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Today we are doing more Modern Warfare 3 Search and Destroy Rush routes. Today we are doing rush routes on invasion. For those of you new to the channel, this is the series where I go through my rush routes in custom games for Search and Destroy, and at the end of the article I will put clips of people running these routes in real time.

With that being said, let's get into the article. As always, for rushing, you're going to want an infantry vest and a corit knife secondary for invasion. I also like running a frag grenade as well as a smoke grenade for a handful of routes: turn off at a side we're going to swap, turn on If we're going to go left, we're going to jump on top of the dumpster, run straight over, hit this truck slide, challenge, and hold this area before pushing in, clearing the building, and taking control of a bomb site.

Swap your knife. We're going to do the exact same thing again, just a little bit different. We're going to hop over the top here. This time, we're going to run really fast. We're going to slide past the door, harden the outside, and wait for enemies to run out and pick them off. Once we do that, we can hop over here and use these windows to clear this building from the middle area before then pushing inside the building from one of the two doors.


This next shot you're going to want to smoke, and this one is risky, so be careful. We're going to swap to KNIF. We're going to throw our smoke over the top towards the middle, let that go off, and then we're going to run through it and immediately hit the doorway into the cafe. On to the cafe. Clear the challenge and take control of the whole restaurant before pushing out and taking control of the next step.

Run through the exact same smoke, but we're going to push inside the DVD this time, so throw the smoke. Use that to cover the spawn. Snipes, we're to cut inside the DVD. Be ready for anybody that runs in here, but the big thing is going to happen around this corner, and you hold this right here.

Push once they push the corner, challenge him, and you can use that to push up into B, changing that smoke out for a stun. We're going to head for B. Swaps your knife, runs to the right, and cuts right through. Once you have out the white van, you're going to want to throw your stun towards the tank.

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That'll start enemies pushing hallways. Once you get that stun, cut the inside, challenge him to slide, and cancel that hard aim here, and here. Challenge those enemies before cutting inside. Usually, you'll find an enemy sitting right here or around this corner, so you'll pick them up. From there, you can clear the bomb site, or you can use this to then cut down the outside and flank enemies that are sniping here or sniping over here.

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Same route, but we're just going to go through B this time, so swap to your knife. We're going to cut straight through once again when you get to the van. Stun, once you get there you're going to cut inside challenge enemies you're just going to check this cuz people like to sit on the corner but once you check it cut through hold the inside there'll be enemies running out here enemies sitting right here and then back on this he which you would to be careful for is the he so you peek this, there's anybody on the head and if you have a nade cook him if not then I would back up and kind of cut inside B but if you have the n get that off and then push on through to this main building which you can use to then flank into their spawn, swapping things over to defense we're going to go over a we're going to swap to knife we're going to run straight through into the a.

Cafe once you get into the cafe, pull your gun, and when you're ready to challenge this window, challenge it. Push through; you're going to jump inside the building and clear out the mannequin. Then you're going to push out the mannequin. Check out Corners here. Head glitch here and then people sitting around the tank to your left, so you're going to come out here, very quickly check if you possibly can before then pushing through into their spawn and flanking swap your knife.

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We're going to do the same thing, just a little bit different. We're going to push through the cafe once again and challenge that window. Once we hit the window, challenge here, and then we're going to cush the outside. Be careful, enemies right here, and right here, you're going to clear that out.

And then check this corner, and just flank the exact same way, just coming out of a different area. Those are great routes to run back to back on each other so that enemies that you kill here in the first round will be looking at the looking for the route you died to originally, and then you'll come around and kill them running in different directions.

You could throw them off that way, basically, and double up on the same route. Okay, this route gets a little bit riskier, but this is just more of a straight shot to the spawn from a so we're going to swap to our knife, we're going to go for the right A Street, we're going to throw our smoke, to the right of that car, right in the middle there, we're going to then cut inside the building.

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Hit the corner and challenge your enemies. Use these headies right here to challenge your enemies and flank through to the spawn. This route also looks very well with an assault rifle because it is a bit more mid-range, like I don't know if the CX9 is the best SMG for it or an Uzi or a striker would be a little bit better alongside, like an MTZ assault rifle would also be great close-range SMGs.

That route's not great for moving on to Mid Map; we got a risky route, but it's really entertaining, so we're going to go ahead, we're sponsor knife, we're going to throw our smoke, and we're going to run left side. We're using that smoke to kind of cover us as we go for DVDs, so we're going to go inside and challenge enemies inside DVDs, and then push out and flank.

I like to challenge this because there's always someone sitting here. You hit the corner and flank through to the spot, so for that exact same route, you don't actually have to use a smoke. A lot of the time. I don't think the safer way to do the route is with the smoke, but if you don't have one on, it's not impossible to do either, so if you just go to your left immediately or just like running straight left, you can usually dodge the sniper.

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And then get inside the DVD and do the exact same route, but the smoke is recommended, but I don't always use it either; it just kind of depends on what you're feeling. If there's heavy sniping in the middle, I recommend the smoke. If there's only like one sniper, then usually you can just sneak past him.

Modern Warfare 3 BEST Search and Destroy Rush Routes on INVASION! MW3 SnD Tips.
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