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I hope you guys are doing well. I was very critical of the decision from Sledgehammer Games to include some maps from MW2.2022 here in Modern Warfare 3. I always confuse myself. I digress i was very critical of that decision. I felt as if it led to the game putting quantity over quality, a mistake that Call of Duty has been known for in the past, and if I'm going to be honest.

I don't think any of the maps that were brought in from Modern Warfare 2 2022 are amazing maps that are top-tier. Maps, you know. I think they fit right into the mid category, and yeah. I'd rather we get some higher-end, higher-quality maps for sure 100%, but with that being said. I still think that we have some pretty decent maps from MW2 2022 here in MW3, and I'm playing on one right now.

You're watching me play Marcato. I threw up a farm 18 game a couple days ago. I do enjoy these maps here in Modern Warfare 3 far more than they did in Modern Warfare 2 2022, and I think there's reasons behind that. I think there are some core gameplay changes that really make these maps play better, smoother, and overall more enjoyable.


I know we like to rag on MW3 that it's Modern Warfare, 2.5, and well, yes, it does have a lot of the same elements, and it's built off of the same engine it's built off of the same framework, and the same UI system. There are fundamental differences in the game playay, and you notice them when you play these maps.

I realized when I played Marcato, when I played Farm 18, when I played the hotel map, that this is a different game. Is it that much of a departure? No, but it is a different game, and it plays far better, which brings me to the point of today's article. No, but when you play the game, it feels fundamentally different, and it feels fundamentally better to me.

At least when I play MW3, it feels like a much better version of MW2. It feels like they learned from their mistakes and grew as developers, but it's also because they didn't let their own egos get in the way they listened to the community. They knew there were certain elements of the game the community wanted, so they put them in the game.


Is there still some goofy stuff? 100% is there still problems for sure, but, at its core a direct onetoone comparison it's a better game than MW2 and I guess if we're going to have the bar be set super low here and it's not something that I want, but the fact that it's better than last year's game means something, it showcases a step forward, even though I'm a believer that Call of Duty has taken multiple steps backward, we have to admit the truth and the truth in my eyes from me playing the game from me having experiences within this game is that the core experience in MW3 is superior to the core experience in MW2, and because of that we're seeing a positive step forward we need to acknowledge that now is it a positive step in every aspect No, but when we look at the core gameplay, when you strip it down to the barebones, the way the game plays and feels on maps that were made for MW2, the game is just better; it just is, and I have to give kudos where Kudos is due, as much as I love criticizing Call of Duty especially when it deserves criticism, we have to highlight the wins we have to give pats on the back when it's necessary and this is me saying.

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Hey, good job. Sledgehammer, good job making an experience that was superior to last year's, and if I'm going to be completely honest. MW2 was a better experience than Vanguard, like it's almost like Vanguard was all the way at the bottom if we're starting at zero and MW2 was like a 2.5 out of 10, and now in Modern Warfare 3, we're closer to that four.

It's slow progress, but my hope is that in a couple years we'll get to even higher heights. And honestly, what better development studio to take Call of Duty to the next level and take another step forward than Treyarch? I mean, we've been seeing reports all week that it's almost official that Black Ops Golf 4, whether or not it's going to be called that, we don't know, is going to release in October 2024.

So we've got less than eight months here before the next Call of Duty experience, and I think we need to continue to be critical of MW3. But also bring up the bright spots. Talk about what made MW 3 a positive step in the right direction for Call of Duty because there have been decisions that were made by Sledgehammer Games that actually have helped Propel Call of Duty Ford and that have given it that slight edge over MW2.

And that needs to be talked about more because we cannot have the franchise take a step back because we're too critical of this game, and we're not willing to recognize the game's positives. We're very quick to judge, and we're very quick to be critical, but we're not there when the game needs to be highlighted and needs some positivity around it.

Like I said, I think Call of Duty needs an injection of fun. I think we need to take Call of Duty less seriously. But I think we also need to let bygones be bygones and say that there are aspects of MW3 that are better than what we saw in MW2, and hopefully it's something that we can build upon, and there can be some momentum going into the Black Ops golf war.

I mean, they've had four years to develop this game. The last game they developed, in my opinion, was a pretty darn good one with Black Ops Cold War, which had its issues and its problems. But I think if you can build off this positive momentum from MW3, you could have a pretty good game, and I honestly think that Microsoft is overseeing that and saying it needs to be a good game so that we can ensure that we recoup some of this massive investment that we just poured into Call of Duty and Activision.

I guess time's going to tell; we don't really know how it's all going to shape up from the outside looking in. I guess I can concede the point that MW3 is a step forward in a positive direction, at least when I compare it to Modern Warfare 2. Does it excite me about the future of the franchise? Not necessarily we'll have to wait and see what Treyarch has in store for us.

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So that's it for today's article, guys. I really hope you enjoyed it.

The more I play MW3 I realize it is miles ahead of MW2. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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