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did modern warfare 3 win a game award

I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Yes, indeed, Modern Warfare 3 the other day got absolutely destroyed and roasted. And when I tell you that emotions and feelings were hurt across the board, let me tell you that they were really hurt across the board. But of course, before we go ahead and dive deep into all this, you know, I guess fun drama whatever you want to you know, look at it as don't forget if you guys do enjoy subscribe, hit that bell.

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Eastern time, all right. So ladies and gentlemen, for those who don't know already, basically the game awards were the other day, and believe it or not. I think this is the first time maybe even ever that Call of Duty was not nominated for an award. You know, this is actually pretty big news because every single year, Call of Duty gets you everything—all the love and all the awards.

All the spotlight, I should say, while everything else gets absolutely crapped on for the first time, though they've been kind of putting their place, and honestly, it's good. I really am happy about this because you know Activision needs a taste of their own medicine; they're pumping out these games at such a pace that yes, you know, honestly, it's about time; they aren't awarded anything for the crap that they keep spewing out, but you know, a little bit further into this man, it's a juicy one.

Christopher Judge, basically, for anybody who doesn't know him, you know he's one of the lead actors in God of War. He went out, you know, during the award show. And she said, My speech was actually longer than this year's Call of Duty campaign—just basically, you know, just absolutely taking shots, and of course it wasn't supposed to be anything serious.


He's not trying to be an absolute ass, you know; he's just having fun with it. You know, honestly, I'm going to go ahead and showcase the footage for you guys just so you can see it with your own eyes, and then we'll further discuss. I'm going to stick to the script—no 8-minute speech like last year, but fun.

In fact, my speech was actually longer than this year's Call of Duty campaign. God, it just escalates and escalates, and then, as you can see here as well, just you know a little bit more fine details, this is actually the voice actor, obviously for Price. I hear talented, you know, clown, man. Is it just me or all these you know developers and also you know actors for Call of Duty taking this way too seriously?

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You know, like I said. I wanted to showcase the clip for a reason because if I didn't showcase the clip, yeah, you know, seeing all the responses from the developers and the actors would make it seem like you know Christopher is being kind of an ass, but in reality, he really was just poking fun at the scenario that Activision is pumping out these games at such a ridiculous rate.

You know, copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste, just to milk the name of this game instead of making quality products, that's all, and yes, you know, it is rough. I get it. I get where they come from. Where you know poking fun at something of this sort, you know a little. You know, weird.

I guess I should say that I was trying to think of a good word, but weird is going to be what we settle on. But, you know, you have to understand. This game was put through absolute crunch time. The developers didn't even know if it was going to be a DLC or if it was going to be a full-fledged-out project that was scrapped together basically with a year and a little bit more, which is horrible and horrifying for a development cycle for a full-fledged-out game.

modern warfare 3 2023 roasted

You know, the developers went through actual development hell, like not just saying the quote, not saying they really went through development hell. But, like I said at the end of the day, the developers need to understand that they need to be pointing the fingers at their bosses as well. I don't understand why they're so quick to jump on this and defend it.

I mean, honestly, I shouldn't say that because I do understand they're trying to defend their fellow co-workers, not management, not Activision. They're just trying to defend, you know, the people who worked on the game because it does stink, you know, having to be put through that, and they're passionate developers; they love what they do; you know, they enjoy making games, and then to have someone come out and poke and tease you at the game awards when, especially when your game didn't even get nominated, knowing you didn't have any time to actually put something really solid together.

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It kind of does stink, but they should be taking this exposure and further pushing it at Activision so we can get real changes so developers don't have to go through things like this and the community doesn't have to suffer through horrible decisions. And again, you know Activision is going to be long gone.

Well, Bobby Kodic is going to be gone in January, so you know, I guess they are gone and Microsoft is in charge, but still, you know stuff like Moder Warfare 3. The campaign and the development cycle should never happen in an AAA game like Call of Duty, and if it does happen like this and it is DLC, it should be planned way ahead.

The developer shouldn't be guessing back and forth throughout the whole year if it's DLC or a full game; it's going to make it just an unpolished vision, horrifying a disaster, but again, the developers and all these other people shouldn't be taking this spotlight and defending their fellow co-workers and making it seem like nothing's wrong, and you know further defending basically Microsoft and Active Internet.

modern warfare 3 game awards

Even though they might not think they are, that's basically the direction they're pushing by doing what they're doing; they should be just letting it happen and letting it flow. You could just tell by the reaction of the audience that pretty much everybody across the board has a similar opinion that, yeah, this campaign might not be one of the best campaigns out of the Call of Duty franchise.

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