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tegory here in Warzone 2. Competitively speaking, you can make a case for every single SMG being a very solid and competitive option right now, but today I wanted to narrow it down to the top five best SMGs we currently have in the game, and we're starting here at number five with the mx9.

Warzone 2 best mx9 loadout

Warzone 2 best mx9 loadout

The OG SMG version is definitely the highest-skill Gap SMG in my opinion, and I say that because its magazine capacity is terrible.

Just outright, 32 rounds is the maximum magazine capacity here, which means you have to be very smart with how you approach engagements. So first up here, I do have the Cronin Mini Pro. I just can't stand the iron sights on this gun, as you'll see for the other SMGs, which are basically all iron sights.

This is not the case, the iron sights are atrocious in my opinion. I got for that blue dot. I tuned that for the furthest eye position, and it's slightly faster in there too, which is a nice sort of balance to that con there, so that works out well behind the face cam. I'm actually using the C11 comb.

Riser This is going to help out with your ads and your "sprint to fire," obviously, for all the SMGs you want to capitalize on because that's what's going to make them very competitive. You've got to bridge the gap for those close-range engagements so they can thrive, and I tuned this for better accuracy and then also slightly better recoil stabilization, in this case just to keep it nice and balanced.

You could also go for aim walking speed on that left slider if you wanted to, because, like I said, you gotta use the 32-round mag; this is a must have, and it got a buff for the last update, so it's going to make it nice and consistent and really fast as well, which is pretty convenient. I got the RR40 suppressor on here.

Barrel, which will increase the range in the velocity, which is nice, but also the movement speed, and the hip-fire accuracy. So this thing is a really good barrel for an aggressive player. You're going to get some mid-range out of it, but it will also enhance your close range even more, and I tune this forward mobility for the better ads speed and the better aim walking speed as well, so all around, this thing for some close range and potentially even a little bit of sniper support is really reliable.

Warzone 2.0 best minibak loadout

Warzone 2.0 best minibak loadout

Now at number four, I've got the mini-Buck; this thing again has a lot going for it. It's got the large magazine by default, so unlike some of these other SMG options where you have to go out of your way to use that magazine attachment, you don't have to do that here. It's already got that covered, so you can use that attachment elsewhere to increase maybe some controls or mobility or something like that, which is really convenient.

It also has really good damage and very low recoil in general, so this is one of my favorite SMGs. Right now, just based off of how it feels in game, it's also very lethal in the right hands too, so first up here. I do go for the True Tech grip; this is for better ads and sprint to fire again, just to help out with that general mobility, and I tuned it to maximize that for the better sprint to fire and for the better ads, as well as the I don't know how to say this.

best smg loadout warzone 2

Otrazette, stock It's the stock that increases your aim walking speed, so your strafe speed, and then also your spring speed. This is a nice sort of thing, like this is what I'm getting out of not using a magazine, right? You don't have to use a stock; you could always switch this to an optic if you don't like the irons or maybe something else, but truly.

I feel like the other stocks that hurt your control aren't going to benefit this gun, so this one with minimal cons and the ability to actually tune for even better mobility here with the better stability in the ads I'm actually a really big fan of just making the gun a little bit more aggressive and a little bit more lethal up close.

In this case, for the laser, I'm trying out the PEC Box 4; this is just for better ads. Speed: Of course, I always talk about the Olay Laser, which is never a bad choice, but both of these will help out the ads' speed. The Olay does sprint to fire as well, so keep that in mind, but either of those would work just fine.

I've got the 279-barrel, which is for slightly better range, velocity, and hip fire control; obviously, with subs, you are going to hit a decent amount up close as well, so that is helping. Out on all fronts, there, and I tuned this for that better advertising and better aim walking speed, and then, lastly, again, we got the RR40 suppressor on there; basically the same tunes here, better velocity, slightly better ads, as well, so you're getting a lot out of this gun.

It packs a punch up close, and you can just spray, pray, and wipe Squad with this thing without ever having to worry about ammo, by the way, as we are going through all the best subs today.

Warzone 2 best lachmann sub loadout

Warzone 2 best lachmann sub loadout

I've got the lockman; frankly, this is in the number two spot; frankly, you can make an argument for either one being in either position; they're very close and very competitive, but the MP5; I've got a lot going for any one of the easier SMGs in terms of control, so even for some midrange or sniper support like areas, this thing is really reliable, especially for that clean iron sight and good mobility, especially with the setup that we've got here also.

a really good TTK. As well, so check in all the right boxes, which is what you need out of a top-tier weapon in any given category, so here we got the Cronus grip, which initially helps with Flinch resistance, but mainly I'm using this so I can tune it for the better ads and sprint to fire. Unfortunately, there's no rear grip here that helps out with mobility, so this is the closest thing you can get to actually helping out with that.

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I also go for the 40-round magazine, just your basic extended magazine; you know, the 30-round is not really the greatest for duos, trios, and quads, so that's going to be a nice little safety net. There is a one-milliwatt laser here for the faster ads, or you can go for the seven-milliwatt laser as well, which is basically like the Olay laser for those faster ads and that faster Sprint to fire again.

Use either or both of those; they're both really, really good choices. Now. I also go for the 12-inch barrel here; this is basically the equivalent of a Subway sandwich, and I go ahead and tune this for better recoil, control, and ad speed while also getting better range velocity and control out of it.

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