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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight I have some breaking news about the early access to the Christmas update for Modern Warfare 3, some new event details, plus even more. Drop a like, and also, as a reminder, we have plenty of brand new coverage going up over on {391}, expanding on all the content you're seeing here on the channel, just in the form of articles for the website and plenty of tweets every hour on detonated.

Earlier this morning, I posted an updated article in regards to the upcoming Boys collaboration with MW3. That's not going to go live until early next year with season one reloaded, but I made a followup to a article that I made several weeks ago prior to the reveal of season 1 with a bunch of updated info about what to expect with the upcoming Boys event.

Triple xp event for mw3 revealed

Triple xp event for mw3 revealed

The event Happ mod Warfare 3 today did confirm that Double XP is coming this weekend.

It's unclear if it fits a triple XP event with weapon leveling and extra battle pass progress, but at the very least, we're going to be seeing double XP for MW3 multiplayer and probably even War Zone a couple of days ago on the trailer board. Sony apparently confirmed that there's going to be early access to Double XP for PlayStation starting, I think, this Thursday.

Then it'll release for all other platforms later this weekend, but I'll keep you guys posted on that.

Zombified ultra santa skin preview

Also, an update in regards to the Zomie Santa bundle icon is here for those not aware. It's actually an ultra skin that will evolve as you get kills while using the skin, so I believe as you get kills, you will become more and more zombified, which is really damn cool, and I'm sure the kills will scale differently across multiplayer.

War Zone and zombies probably got to kill a decent amount of zombies to go ahead and zombify the skin, but only a couple of kills in MP or War Zone to go ahead and evolve the skin to its final form. I'm assuming this bundle is going to release tomorrow because of the information that we're about to talk about.

Unless he drops later this week, it'll definitely be no later than the 20th, though that's just what I'm thinking.

Updated paindeer skin in mw3 ??

Updated paindeer skin in mw3 ??

But there's also a weird change that was made to the pain deer skin, which came out a couple of days ago, so there appears to be a preview of the skin, which does not at all resemble what the skin actually looks like in the game. I think it's a pretty funny, festive-looking Christmas skin. I saw criticism recently saying that we haven't really gotten any good Christmas skins over the last couple of years, but I would say anything.

With this year's Modern Warfare 3, we are probably getting the best Christmas skins we have gotten, at least in the last couple of Call of Duty releases.

Christmas update releasing early

I was thinking that either today Monday or tomorrow Tuesday, we'd get maybe a separate blog post, a trailer, or some separate marketing about the release of the Christmas update, which up until this point was confirmed to release on Wednesday. December 20th, according to some of the marketing, the battle pass event tab, and some other sources.

Mw3 christmas event tab changed

Mw3 christmas event tab changed

But now looking at the event tab in Modern Warfare 3 today, it does say that Santa slay ground and slay ride do begin tomorrow, on December 19th. Instead, for Santa slay ground, it says Undead Santa has hijacked a train toss, De le Snowballs captured trees, hunted zombie deer, and then battled for control of the Santa slay ride.

The last team standing wins. Obviously, that's referring to some of the festivities we're going to see inside Zakhan. But weirdly enough, as we talk about in a second, the challenges for multiplayer are referred to as Santa Sligh Ground, so this might be a mistake when it comes to the description of what Santa Sligh Ground is unless some changes have been made since the initial leaks about this event a couple of weeks ago.

Then, when you go over to the Santa Slay Ride section, it says this year the holidays are horrid. Ying celebrate the frightful festivities across the war zone, and that's obviously a reference to the fact that we're getting an LTM called Slay Ride Resurgence, and there are some challenges tied to Slay Ride Resurgence that will probably be featured in this specific tab, but it's unclear what the rewards are going to be for doing each individual challenge. To clarify, here are all the currently known challenges for multiplayer that we're going to see tomorrow.

All christmas multiplayer challenges

All christmas multiplayer challenges

get 40 operator melee kills with stalker boots equipped, 40 operator kills with a weapon picked up from another player, and 100 operator kills with a dg58. LSW six operator snowball kills in a snowball gunfight; 40 operator headshot kills with a sniper DMR or battle rifle 30 operators kill while playing Infected Holiday, and then five operators kill while sliding or crouching.

Complete all seven of these challenges to get Santa Sligh Ground Mastery.

All christmas warzone challenges

It's unclear if it's a blueprint or if it's a camo who knows exactly what that could be, but then for the war zone side of things, it says in Slay Ride Resurgence: get X operator kills with ARs get X operator kills with SMGs.

Get five operator kills with snowballs. I guess the ground loot snowballs you can find in the war zone, then in the slay ride. Resurgence get X operator kills with snipers place in the top five x times and get operator kills with snowballs at over 25. Again, those are the war zone-specific challenges.

The first set I read was for multiplayer, and we're only going to have about 12 days to do all these challenges. KMU is confirmed to be a 12-day event for Moder Warfare 3 in the war zone. Like I mentioned before, it kind of feels like the event started a bit later than it should have.

Early look of all christmas modes

Early look of all christmas modes

would have hoped to see the start of the event on like December 13th or the 14th at the latest, about a week or so after the initial start of season 1 and that's usually when a Christmas event starts for Call of Duty every year around this time but better late than ever I suppose 12 days better than nothing and there still is rumored to be a New Year's Year of the Dragon event starting probably during the first week of January, but then on top of all this aside from the early start to this Christmas update taking a look at the playlist over in multiplayer now we also get confirmation that instead of getting a Wednesday or Thursday playlist update like we're accustomed to from Modern Warfare 2 and now Modern Warfare 3 we're actually getting all this content tomorrow on Tuesday which is surprising, so we get nice new looks at our Christmas reskins that we're going to see in multiplayer.

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