News - It's Time To Remove Sbmm / Eomm From Warzone 2 And Warzone

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Frost here I hope you guys are doing well. Yesterday I released a article talking about the dwindling player numbers for Call of Duty, and many of you who have moved away from Call of Duty decided to chime in. And with the overwhelming consensus. Was that skill-based matchmaking has ruined the Call of Duty experience, and we've talked about skill-based matchmaking before on this channel, and we've gone in depth about it, and again, the whole reason skill-based matchmaking exists is to retain players.

And I have argued many times that it does the opposite; it pushes players away. The players that you should be trying to bring in are the ones that are leaving your game. They're so obsessed with trying to retain the brand new players—the new fans—that they don't realize they're pushing away a larger majority of players.

More players are leaving than coming in; the numbers support it, so why is skill-based matchmaking still being pursued in such a manner? because if they fixed skill-based matchmaking and tuned it down, it would be a little bit less oppressive. I think more players would play the game; I think it would be a more welcoming experience, and we probably wouldn't have skill-based matchmaking, spmm, or eomm.


Be trending on Twitter, or whatever you want to call it, almost once a week. And one of the big fears that I'm seeing creeping into the ex-defyant community right now is that the reason for the delays is because Ubisoft and Microsoft do not want to release this game with no skill-based matchmaking because, for some reason, some algorithm somewhere shows them that it's going to retain more players.

Even though I think there's enough evidence now to support that skill-based matchmaking does the opposite, at least with a player base that wants a casual experience from time to time,. I'm all for ranked play. I'm all for ranked play being a matchup of your skill versus somebody else's skill head-to-head, but when I'm trying to relax and play for fun with friends, I don't need it to be that serious.

You don't need it to be that serious. There should be a casual playlist where there is no skill-based matchmaking. And hey, if there's a few people that want a pub stomp, let them pub stomp. It's not the end of the world. I fell in love with this franchise, and I started out getting pub stomped on every single game I'm still here.


Decades later, trust me, it's not that oppressive; it's not that much damage to someone's ego. The best part about being bad at article games. It doesn't take much to see progress, and when you start seeing that progress, it makes you feel good all of a sudden you're doing better all of a sudden you start starting to not be such a detriment to your team.

Maybe eventually, you start leading your team, and it's a really good feeling, and that's what we used to have with Call of Duty; that used to be the experience that's what you chase; that's what made you keep coming back from more, and we've lost that now in the skill-based matchmaking era. I made this argument before, but I'll make it again.

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Pub stomping is not the sole reason people don't like skill-based matchmaking. It's because it creates a less stable environment for the servers because now you're not putting ping as king. It forces you to always use meta-setups. Playing with friends is more of a chore because matchmaking takes longer or you're putting yourself or someone else at a massive disadvantage because of skill-based matchmaking, and overall, it creates a less engaging game, which creates a game that retains fewer players.

It's pretty easy to comprehend; it's pretty easy to recognize; and it's one of those things that I'd love to see change. I'd love to see them grasp this concept and actually apply it to Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops Golf War moving forward, and Doug Sensor is here, a former Call of Duty Pro. I think he's won a few Cod championships.

Put it really well: please dedicate a week of the year to remove SPMM for the OGs. That's more than enough for us to be thankful and appreciative for your efforts to increase player counts and do what's best for your game, which gives a great balance for all. If Call of Duty announced tomorrow that they are going to be releasing a free week of multiplayer, and along with that free week of multiplayer they are going to remove skill-based matchmaking and make Ping King for one week, do you think that people would flock to go play the game?

1, 000% 1, 000% of people who don't have Modern Warfare 3 would go hop on that free-access game. For people who have put away Call of Duty for the year they'd come back, it would be an opportunity to actually see this game. Go full throttle to have a full experience. And I'm not saying that skill-based matchmaking is the only deterrent to people playing Modern Warfare 3, but judging by yesterday's article, it's one of the biggest ones, if not the biggest deterrent, so maybe if we fix that by just even testing out what would happen to player counts, microtransaction revenue, and battle pass purchases if they removed skill-based matchmaking,.

Even though player times would more players play for longer without skill-based matchmaking, if all of the metrics show that skill-based matchmaking being removed would create a healthier game, there's no way they could go back against it, and that's what's so weird to me: you'd think you'd want to at least try this out to see if it is skill-based matchmaking that is forcing players to not play your game, if it is this big deterrence, this big hurdle that you have to get over, or is it all in our heads?

Everybody was talking about skill-based matchmaking in that tweet. You're telling me we're not aware of it. You're telling me that it's not something that we're all upset about. Even when they released that communication back in January talking about how matchmaking works, all of us called it out for what it was.

BS, the matchmaking system in Modern Warfare 3 in Call of Duty right now is far too complex, and because it is so complex, it doesn't lead to even matches, it doesn't lead to consistent matches, and it leads to your community being left confused and just kind of done with your game. That's not what you want if I was somebody who was managing Call of Duty and I saw the actual behind-the-scenes numbers.

If I saw the actual behind the scenes numbers for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone for MW2, I would be embarrassed, and I'd be asking real questions. I'd be wondering why other games are able to maintain their player bases and we can't. Why can't Call of Duty maintain its player base? Why is the only time they get an injection of players right at launch and for the rest of the year they're bleeding players?

Let's just try something out for fun. Remove SBMM and EOMM to see if they it makes the player base increase. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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