News - Warzone 2 - M13c Unlock (full Shadow Siege Guide)

Mw3 - m13c easy unlock (shadow siege event guide)

Mw3 - m13c easy unlock (shadow siege event guide)

The new Limited Time Shadow Siege event is now live in Modern Warfare 2, and with this event, there are a bunch of items you're able to unlock, one of which is a brand new assault rifle. In this article, we're going to break down the event and we're gonna go through all the challenges, and show you how to quickly get all of these items, including the new weapon.

These are very simple, and you should be able to get them done in one game, taking about 20 minutes.

Firstshadow siege challange (mw3 event guide)

A vehicle skin for the heavy chopper—this is the easiest of all the challenges. You need to secure a missile launcher as soon as you spawn in the game. You're going to see a bunch of white rockets around the map.

One of them is going to turn red right before you jump out. You want to go to the rocket that turned red with the rest of your squad. You land there, and you're going to see a terminal. When you start to interact with it, you're going to see a progress bar. You want to wait near the area with the rocket defense.

All the AI that comes your way, you can take out and farm some XP. It's actually really good for weapon XP and normal player XP. Then once you finish it and you've got the bar all secured, you're going to finish it and you're going to unlock the vehicle skin if you're playing solo and the other people in your squad go do something random and they don't drop in the area.

You are still able to secure this solo. The Second Challenge unlocks.

Second shadow siege challange (mw3 event guide)

Second shadow siege challange (mw3 event guide)

This emblem This is also super simple; it reads off, blowing up the observatory. This is going to happen automatically. When all squads in the entire game capture, their missile launcher so once you see all the missile launchers on the map turn blue that means they've been captured you're gonna see a little scene where all the missile launchers shoot a rocket it's gonna blow up the observatory, you shouldn't have to worry about helping other people capture their missiles but if for some reason one of the missiles on the map just stays white and it's been abandoned and no one's going for it then you and your squad might want to go there and capture it but as soon as they've all been captured you want to start making your way to the observatory, we're gonna skip Challenge number three for now because this is going to be the last challenge you're gonna complete the next one is a charm This reads: Deliver five gas canisters as a squad in a single deployment once it's been blown up if you head to The Observatory.

Deliver 5 gas canisters guide

You're going to see marked entrances on your map that are going to take you underground. You want to be cautious, though, because that yellow circle means that it's gas so you want to find a gas mask and if you take out the enemies that are in this location they're, gonna drop more gas masks so you should always be able to find one and it's not going to be that much of an issue but now you're going to look for gas canisters, all in this underground bunker there's these green gas canisters if you pick it up it's going to put you in third person you then have to leave the underground area of the bunker find an Excel Chopper that's located on your map you want to head inside of the Expo Chopper you're going to drop off the gas then you're gonna head back underground and grab another gas canister You, as a squad, have to get five of these in a single game to get this charm.

We were able to do this in our very first game.

Intercept 5 radio transmissions (mw3 event guide)

Intercept 5 radio transmissions (mw3 event guide)

Then for the next challenge, you'll get a bow battle pass tier skip if you complete it, and this seems to be the most confusing challenge for people out of all of these; it reads off intercept 5 radio. Transmissions, Once you're in the underground bunker, when you kill enemies, you want to look on the ground for burner phones.

How to unlock the m13c in mw2 mw3 event guide)

There are going to be camos you can unlock for these new attachments; to get them, you have to assist in killing five commanders. Once the bunker's been opened, there's going to be different things that spawn in there, like Wilson's Juggernauts and Commander Helos. All you have to do is assist in killing five of these, meaning you don't have to be the one that does the last bit of damage when it dies; you just have to put some bullets into it, and if someone else takes it out, it's going to count, and once you do that five times, you all mock the m13c.

How to find commanders in the shadow siege challange event

How to find commanders in the shadow siege challange event

I think it is a little bit bugged because when I took out my first commander, it was a commander named Helo.

Once we took that out, I immediately unlocked this. I only had to do one; I didn't have to do five of them, but your mileage may vary. You might have to do all five of them, but don't be surprised if you load in the game, take out a jug, and it unlocks immediately. Now, going back to the challenge we skipped , this is a calling card.

The final reward (mw2 shadow siege challange)

To get this, you have to X-film. With mission success, once you've collected all 45 gas canisters and taken them to the x-fill chopper, this is combined progression; your squad doesn't have to do 45 of them once; the entire lobby has done 45 of them. There is going to be a countdown. You need to be on that x-fill chopper before that countdown hits zero.

Once that happens, it's going to lift off. It's like X billing and DMZ, and when the game ends, if you're in the axle chopper and you're X filled with it, that's how you unlock this calling card. And that's it.

Cutscene and mw3 trailer

Once you get on the Excel chopper and it flies away, you've completed the Shadow Siege event.

There is going to be a little cut scene, and then there's going to be a trailer for Modern Warfare 3 that plays after it. I'm not going to show that because it's copyrighted. And it's not super useful information for this; this is a guide on how to unlock these new items. There are three days left to complete this event.

Once you beat it, you're more than welcome to go in. Play It Again: Finish any of the challenges you weren't able to complete on your first playthrough, and you can also go in for farm XP.

Mw2 amazing weapon xp farm

Mw2 amazing weapon xp farm

In those first few sections, there are a lot of enemies you can take down, which is great for weaponry. XP I was able to max out the new M13C in two games. The first game almost maxed it out, but there were a lot of enemy spawn points, so it's great for XP. All that other stuff is great, but once you've got all these challenges, there aren't a lot of reasons to play it again, so go in game and get this new stuff, and if you do miss this event if you're not able to play in the next three days, you don't get the m13c.

I'm sure this will come up in some sort of challenge you can get in the future.

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