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We went through and talked about the upcoming long-range meta changes, like we can all anticipate an rpk Nerf is coming, and we talked about some solid replacements for it. I wanted to do the same thing but for the opposite side of things, the close range meta, where clearly we have one standout gun, the Fennec, and this thing is dominating close range, it really has.

Ever since Warzone 2 launched, we could anticipate a Nerf coming to the fennec, and right now we actually have some solid alternatives available in the game, even with how good the fennec is in its current state. But if it were to see a damaged Nerf or some other Nerf that brought it more in line with some other options, then we're really going to have some solid alternatives, and I wanted to sort of preview those and give you guys the best setups for those weapons.

Warzone 2 close range ttk stats

Warzone 2 close range ttk stats

So of course we want to start here on Sim, GG, where we have a handful of different weapons that we can look at in the TTK.

I've got the Chimera and the 74U from the rifle category, because these are obviously meant for close range, and as the graph shows, they are very good at close range. I also have some other top-tier SMGs. Though things like the velvet and the fennec are obviously ones we have to have here, the Vos never, then also the Lockman sub, is another one that I really want to focus on here, but we have our chart here.

cod modern warfare 2

Our TT chart here obviously shows 250 health, so the standard war zone played at full health, and we got the combination shot TTK. Here, and as you can see, the fennec is our blue line here and up close. I mean, if you go in game and you ping 12 meters, that's right up in your face. You're not going to always have fights like that, especially in light games where you could be in a field or you could be in some awkward places like that, but clearly the fennec is good there; if it receives a nerf and this ttk drops down some, that's where we really want to focus, but you can see even now in its current state that our orange line, the Chimera, is right there.

Keep in mind this is a rifle, which is especially interesting and which is right there. through those first 12 meters, with a difference of 507 milliseconds That's not super noticeable in game, but then the Chimera takes over all the way up to 45 meters, which is beyond where you're going to be using these guns for close range right now, so clearly the Chimera is already a top-tier choice.

If the Fenix sees a Nerf, it's going to be even more of a top-tier choice, but already that one is working out really, really well. The cast of 74U in that mid-range is also very competitive. You can see it actually takes over here at about 13 meters and is better up through about 21 or 22 meters.

cod mw2

drops off a little bit, and then it's basically right there with the Fennec up through 35 meters, which I would say is about the cap for where you'd want to be using an SMG or a lot of these close-range weapons. Obviously, the rifles here are a bit more consistent in the mid-range, from 35 to like 50 yards or so, but still, you know most SMGs are viable through 30 or 40 meters and whatnot, so the 74U is also a very impressive choice.

The Vel, or purple, line here is a little bit slower, especially on the TTK side. Up close, it's not doing as well and does drop off a little bit more severely overranged, but it's still solid and nothing too crazy, so we'll knock that off the list. The Voz Nev again is like right there up close, but then it also drops off pretty severely, and it's basically beating the Fennec on every single close-range drop-off here.

cod mwii

Now you might notice that the lockman sub on our white line here you might look at this and say that's not that impressive compared to some of these other choices, but the lockman sub on the MP5 is. By far the easiest to use in terms of control here also; again, we're talking up close right there through the first day meters, and it's basically just having that earlier damage drop off than the fennec over range; however, this is not a crazy drop off.

You can see the fennec at 20 meters is 860, the lockman sub is a thousand and nine, so you got just over 100 milliseconds. If the Fenix sees a Nerf that's suddenly a lot closer, and the Lockman is a lot more consistent in terms of its damage per mag than also its consistency over some of these, you know, 20-, 30-, and 35-meter fights as well, if we were to look at the app, it's doing a lot better up close than over range; it's basically better than it throughout compared to the fennec when it gets close, but it's still obviously better obviously the fennec; and then you look at the 74U in the Chimera, which are the best in terms of downs per mag here up through about 30 meters, which is also something to take into consideration obviously, the fennec.

Yes, it has that insane TTK, but its damage per mag because that fire rate is so fast is absolutely atrocious. If we look at the base stats here, 300 millisecond velocity, that means anything in the remotely mid-range area, I'd say 20 to 40 meters, is going to feel very inconsistent. Let's try to aim for 2,000 likes on this one.

Warzone 2 best ttk lachmann sub loadout

Warzone 2 best ttk lachmann sub loadout

We would really appreciate it if we could hit that, so first up here, let's talk about the MP5, the lockman sub, obviously. And this setup is perfect for that; it's fast, it's aggressive, it's the lowest we can recoil, and I think it's the easiest to use setup out of all these three that we're looking at today.

So first up, we've got the TCG, the grip, which is going to be for better control, and I basically offset. The control benefit here is better mobility on the tuning for a better Sprint to Fire and for the better ads. 40-round extended mag is pretty basic; there's just a nice safety net for those Squad engagements, and the seven milliwatt laser is going to help out with those ads and that Sprint to fire.

cod warzone 2

Yes, you can see the laser, but if you know how to use it, that's not really a huge deal. You shouldn't be pre-aiming, like crazy, into ads with this; it's a lot of hip-fire transition into ads, so I just always keep that in mind. I actually go for the Pulsar Barrel, which limits some of the under barrels that we have, but that's fine because we can still get away with using a setup here that works well, but this is going to help out with ads, hip fire control, which isn't a huge deal, but also movement speeds, so this is really going to be solid for an aggressive build and movement speed.

I tuned for the slightly better recoil, setting this just to gain some of that back but also the slightly faster aim down side speed, and then I got the lock grip precision so you can't actually use any of the particular, you know, different grips under here; it's a lot of the certain recoil and movement speeds.

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