three different operator skins, and then they're going to have their own matching blueprints and items like that, which they don't showcase in these trailers at all, but following that, there's another set of different types of animal skins.

Spooky bunny mascot operators


If you will, these are the scary bunny operators. I saw two different variants of them, and this is what they look like: they're like hooded operators. It looks like a mascot, Bunny. The very first one we saw came from the War Zone trailer for season 3, and you can see right here that the ears were animated; he turns around and like the ears start moving, and then the hoodie is blue, but then in the multiplayer trailer they showcase another version, which is a yellow one, but it looks like the hoodie covers the ears in this one, so I guess they're changing up the styles just a little bit, but maybe they're probably going to be in the same bundle; it just doesn't make sense for them to sell them.

Just because the colors are different to separate the bundles, then I almost forgot to mention in the cut scene for season 3 that they actually showed additional color variations; you see a pink one, you see a black one, and it's like. I think five different colors are probably all going to be in the same exact pack; they just look all too similar to be sold separately.

But it's possible Call of Duty could do something like that; you never know anyway.

Advanced warfare robot operator bundle

Advanced warfare robot operator bundle

Going on to the next operator, skin that we have This was also shown in the War Zone trailer for just a split second, and that is the robot skin that we saw, so there's like this robot skin with. I believe, the Atlas logo on it. Some people were saying that it could potentially be Ethan, who was a robot that we saw in Advanced Warfare.

Maybe they made a new skin, sort of paying homage to him. We have seen them make many references to past Call of Duty titles, and with some of the cosmetics that they've added to the game, he could potentially be one of them. Obviously, he wasn't added in the first half of season 3; he's currently not in the files right now, meaning that he will be added in the season 3 Reloaded update when that goes live.

cod reloaded

It's very hard to notice, but you can actually see that this is a legitimate robot; it's not someone dressed as futuristic. AI, but you could see that in the areas of the neck there's like wires, and more than likely this might end up being an ultr skin. As a result, maybe it will have some sort of animation.

We don't really get a good look at all of it in the trailer, but for those of you guys who were looking forward to it at the very beginning of season 3, you can definitely expect it in the mid-season update.

Winter tf141 operator skins (ghost, farah, price, soap, & gaz)

But let's go on to : the next operator bundles that we have, and that is going to be the Task Force 141 bundles.

cod season 3 reloaded update

The majority of you guys are not yet subed, so definitely hit that sub button if you haven't anyway. The Task Force 141 members are actually shown in the season 3 cutscene, so when you fully load up the update, there were a couple of different squads that they showcased, or all squads of three. The first one was Mao's group, which are the main characters in the battle pass; then there was the Task Force one for one operators, which is the campaign winter version of them; and you can see that there's Captain Price, as well as Ghost, out of all the different skin variations that are available for TF41.

They ended up using ones that are unreleased and don't even make sense, so these winter versions come straight from the campaign when we did the frozen tundra. Mission it makes sense it was a winter type of map going on don't have any winter variation of any map available right now so they definitely use them for a specific reason and that's probably going to be because they're releasing in the mid-season update, have been some very highly requested skins that many people want to see these different types of winter variations, but the question is are they going to bring the rest of the task force members in that winter style as well so are we going to see gas Are we going to see soap?

modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded

They also had the winter styles going on. I think the main reason they probably didn't put them in is that it just didn't look aesthetically pleasing. You have three members from Coney Group and then three members from TF141. It wouldn't make sense to put in five members of TF41 versus three Coney members anyway.

MW3 Season 3 RELOADED Operators FIRST LOOK! Free Skin, Winter TF141, MORE - Modern Warfare 3.
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