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What's going on YouTube for as I hope you guys are doing well as we approach the launch of War Zone mobile more and more details are coming out regarding this game and the first thing I want to point out today is the UI for War Zone, mobile, is so much better than the UI we have in Modern Warfare 3 and whatever we had in MW2, it's mind-blowing how much better this is it's better, and it's kind of a joke that this is where we're at where we're talking still two years later about a UI, that is so.

Anti-user one of the least user-friendly UIs in all of gaming, and nothing has been done about it, although War Zone Mobile seems to have a better UI, a more user-friendly UI, and it's a bit of a joke. Actually, it's not just a bit of a joke; it's a joke to the point where even Charlie Intel is on my side on this, where he puts War Zone Mobile's vertical UI elements; we need it back in console PC.

Yeah, on the main game, there should be vertical elements of the UI. Why they went with this streaming service style is still unclear. Beyond me, it is so ridiculous to navigate that it doesn't make any sense; it's clunky. And frankly, it's been a problem since day one of MW2. And we know the UI is the way it is in MW3, because they want you to navigate the menu to hopefully go towards the store.


All roads lead to the store because they need you to spend money. They need you to invest in the newest skin or the newest thing because, heaven forbid, you actually just play the game that you want to play. And hey, would you look at that exclusive Ace sort of agrees with me on his reply to the Charlie Intel tweet.

That's way too much information on one screen. How will I be able to stay engaged in the menus if I'm not scrolling and playing hide-and-seek with the option I'm looking for? You're right, Ace. I mean, the amount of sarcasm here is unbelievable, and it's so ridiculous that this is the state we're in where almost everybody who covers Call of Duty who talks about Call of Duty is all in agreement that the UI is terrible and yet nothing is being done about it; nothing is being talked about; nothing is being changed; nothing is being overhauled.


That's why I talked about in my article the other day that we need to overhaul the game because we do; there are better options out there. What I'm not saying, though, is that this current UI that's in War Zone Mobile is perfect because I'm sure there are improvements that could be made, but it's at least better than what we have on console, and it's kind of a joke that I'm reading more and more about War Zone Mobile, and it seems as if more attention to detail has gone into the mobile version of Call of Duty than the console PC version of Call of Duty.

Maybe that's why you're losing a player base: you care more about mobile than you do about everyone else, and it's starting to get more and more insulting. As the days go by, does this mean I'm going to rush out on March 21st to play War Zone Mobile? No, because I don't use my mobile phone as a article game console, and I don't think I ever will because it's not marketed towards me.

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I'm totally okay with that, and I'm actually kind of cheering for COD Mobile to succeed so this new experiment can take off and really bring more players into the Call of Duty universe. I think it's great. I just wish that there was more of an effort and more of a focus on making the main installments of the franchise the best they could be because it feels as if there's a lot of attention to detail in War Zone Mobile where the main franchise games don't seem to have that same attention; they don't seem to have that same detail and that same passion, and it's noticeable.

It's noticeable when you play it; it's noticeable when you talk about it; it's noticeable when you research. War Zone Mobile seems to be the baby that Activision wants to Cle, whereas the main franchise games are the ones that are kind of just left to do their own thing. It's kind of the middle child of it all, if we're going to be honest, and it's frustrating; it's as simple as that, but the main point of today's article was just to talk about the discrepancies with the current UI that we experience in the console PC versions of the game versus the mobile versions, and I think it's safe to say the mobile one takes the cake.

It'd be nice to see some changes made, but we'll just have to wait and see if that will ever happen. The last note here is that season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 will be available everywhere on April 3rd, along with War Zone Mobile. So, that's it for the article today. I would love to hear from you guys when it comes to the UI currently being displayed in Call of Duty.

Warzone Mobile is coming soon and leaks of its UI are here and it is miles ahead of MW3. Literal miles. So much better. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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