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Frost is here. I hope you guys are doing well. We are a couple weeks away from the launch of season 3 of Modern Warfare 3, and I think season 3 is a massive opportunity for Call of Duty to approach Modern Warfare 3 with a new lens instead of just doing the regular content drop, which is maps and weapon balancing.

They can approach it to actually make some serious change. I made a article a couple weeks ago talking about overhauling Modern Warfare 3 and how we need to see a massive overhaul, and unfortunately, I just don't think that's going to happen with season 3. But what I could see and what I'd like to see is that they approach one of the major problems that MW3 has and actually fix it.

Is there a lot to ask for? But I really think that if Sledgehammer Games wants to inject this game with a little bit more life as we go later in its life cycle, making this one significant change is what's going on. To help insulate this community, Because a new content drop with the same old maps, the same old new weapons, and the same old weapon balances is just going to feel like it's missing the mark.


What does Call of Duty truly need? Yes, more content is always good, but we also need substantive changes in the back end to make the overall game more enjoyable. Because one of the biggest hurdles that MW3 has is game play, which isn't all that engaging because there's so many distractions that pull you out of the experience.

There's a reason why I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, even though I haven't touched the game since the launch of season 2 reloaded. I don't feel as if there's any reason for me to go and play because my experience is so inconsistent every time I play. It's been an issue ever since launch, and it continues to be an issue.


Today, but that's not what I want them to Target instead there is another issue that they need to focus on, for season 3 if they came out and they decided to completely overhaul the spawn system change it make it more consistent make it more convenient for the player, boy would it be one of the best changes we have seen in a seasonal update all year long, now of course what comes with this is them actually being able to release a competent update that doesn't break the game when it releas pieces but that's neither here nor there the main focus of what I'd like to see is them actually attacking one of the game's biggest problems and fixing it, and this I believe is under Sledgehammer Games control, whereas the other core issues like the servers and the hit.

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Detection and matchmaking I don't feel as if those are under Sledgehammer control I feel like those are more Activision, problems but the spawns, that feels like something that Sledgehammer Games has the power to have some influence over has the power to change and hopefully make it better because it's been an issue ever since the beta it's been an issue at launch it's been something that has been talked about at nauseum with this community it doesn't take long to go anywhere on social media and see somebody make a comment a criticism about the spawn system it is something that is holding Modern Warfare 3 back and needs to be immediately, addressed, and no better time than season 3 because this is right around when people start to move away from Call of Duty even more they try different games heck The weather forces people to actually go outside because I don't want to be cooped up anymore.

It's spring, and I want to do other things, right? The golf season starts, but that's neither here nor there. If you want to incentivize players to come back, major changes need to be made, and this is one of those major changes that will help this game out. Immensely, people that have put Modern Warfare 3 aside and haven't touched it in weeks, maybe even months, here the spawn system has been overhauled, the spawn system has been improved, they're going to come back and heck even watch professional Call of Duty will completely change.

It's been said numerous times on their broadcasts how bad the spawn systems are in CDL right now, and it is a major barrier for pro players; they don't like the spawn system right now, and it does need serious addressing. If it gets addressed, it gets changed, and it happens before Cod Champs, guys I'm not joking; we could have one of the most competitive Call of Duty games we've ever seen.

Ranking play will be improved. The game as a whole will be improved; it will be more immersive; it'll be more enjoyable; it'll be what we want it to be, and I don't really understand the roadblock here as to why Sledgehammer Games hasn't gone after this problem because I see it as an opportunity for them to grow their player base to maintain their player base.

They always talk about player retention; fix the spawns; you retain more players; it's that. Simply put, nobody can be impressed by the current player numbers. I just don't think that you can be, so why don't you go and make significant changes and make tangible adjustments that improve the game so that everybody wins?

Because hey, if you retain players and you get people to go on your side with more cosmetic purchases, more bundle purchases, and more battle pass purchases, everybody wins. You get your revenue, and players get a game that they actually want to play. That's the argument here, and yeah, it might be a lot of work.

It might take some time and some effort, but that's what you signed up for, and that's what game developers should want to do. Do: improve the game, make it more enjoyable for your player base, and make it something that you want to play because I don't even know if the developers want to play it themselves right now because it'd be hard to play it and not notice all the glaring issues in the game.

If you improve the spawn system, you improve the overall environment of the game, and then you couple that with the new content we're going to see with probably some remastered MW3 maps from 2011, maybe even some DLC maps from the original MW2, and potentially some brand new maps as well, and that's one thing that Sledgehammer Games has done really well.

I love the maps that they have created for this game. I think this is some of the best map variety we've ever seen. I don't often compliment them, but I will in that sense. Sense, please stop wasting all the potential with this game because that's what I see with MW3, which is consistent wasted potential because they're sitting on their hands when what they truly have is an opportunity to do right by the community and do right by their developers.

It's not a perfect game by any means, but it's a game that has flaws that consistently hold it back from reaching its true potential, so allow the game by just working on the spawn system and improving it to actually deliver that EXP experience that this community deserves. That's it for the article today.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

One massive change that is needed for season 3 of Modern Warfare 3. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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