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Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we're going to go over all the upcoming season 3 Reloaded operators that have been revealed by Call of Duty. We got some Tracer packs and some Ultra skins. Official artwork early looks at exactly what to expect with that update that's going to be taking place this coming Wednesday.

If you want all the details on that reloaded blog post and what to expect in terms of the new content, the weapons, the modes, and the new events. I already covered that in a article that I posted earlier today. Definitely check it out. It just covered everything from start to finish. Let's go ahead and get into it.

The very first operator that they showed here was just a part of the regular artwork that they always show in all the blog posts, but it's right here. This is like a milsim type of style operator that they got going on; it looks like it fits the Coney theme. It's black; it's red. It doesn't look like it's something we've seen in the past before; mistake me if I'm wrong, but this definitely looks like a brand new operator skin, and then it fits that same theme that everyone has been requesting, where it doesn't look completely outlandish.

cod reloaded

The skin isn't just super crazy sci-fi, type of style but this is more of like a real istic Call of Duty military, type of soldier going on provide another photo of this exact operator skin and this is like a different angle that you can see so it does have like red accents that look like they're glowing a little bit and then there's something that's covering his eye there also looks to be a matching weapon blueprint that's also red and black but overall it is like a milsim, type of style speaking of what weapon they're holding on to if you look at this one it looks like this is a brand new camo that we don't yet have in the game this could potentially be one of the season 3 Reloaded upcoming event camo challenges, and you'll be able to get that as some sort of a reward.

But other than this operator skin itself, we also have the Golden Week operator skin, which is set to arrive before the reloaded update goes live, probably around Monday or Tuesday. I believe Golden Week for Japan is starting next week, meaning that this should be released right before then, but they decided to tease it a couple of times.

cod season 3 reloaded update

AK me if I'm wrong, but these could end up potentially being operators, especially the milsims on the left and right side; they look like they would make some really good skins, but as of right now. I don't think these are going to be unlockable as rewards just as disguises, and also in the same boat, we have Rainmaker, who's going to be the brand new warlord.

Typically, the Warlords are always operator skins that you are able to use and equip. They came in through the battle pass. You saw that in seasons 1 and 2, but this time around, you're not able to get him in the battle pass. There might be another way; maybe they make him free in some sort of secret challenge for zombies.

I have no idea, but he just looks pretty sick. You can see here from the photo that this definitely would make a really good operator skin, and I hope it's a part of the reloaded update, but I just wanted to share that with you guys. The next operators that we have are actually really nice-looking operators, but there is some bad news.

devin booker bundle

So these photos that you're seeing here are all brand new operators coming in the reloaded update, but the catch is that they're only going to be available in War Zone Mobile. And I saw a lot of comments. Some people were saying. Hey man, these War Zone Mobile Skins are looking a little bit better than what we're going to get for the PC and console versions of the game, but here's what the reloaded skins are.

devin booker operator

I believe that may be a ghost, but it's just like an alternate. Type of skull variant that they got going on definitely a crazy looking operator is probably more than likely going to be an ultra skin you then have another operator, who's next to him it looks like an astronaut, has like the space suit on next operator that we have is going to be a part of the golden week event unfortunately, for us on console and PC we're not going to get an event but war zone mobile is going to have a golden week event that will start next week and this is one of the operator skins that'll be coming into the store you'll be able to get along with like along with like two different blueprints, animated calling cards and other things like that and then they continue on with even more events that are going to come out but these also feature some new operator skins you have this electrified.

Looking operator right here. We don't have a name for her, but we do know that she's been shown a couple of times in regards to War Zone Mobile, so it won't be a multiplayer type of thing anyway. That concludes all the War Zone Mobile skins. Now we go on to the actual reloaded operators. The first one is going to be the crossover, with Devin Booker also real quick.

Yesterday, they actually dropped a little short trailer hyping him up, and they officially announced that he will be added to the store on May 1st, which is the day of the reloaded update, so this crossover is going to be right there front and center at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard time, as they mentioned here.

modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded

The mid-season update brings Phoenix Sun's shooting guard Devon Booker to the fight in a store bundle that transfers the Stars shooting skills from the core to the battlefield. I'm expecting an array of other exciting new bundles to come into the mid-season, and then I'll go ahead and showcase those in a second, but first off, his Tracer pack is here.

You also see a pet dog, but it says to take the shot and bring home the win with the Dbook operator skin featuring The Phoenix Sun's shooting guard in a black tie tux and matching beanie. Booker arrives on the scene with two animated weapon blueprints, and Swiss tracers eliminate enemies at a distance using the sunrise, MTZ 762, battle rifle, or Rush.

modern warfare 3 skins

The objective is using the sunset WS9. SMG, which is what he's holding in the photo, and then it says call in Man's Best Friend support by taking down enemies with the Sim Haven finishing move and show everyone who the MVP is by equipping the booker card large decal, the lucky Ace weapon sticker, and the man's best friend charm and B legendary loading screen, then we go into the next operator bundles.

This is called the Trash Talk 2.0 Ultra Skin and Tracer Pack, and on top of that, this is actually a pro pack, meaning that it will cost you $19.99 USD. The very first thing that you will get is 2,400 Cod points given to you, and then you'll be able to get this broadcast operator skin that comes in with Ripper featuring a robotic body with the television 4 a head.

ALL NEW MW3 Season 3 Reloaded OPERATOR BUNDLES ULTRA SKINS! - Modern Warfare 3.
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