News - Warzone 2's Bundle Collections Are Super Greedy

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I hope you guys are doing well. A lot more in-game rewards were given to players who played longer, and it allowed you to invest more time into the game. There was an incentive for you to play something that has completely disappeared in newer Call of Duty games. A lot of the content now is only purchasable, and that's it.

Well, if you're one of those people who missed the old days of Call of Duty where you're able to unlock things, I've got some really good news for you. Call of Duty released the brand new Hunger Pain skin today. This skin is not purchasable under any bundle; no one bundle will give you this skin because you actually have to unlock it, but how do you unlock it?

ferocity glad you asked by buying two bundles by buying two bundles that's how you get this, Skin, my anger for this knows no bounds. The level of greed and shadiness that Call of Duty knows no bounds. This is why I'm so adamantly against the store. This is why I've talked about boycotts. This is why I tell you not to buy the battle pass.


This is because this is not a company that cares about anything more than inflating shareholder value at this point in time. There are real problems with modern warfare. We've discussed them at length on this channel. I released a article yesterday talking about overhauling the game Al together, but instead of any of that being on the horizon, we have, A new tactic to separate you from your hard-earned money.

It all started with the collection reward for Dune. If you bought the two Dune bundles, you got a free skin. The skin looked awful. Not worth your time, not worth your money, but hey, at least you got something to show off that you spent $20, $30, $40, and $50. I don't know how much it was for this game, and I'm assuming it did well because Call of Duty looked at that and said.

We can actually make some real money off of this, so what they decided to do was create the new Hunger Pain Skin, and instead of putting it in a bundle that included a bunch of other stuff, they said no, you have to buy two separate bundles to get this. The instant nudes, the wayu bundles, and these bundles are just weapon blueprints.


That's it it almost seems as if they could package these two bundles together along with the skin and sell them as one, but this is where things get really interesting. If you total up the total cost to get the hunger pain skin, it equates to 3,400 Cod points. Well, isn't that peculiar because, if I remember correctly, a couple weeks ago they accidentally released a bundle for 3,400 Cod Points?

At the time, I said it wasn't an accident, and it's starting to look more and more like it wasn't an accident. I mean, first, you have the new Warhammer bundle, which's 3,000 Cod, Points, and now this new reward or collection is 3,400 Cod, Points. When I look at what's available in these two bundles, what I see is a skin, two weapon blueprints, and a bunch of nonsense that I don't want for 3,400 cod and points.

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This is what Call of Duty's come to: we don't care about the game; we don't care about creating an environment that is fun for our players; we don't care about having a community that players want to be a part of no instead. What we want to do is try to segment different bundles so that we can make more money because the mouth-breathers that are part of our community continue to eat them up.

And sorry to be harsh on those who spend money on Call of Duty, but you're the problem. You're the reason we're on this road. You're the reason why the ser in the matchmaking, and heck the spawns aren't fixed in Modern Warfare 3. It's because you continue to reward their incompetency. They separate you from your money, and they found a really good new tactic to do so because I guarantee you people will see this, and they say the only way I can get this skin is to buy these two bundles.

I guess I'm buying these two bundles at way overinflated prices. The prices in this store are astronomically too high; it's an absolute joke. These things should be worth maybe 500–600 Cod points at most, and they're going for 1,800 and 1,600. Respectively, you're telling me there's value here; you're telling me that this is worth my money; it's not, and realistically, there's nothing in the store that's worth your money at the end of the day, because I would not be surprised.

If none of this stuff carries over into the golf war, I would not be the least bit surprised if it does great. Cool awesome We're going to have another year of no immersion when it comes to multiplayer because you're going to have Warhammer characters running around with superheroes running around with Walking Dead characters.

It just doesn't work; it doesn't go together, but that's neither here nor there. The main frustration I have with this is the fact that we are going down a dark road. This is D's new test to ensure the community is okay with spending a little bit more so that they can earn more money so they can go back to the shareholders and say that even though our player base is low because our game's terrible and we haven't done anything to fix the core issues, we're still making money because of our whales and our mouth breathers that are constantly just giving us more and more cash for less and less effort.

They're taking bundles, segmenting them, and selling them to you at inflated prices so that you spend what they want you to spend. It's a joke, and the fact that people are going to fall for this is mind-numbingly stupid, just shocking, and definitely a display as to why the gaming industry as a whole is going down the [__]; everyone is fulfilled with instant gratification instead of the grind.

The grind used to be the best part of Call of Duty. It used to be one of those things that I loved grinding to the 10th Prestige and grinding to the next Prestige. Those things used to matter; those things have been removed from Call of Duty. Okay, then there were completing challenges and grinding for Unique Cosmetics; those are gone now too.

The best parts of Call of Duty The gunfights, the consistency of the connection—those are gone too. In their place, what we have now are bundles, battle passes, and, [__]—why does anybody play this game? How do you play this game still? Sure, it's fun here and there, but to actually invest money and time into this as an everyday event is shocking to me.

It just seems like hitting your head against the wall would be more productive than playing this game, and that's saying something because hitting your head against the wall doesn't really seem like you do anything other than give yourself a concussion, but getting a concussion seems to be better than navigating Modern Warfare 3, especially in its current state.

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