News - Warzone 2 - 10 New Camo Challenges. Final Camo (season 2 Reloaded)

Mw2 update - season 2 reloaded update

Mw2 update - season 2 reloaded update

We just got a bunch of season two reloaded information for Modern Warfare 2. They also show us the exact challenges for the new DLC weapon and so much more, as always. We're going to go over this new information in a rapid-style article so you can quickly watch it and get right back into the game without wasting time.

Mw2 season 2 reloaded blog post

Moving on to the blog post, the first important thing we need to talk about is when season 2 will be reloaded, which is going to be on March 15th at 9:00 a.m. PT next, we're moving on to one of the biggest parts of Season 2 reloaded, which is Raid episode number two.

Raid episode #2 in modern warfare 2

This is going to be a lot like the first one; it's going to be for three players, and it's going to be an extended version of a special operations mission, and you're going to get a bunch of rewards for finishing it.

They tell us our characters: it's going to be Captain Price, Pharaoh, and it's going to be Gaz. I assume each time you complete it, you're going to get a reward, up to a total of eight rewards, and there's going to be the hardcore version, and you're going to get a special reward for finishing the hardcore version one. One thing they didn't tell us, though, is what operator skin we're going to get this time.

Mw2 raid #2 reward

Mw2 raid #2 reward

We unlocked Gaz as an operator for completing the raid, and this time they say to complete Raid episode number two to unlock the bad Bonnie operator skin for Captain Price, which can be used across Modern Warfare 2.

War Zone 2, and offline mode, so yes, if you don't have Captain Price, if you finish the raid, not only are you going to unlock Captain Price, but you're going to get the bad Bonnie skin for him as well, then they give us some tips and tricks to beat Raid episode number two, however, it's pretty basic stuff so we're going to skip over it to save some time, then They talk a lot about the brand new multiplayer map.

New mp 6v6 map himmelmatt expo

Expo, Probably butchered, because we got an image of it here mixed up, and mixing business with pleasure meant a lot to him. Expo has a new Core 66 multiplayer map. On a European mountainside, thrawn Through the snowy streets, past the saunas and pools, and for a drink are better yet, a solid vantage point, and the restaurant and bar head to the Main Event Center to shake off the cold and heat up in battles taking place across the lounge.

Terence and enclosed theater low, the map does look pretty cool visually; it still reminds me of a Modern Warfare 2 DLC map, but yeah, we'll be able to play this next week, and if you want more information on the brand new MP map, they released an entire blog post talking about it. I'm not going to go over all this because just talking about the different pois and going over different tips for different modes on the map will be enough to get us through next week, but it is kind of cool just looking at the images that you'll see from this map.

New mp modes (mw2 season 2 reloaded)

New mp modes (mw2 season 2 reloaded)

Next, we have the new MP and game modes, which we already know about because they were on the original roadmap. There's a drop zone, which is going to have a mark. Zone that's going to drop care packages, there's all or nothing; you're going to spawn in with a knife and a pistol, but you're going to have no ammo as you get kills.

You're going to be able to get more perks, allowing you to get ammo for your pistol, and then there's one in the chamber. You're going to have three lives and only one bullet, and every kill you get is going to get you an additional bullet. One thing that stood out to me while looking at the one in the chamber promo is that this operator's skin is right here.

New chemist operator in mw2?

dmz season 2

This is definitely not in the game right now, so this is probably going to be a season 2 reloaded bundle, and that's a pretty, sick-looking operator skin. It's almost like the chemist's skin, except it's more white and the head's a little bit more rounded at the top. I don't know that Skin's kind of cool, so expect to see that in a bundle for season two, then next for.

Free gifts coming to mw2 (warzone 3rd anniversary)

For the third anniversary of War Zone, they're giving out free gifts to celebrate three years of War Zone. All players will receive free items through the in-game store that are themed around the Maps seasons. And memories made since the surprise launch, these rewards—seven in total—are free items to those who claim them and include a weapon blueprint calling card and more.

Check the in-game store daily to claim your rewards throughout Season 2 Reloaded, and they gave us a sneak peek at one of the rewards. This right here is definitely going to be the blueprint, as you can tell because it says War Zone for three years, and then it's got War Zone 2.0. There were a bunch of other stickers on it, and it's definitely one of the lockman's.

Maybe the battle rifle or the Lochman AR So, yeah, that's kind of cool. Just some free rewards for logging in throughout Season 2 Reloaded. Now moving on to my favorite part of the season.

Path of the ronin event part 2

Path of the ronin event part 2

2 reloaded, the path of the Ronin event isn't updated, ending its refreshing. Once that timer hits zero, they're changing all of the challenges and all of the rewards this time around; they're going to be camo unlocks, so yes, you're actually going to be able to unlock the Cherry Blossom camo, which is a Treyarch camo here in Modern Warfare 2, and technically, if you do it for all weapons, there's actually going to be a Mastery camo by definition.

How to unlock winds of ash camo in mw2

I don't know if they're going to consider it a mastery camo in the game, but it fits the definition of a mastery camo. These are the 10 different challenges.

Bowling blossom camo challenges

Once you complete all 10 of these challenges, you're going to unlock the Mastery camo, the Bowing Blossoms camo, which looks really cool, and you're going to get a golden charm that represents your dedication to following the path to the Ronin.

So the only way to get this Mastery Camo and this golden charm is to complete all of the least let's read through them. So for assault rifles, you have to get 125 headshots, and that's not for every assault rifle. That's just.

All camo challanges

All camo challanges

For an assault rifle Battle rifles get 75 headshots per submachine gun. Guns: You've got to get 100 headshots with light machine guns. You've got to get 75 headshot shotguns, and you've got to get 50 headshots. Marksman rifles You've got to get 50 headshots. Sniper rifles are 50 headshots; handguns are 30 headshots in melee; 30 kills from behind; and the launcher is 40 kills.

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