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Frost here i hope you guys are doing well. It's been a crazy week for the Call of Duty community. I mean, we started off this week by hearing news of 27, 000 accounts being banned after the freetop playay weekend on Modern Warfare 3, and they followed that up with a midweek update of another 58, 000 accounts being banned, a total of 85, 000 accounts in what 3 days being removed from MW3 insane numbers, and when I saw these numbers originally.

I took it at face value and I said 85, 000 people. awesome job Ricochet is a way to take away 85, 000 people that have been cheating, but the more that I've read about this situation, the more that I've dug deep into this community. That doesn't seem to be the case; that's what they want you to believe, but I don't think that's what's really happening.

More and more accounts are coming out and saying that they've been banned because they were using unlock tools to gain access to Camo. Now, of course, should you get banned for that? Yeah, I'm not going to disagree with them, but do I really care that much if you're using unlock tools to gain access to camos?


No, you're not the number one priority here, and if I were Activision, it wouldn't be my number one priority either. I'd be going after the websites that are selling these unlock tools, but that's it. I wouldn't be going after the individual players right now; my main focus would be going after the plethora of cheaters that are plaguing my game and ruining the overall player experience.

But heaven forbid going after the people that are affecting the masses. no, you have to go after the people that are affecting your pocketbook, because at the end of the day, if you use an unlocked skin or not, I couldn't care less. I'm going to be completely honest; I don't care. Use whatever skin you want.

If you spent $20 or got it for free, I don't care. Because I look at this game the same way that I've looked at the last few Call of Duty games, the cosmetics are worthless to me. It's a bunch of items that are just paid for; none of them are earned; none of them are worth my time, energy, or money.


If you're hopping into one of my lobbies with the newest and greatest cosmetic, whatever, you're not going to affect the way I play; it doesn't change how the game is going to flow or how the map's going to play, but if you go in there with wall hacks, an aimbot, or whatever it might be, you're 100% going to change the way that game is played, whether you're on my team or not.

It's going to make the experience less enjoyable, and more and more people are going to seek out avenues to get that advantage because they feel as if they have to because so many other people have it. The bottom line here is that cheaters are affecting this community; they're affecting the overall player experience, but that has now been made secondary, behind Activision's pocketbook, and they'd far rather go after people that are realistically not affecting anyone in this community other than Activision, and honestly.

Activision deserves it. They haven't pushed out an update yet this year that has not fundamentally broken their game in some way, shape, or form. I mean, what was the con-Gauntlet? You needed to buy two separate bundles of $40 each to get access to it. Awesome job I mean, it's a litmus test to see how ridiculous this entire community is and how quick their will is to fall over themselves to buy the newest thing, but Activision, you're doing fine.

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This isn't affecting anybody other than you right now, and since it's such a small percentage of players, why do you care? That's my honest argument right now: if I were a member of Team Ricochet. I'd be embarrassed that this is what I've been prioritized to do: go after people that are affecting nobody instead of going after the people that are affecting the masses.

When you go into a game of Call of Duty, you don't know what you're going to get. Are you going to get a game that's going to be fun and feel authentic, or are you going to get a game that is plagued by cheaters that ruin your day and ruin your experience, or are you going to get the Ping is King Lobby that is definitely not Ping is King and 100% optimized?

based on your engagement. That's where we're at, and I don't really think that's a good ecosystem. I don't think that's a good environment for this community. And you may look at me and think I'm just being dramatic with this ferocity guy again; he's just crying; he's just being a big baby whatever, so what'd rather?

vocalize my opinions and be on the side of this community, then sell out and be on the side of Activision and shill out for them at every second, because honestly, guys, this community deserves better. You deserve better, even if you don't think you do. You deserve a game that can release updates that don't break the game fundamentally every single time.

You deserve a game that is fleshed out with quality content, not just quantity. You deserve a game that has more rewards for you to entice you to play instead of where we're at right now. And you deserve a game that engages you more, doesn't penalize you for being good, and wants you to get Better, that's what I want for all of you because that's what Call of Duty used to be.

There used to be rewards for grinding. There used to be rewards for getting better. To be able to have motivation to play, what do you have now? A lot less of it. There used to be a social aspect of Call of Duty that's gone by the wayside in favor of an entire community that is on their hands and knees begging for Activision to do something about the cheaters, but they're far too concerned about the few people using unlocked tools to gain access to camos that they didn't pay for.

For now again, I'll say it quickly: the people that use these unlock tools 100% deserve to be banned. I don't think they shouldn't be, but go after the people that are actually cheating in your game first, not the people that are cheating the system. I get it; it affects you, but who cares? I'm done caring about this company.

I'm done caring about Activision. I care about this community. Stop spitting in our faces. Stop treating us like idiots. Stop lying to us, man up, and fix your darn game. Man up and look at the community that is begging you to change and that is asking for you to improve. It's not like your expectations are, Skyhigh.

No, we're not expecting a 10 out of 10 experience; we're expecting an experience that actually improves upon itself throughout the course of the game's life cycle. We're looking for an experience that doesn't question your sanity every single time you play it. Transparent, and go after the people that are ruining your community.

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