News - Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Just Got Fully Revealed. Everything Coming Next Update

The new modern warfare 3 multiplayer content in season 1 reloaded

The new modern warfare 3 multiplayer content in season 1 reloaded

Like we've talked about, the first thing up on deck in terms of content is the map of Rio. This is going to be a 6v6 map, and one we've already showcased here on the channel. We ended up getting a hands-on experience with it at Sledgehammer Studio pre-season 1 for the debut of everything with that, so we had about a game of play time on that map—not a whole ton but enough to showcase the map a little bit from what was on offer; it seemed like it was one of those things that was a jack of all trades map.

You had close-quarters, long-range, and medium-range engagements all in one. The long-range engagements were on the side sight lines, the middle being something that's more SMG and maybe AR focused in a sort of close range, but then you have those corridors connecting, the outside and the inside, that's great for like a shotgun.

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Play so you had a bit of everything here at that one; that's going to be coming with season 1 reload. We have the new modes of team gunfight, headquarters, and infected, with team gunfight being the gunfight on a larger scale played on the traditional 6v6 maps but still in those gunfight parameters, but with teams of six rather than teams of two, so you still have one life, you still have no health regeneration, and it's one of those things that, again, the first team to be eliminated wins that round.

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At headquarters, you have to secure the headquarters objective and then hold the position for as long as possible to gain those points. Responsiveness is disabled once captured, and then the enemies have to clear you out and clear the headquarters. For the match to reset at a different headquarters and then respawning to be back to normal and then finally infected what we just saw infected with the holiday infected so this is now going to be a more sort of permanent or regular version of this beyond that we had more details on the weapons of the HRM 9 and the tack of Volver the new SMG, and lmg coming within Modern Warfare 3 here so those of course will be coming you could play around with that that's two additional weapons that you can use for like a camo grind or maybe even some weapons that slide into the meta here for Moder Warfare 3 MP or maybe even war zone but those will be coming with mid-season as well we also saw detail the upcoming event after the vortex, and the magma event of the boys soup Siege where it's going to come along with an LTM, a souped up version of kill confirmed where Fallen operators drop doses of temp V giving temporary power boost like heat vision to those who end up collecting them so seems like those dog tags you'd have to collect are those sort of things that give you a little bit of boost of extra superpowers.

cod mw3 season 1 reloaded

Per se, but the event itself will come along with six different challenges and an overall blueprint reward for mastery, which it's a reward for just simply playing the game, sure, but kind of a bummer to me. I think that we've been on that kick of camo and then this, but then also the Santa Slayr event was simply a blueprint.

We won't be using that as much as a camo, but it is what it is that's going to be coming here at midseason. And the final thing on the multiplayer side of things being well ranked is going to be coming now. We have known about this, but it is officially confirmed now. It was inferred that it would be in season.

Of course, there was no specific date given, but it is something that is now confirmed, with the update as of next week and this season 1 reloaded launch, so it's not going to be something that comes like a week or two after the update or a week or two before, which would have been already. But you still have the same exact parameters as what we saw last year.

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Continuing on with Modern Warfare 3, you have your overall career rank, which will start at rank one. At this point, you have your skill divisions, your hot streaks, and your senior penalty wins and losses. You have your modes of Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, Control, and all the other things that we've come to recognize from last year's ranked play system.

It's just now brought over here within Modern Warfare 3. They did detail a little bit of the rewards upcoming, where, as with last year, you have those sorts of seasonal rewards you're able to end up working towards. You have to win five ranked play matches to earn a Modern Warfare 3 season 1 competitor weapon sticker.

10 wins is the pro-isue gutter knife weapon blueprint. 20 wins is the script writer's weapon charm. 30 wins is the built-in large decal, and 40 wins is the ranked play season 1 loading screen. And 50 wins is going to get you the first-ranked veteran weapon camo, so it's definitely nice that you have another camo to work towards if you're like me and somebody who loves earning those camos.

I'm probably going to be doing that myself. I can't remember off the top of my head was that something that it was 50 wins or was it 100 wins within Modern Warfare 2 ranked play for the camo I can't remember, but anyway, you still have those same sort of base building blocks towards progressive and better rewards here along the way.

But anyway, that'll be coming along with this, but beyond that, you also have these skill division rewards for where you end up placing bronze and silver. You will end up getting an emblem at the end of the season. Gold through Crimson will end up giving you an operator skin weapon charm and a skill division animated emblem that is iridescent.

You will also throw a calling card into the addition here with that kind of stuff and the top 250. We get the animated emblem and calling cards for those that finish between 2 and 250, and a special one for the number one ranked player in the ranked play season.

The new modern warfare 3 zombies content in season 1 reloaded

The new modern warfare 3 zombies content in season 1 reloaded

Zombies is going to have that new warlord to fight if you would like to do so, but beyond that, not a whole ton in regards to zombies additions here with midseason, which is kind of a bummer, but also we have known about this; it's not like it's any sort of surprise from the very beginning; they were kind of like.

Okay, this is what we'll see at midseason, but everything else is up front, and that's where we can then jump over into the war zone because there is a little bit more information here, that is.

The new warzone content in season 1 reloaded

Interesting, cool, and kind of confusing; it's a little bit of a whole mixed bag here at this kind of stuff.


The first thing, though, is, of course, the confirmation of the Champions Quest returning. That was something that was detailed, but now we know what kind of rewards there will be, what is going to be different about it, and a little bit of stuff that is, again, interesting with this, so the Champions Quest is coming back here with this that is going to, if you complete it, give you the operator skin on screen right now.

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