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Frost here I hope you guys have been doing well for the last couple weeks. I have mentioned in passing that I'd love to see Modern Warfare 3 get the Call of Duty World War II treatment, a mid-year update that completely overhauls the gameplay and revolutionizes the experience for the player base. And what World War II did was bold, creative, and different, and that's why it resonated with so many in this community.

That was great work; it was welcomed; it was something we'd never seen before in the history of Call of Duty. So why not do it now? We will overhaul this game, we will get creative, we will get bold, and we will make Modern Warfare 3. It's a great installment, the installment it deserves to be, because there's some good core gameplay here the same way that World War II had some good core gameplay; it honestly had some great maps as well.

So does in MW3, if everything else around the core gameplay could be enhanced—better spawns, better hit detection movement, not being so clunky, better enemy visibility—all these things would create a better quality of life for the game and, in turn, would be better for everybody in the community.


And the thing with that change to World War II is that it came a little late, but it still brought people back into the game. It welcomed them back with open arms and said, Hey, we know we're not perfect, but we're trying. And as much as I love the seasonal content drops that Call of Duty has now, honestly, they've been pretty good here with Modern Warfare 3.

I don't think it does enough to bring A large portion of the community is back because of what the community cares about at its core. As I've seen over on Reddit, over on Twitter, and here on YouTube, Isn't content; that's not the complaint right now; that's not the concern. It's everything else—the connections it spawns.

The matchmaking is the core experience that Call of Duty is trying to sell; that's the problem; it's not the content. Sincerely, like I said, the content for Modern Warfare 3 so far has been pretty good. I've been okay with it. I think they've done a really good job, but you're not able to bring in a massive influx of players because new content's only going to get so many people excited.


Until you fix the core problems, you're not going to get that massive wave of players; you're not going to get the massive support of the community, and that's why I think it is time now. Present this: Opportunity for a Modern Warfare 3 Renaissance—an opportunity to completely change the Modern Warfare 3 experience as we know it so that it can prosper going into the golf war.

Get people excited about the Call of Duty IP again and get them to believe that Call of Duty is trending in the right direction. I can already see it now. The waves of support from the community over on social media when the spawns are finally fixed and are optimally running. When the hit detection is consistent and the matches feel consistent, the matchmaking is better for everybody, and the overall experience is enhanced.

Everybody will be on your side; they'll be your biggest cheerleaders. Sure, we'll nitpick things here and there, but as a core gameplay experience, it'll feel as if Call of Duty is back. It's almost as if they made their bold statement, put their flag in the ground, and said, We are back, we are, making a statement.

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Call of Duty has to be better, and we are willing to put in the work to be better. And I've tried to give Sledgehammer Games the benefit of the doubt this year because I understand how much stress and hard work they've been placed under and the amount of crunch that's been there for the rumored 15 months to develop Modern Warfare 3.

It's not an easy task. And honestly. I don't think for a lot of that they had a lot of autonomy, but maybe now it's time to take that autonomy back as player bases continue to fall as interest in the game overall continues to dwindle. Take it back and say we did it once with World War II and we'll do it again now here in Modern Warfare, 3.

It's time for the community to wait, do you realize? how big of a deal it'll be if Charlie Intel sends that tweet saying season 3 has massive spawn fixes. Flag, report—I don't even know what to call it. Remember back in January when they gave us a bunch of nonsense talking about how they rate eight different factors when it comes to matchmaking?

I don't care how many factors you use; it's still not good enough. The inconsistencies from match to match are glaring; they're problematic, and they problematic and it pushes players away from your game. You know that whole player retention thing that you care so much about? Why is it that you're so consistently bad at it?

Everyone knows who you are. You want to retain players; you want to bring new players in; you want to bring old players back; fix it; fix your matchmaking; fix your game; make this bold statement. Do it, and I promise you it'll be amazing for you. The dividends it will return will be massive. The amount of people that would just come back and be like my Modern Warfare 3 is actually a good game; it would hold up on its own, but instead we continue to get this mess of a game, that is, just lacking the character that Call of Duty needs to have to resonate with so many in this community.

This definitely comes off as some type of pipe dream, for sure. I can acknowledge that I can recognize that this whole article is somewhat of a pipe dream about them being creative enough and bold enough to decide to go down this path. But isn't that exactly what Call of Duty needs? Isn't this the perfect shakeup to change the trajectory of Call of Duty and really get the community behind them again?

So it's time for us to step up and meet them. Wouldn't that be such a breath of fresh air? What a nice change. And yeah, it is a pipe dream. Yeah, I am hopeful it happens. Do I believe it'll happen? No, but I need to hold on to some type of hope; otherwise. I have to come to the realization that, again.

Call of Duty has failed to recognize the massive opportunity that they have and the potential of the game they've created. They did it with Modern Warfare 2; they did it with MW3. Heck, I'd even argue they did it with Black Ops Cold War to an extent. Make good games, but never realize their potential because your ego gets in the way of actually making a great game.

And it's frustrating. It's frustrating to be someone who plays Call of Duty. It's frustrating to be someone who covers Call of Duty. Frankly, the best way forward here is to do something bold, to do something out of the box. The path now lies with Call of Duty. Will they do it? Would you be on board with a complete overhaul of Modern Warfare 3 as we see it today, or do you like the game too much to see it change?

A massive overhaul for MW3 would immensely increase its potential. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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