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best modern warfare 3 settings

Covert sneakers and EOD Patty now with season 3 the quick glove got tuned a little bit and they are extremely, fast now so much faster than they used to they actually remind me a lot of the fast hands perk from BO2, which was insanely fast back in the day but the quick rip gloves are the go-to for rushing you swap between that knife and that SMG if you watch my articles you know I love to get rid of my knife at some point in the round and pick up another weapon a longer range weapon or a closer range weapon depending on what I'm running, so having the Quick Grip to swap between the two weapons is really helpful throughout the round so that's the main reason why I run it boots as mention we rock the covert sneakers there's other good boot options but in Search and Destroy, covert sneakers is to go to now there is an option in this game now where if you'd like to swap the Infantry vest out for the ninja vest you can do that and then you can run running sneakers instead so you have double time that way but the only reason why I don't personally do that is because.

Ninja Vest takes away your gloves, which, as much as I like the idea of the Ninja Vest and being able to run a different set of boots in this game. I'm sorry those quicker gloves are just too important for rushing. I can't get rid of them, so we rock the infantry vest and the covert sneakers instead of running sneakers and the Ninja vest because of that.

Finally, I rock my gear. There's lots of good gear options in this game, Ghost. For example, you've got the Tac mask, blah blah, but Eud is the go-to, and there's lots of Spawn nades that are thrown. There's lots of scenarios where you're dealing with rot sherds or various people that are going to have equipment that is going to annihilate you in the explosive department, so having EOD is really helpful for that one weirdo.

best mw3 settings

100% refuses not to put a claymore down on the staircase in Karachi. You can't really rush with it because you don't have double time, which makes things difficult and takes away your field upgrade, so as a solo player, not having dead silence ghosts kind of stinks. But, there is kind of an exception to Quick Fix Quick Fix F that does make me want to use it which is why I been using it since they've added it in on my sniper setup the one setup that I don't need to rush with I can just hold an angle go for spa Snipes Etc I don't need that double time for so I'm rocking Quick Fix Fest a compression carrier on my sniper setup for that reason, as well as on my sniping classes I like to run the marks spin gloves if I'm running a secondary, sometimes I like to go with the knife instead of the secondary and just plan on picking up a weapon in those cases I run the quick rip glove so that if I pick up that weapon I can swap really quick but the pistol at to sniper swap speed is pretty fast so I don't really have any issues with it so I've been running marks spin gloves on the sniper because it reduces your Sway and Flinch B ads which can be helpful, when going for a longrange shot in Search and Destroy with a sniper.

best search and destroy class

Okay, moving on to what you guys actually came to see, we have the actual class setup, starting things off with Godzilla, which, of course, is the weapon that got Godzilla to brewprint the MCW, the best AR on the game, which has actually seen some Nerfs with season 3; it actually hurts a little bit, but it is still the go-to assault rifle in this game.

So in class L, we've got the 60.5, Cyclone long barrel, the L4R flash hider, the Dr6 hand stop, and the Mark III reflector. Despite them adding so many new optics in this game, I still kind of find myself leaning towards the Mark III in almost every one of my classes. Besides a couple exceptions, the Mark II reflector is still my go-to, but feel free to swap it out for whichever optic you're covering with.

best snd class mw3

There are obviously a lot of options in this game. We also have the RB claw PSL grip to finish off the class. Next up, we got the goat SMG, which also has received some Nerfs and has been hurt a little bit. It's still a very good gun, but it did in fact get nerfed with season 3, which is pretty, pretty wild.

I honestly never thought they would nerf the MCW or the Rival, but they did. We have the Rival clear shot barrel, the purifier muzzle break 40-round mag rival Vice Soul grip, and the MTZ. The class that we have is the princesses: WR Barrel, pure fire muzzle break brew, heavy support, PCS 90 grip, and folding stock.

This weapon is by far my favorite SMG in the game, and I. Cann advocate for you guys using it enough. Try this weapon out. It's a great mid- to close-range SMG. You can actually get assault rifle range out of it. It's got no recoil. It's just really good. I highly recommend trying it out. Next up, we have the weapon that's been slept on since the game came out due to everyone's love of the MCW, and that's a Hoger 556, which recently got an aftermarket part, which makes it a god gun.

modern warfare 3

I would honestly argue that this Hoger 5x6 with the aftermarket part shits on the MCW. I genuinely think it's better; it's a very, very good class, Lup. We got the Jack Bsaw conversion kit. High-grain ammo, the more rear grip, the hoger, 26 factory stock, and then mark the reflector or optic of your choice.

Moving on to the sniper, we got the new sniper in the game—the Moors straight out of advanced warfare and this sniper. It took me a minute to kind of find a class setup I liked for it as a keyboard and mouse player shouting out Humus Thunder. He's actually the guy who gave me this one because I was not enjoying the sniper initially, but after I got the Hummus set up, I actually fell in love with it, so we appreciate Hummus around here.

For the sniper, we have the downfall light Barrel, the Coro La 44 V3 laser, the icus light stock, the quick bolt shout out F jeev, and then we got the CN TR6. Another assault rifle in the mix is the BP50, aka the F2000, a weapon I have been enjoying since they added it to season 2. This is my class setup for it.

modern warfare 3 ranked classes

We've got the LR9 Heav Barrel, the DR6 hand stop, the 45-round mag, the Trst IV grip tapate, and the four Bearer heavy stocks. Well. I was hoping I wouldn't sneak a shotgun into this list because shotguns are just toxic, but honestly, it wouldn't be the best SD-class set of articles if I didn't include the Haym Maker and its aftermarket part because even after the Nerf, this thing is tormenting Search and Destroy lobbies, and rightfully so, because it's really, really good.

For the sake of your sanity and mine, please consider only using this class if it is used against you first. In my Haymaker setup, we have the Jack Mad Forers kit, the Molten assault grip, the no stock mod, the imperator long barrel, and the crown breaker, Choke. Finally, an MW2 weapon makes it into one of my best-class sets of articles.

Modern Warfare 3 Best SnD Class Setups Settings Season 3! MWIII Search and Destroy Class Guide. Rush Route Videos.
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