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I hope you guys are doing well. Season 2 reloaded of MW3 is on its way to us on March 6th. Now it's not going to be jam-packed with a ton of content like season 2 was, but at least we're going to get Dos House for multiplayer, and Modern Warfare Zombies is getting some much-needed content as well, so that's really positive.

Of course, I was under the belief that they should have included this stuff at the launch of season 2. Modern Warfare Zombies has been dying for new content, and they've just kind of neglected it, ignored it, pushed it to the side, and I really felt that was a misuse of an opportunity, because there was an opportunity here to capitalize on The Walking Dead chapter and include it in some way shape and form into zombies and make season 2 all about zombies and do something special, and they just missed the mark as they so often do.

But the reason why I'm not super stoked for season 2 reloaded is, like I said yesterday, that it's not going to be an update that changes the game. I could be wrong, and honestly. I'd love to be wrong, but the things that need to be addressed in MW3 aren't going to be addressed in this update, and that's one of the reasons why it's not going to make me return to the game.


Yeah, cool i get to play Doss House. I played it in Vanguard; I don't need to play it again. One of the things I really liked about the seasonal launches before this one was the fact that they were adding in content I hadn't played before. I enjoy playing new content. I know do house; I've played it enough times I'm over it.

It's the same thing I could say about Shipman; it was the same thing I could say about these MW2 maps. It would have been better if it was just a full-on remaster, but we've talked about that before. I just have a really hard time getting excited for a new content drop when the content is so mid-range and just lackluster.

It's content I've seen before, and I can't get excited for it now. I can get excited for the Zombie Community, who's going to get some new stuff much needed and much deserved. This should have happened a long time ago, but I'm happy that they're getting it, and they deserve to receive that update and deserve to receive content.


But when it comes to 6v6 when it comes to war zones, we're not getting these massive changes. I mean, if there's one change that needs to be made, like yesterday, 100% of the matchmaking across the board needs to be improved. I don't know if we'll ever get there because I just don't think that there is any type of urgency to optimize the game to make it better to retain players.

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I mean, they talk about it, but it's a lot of inaction. They're the kings of words, but as I was told as a young buck, constantly actions speak louder than words and the actions are loud and clear from Activision, we don't care about producing the best product possible we just don't we have the capabilities we have the team members that can execute it we don't want to and that's why I put that article out that said they don't care because that's the way I feel as somebody who has watched this community for so long somebody who's been a part of it somebody who's seen some of the best games in the franchise and the worst they can do it they're fully capable of it, they just don't care to and there in lies the problem there in lies the, issue, because if they cared to do it they would if they respected you your money or your time we wouldn't be talking about this we wouldn't still be asking for a major update to the spawns we wouldn't still be asking for them to enhance their anti-che system we still wouldn't be asking for changes to the matchmaking they would already be done, they don't care.

And it shows—I mean. I'm not asking for—amazing amounts of content all the time I get it. It's a midseason update; we're not supposed to get a ton of content, but I have a very hard time getting excited for it because this should be a time where adjustments are made and changes are implemented, and I just don't feel that there's going to be anything that vast.

I hope I'm proven wrong. We need to stop pedaling small, baby steps—one step forward here and there instead of constantly taking steps back. Consistently, one step forward, two steps back—that has been their pattern for far too long. I'd love to see a change. I'd love to see a complete overhaul.

I just don't think that we're going to get it, and I'm not really holding my breath that we are going to get it. It'd be great for some change to occur, though it would be great to break the cycle. You want to get people excited, showcase that you're changing, and showcase that you're willing to break the cycle and actually work with your community.

We're trying to get to 3, 000 subscribers, and it would be awesome if you could help me out.

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