News - Warzone 2 - New Limited Promo, Banned Weapons, New Features And More

Mw2 - new limited item, banned weapons, new features and more!

Mw2 - new limited item, banned weapons, new features and more!

The new limited-time item here in Modern Warfare says there are more banned weapons. There's an awesome new feature coming and so much more that we're going to be covering in this rapid-style article. That way, you can quickly watch this article and get right back into the game with no wasted time.

And with that, let's roll right into our.

Free-2-play players don't miss this event

The first topic comes from Call of Duty on Twitter, and this is going to be really important for some people. Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, free access is coming March 16th through March 20th. The reason this is super important There's going to be a brand new in-game event starting with season 2 reloaded, which is going to be March 15th, that involves getting a lot of headshots to unlock camos, and that's going to be really hard to do if you're playing DMZ in Warzone, however.

Doing this in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is going to be a lot easier, so if you want to get that brand new camo that requires those headshots and you don't own a copy of Modern Warfare 2. I'd recommend spending March 16th through March 20th focusing. By getting that camo that way, you don't have to try to do it in a war zone, and you don't have to try to get all those headshots in the DMZ, either.

New update trailer

dropped a really short teaser for the next update, so let's watch through that really quickly. There's Captain Price. That's a new blueprint. Season two reloaded more new blueprints that we'll see throughout the season, and one of them looks kind of cool. This looks like a way through the new episode of Raid.

There's the map, which looks massive; this map looks like a big map; hopefully there's 10v10 on that. That golden skin, that one's pretty sick, or map gameplay, one of the chambers obviously comes Drop Zones are coming all at once, which I'm most excited about because this was a hidden city and someone's helping them.

New raid gameplay

New raid gameplay

A little bit of parkour in the new raid is okay. That skin looks sick, so not a ton of new information; they really just showed off the new raid, which you will be able to fully experience starting tomorrow.

New in-game feature in mw2

With this update, we're also getting a brand new in-game feature that is going to make the game so much more enjoyable to play. This is coming from Bnox Cod PC, and you can see here that they show the menu. There's a new option called Inverted Flash, and this does exactly what you think it would do when you get hit with the flashbang.

No longer does it turn your screen to that blinding white light; instead, it blocks out your screen, so if you're playing late at night, you're not going to be playing and all of a sudden get hit by a flashbang; it's going to make your entire screen go white and hurt your eyes. If you're playing shipment, that's going to happen often.

Doof doof getting big nerf in mw2 / wz2 / dmz

I got some news a couple days ago, but it's pretty important, and I think a lot of people are going to be happy about this change. The original tweets coming from Infinity Ward on Twitter for Season 2 Reloaded will include several global weapon balances, including damage reduction for the KV broadside and nerfs to the dragon breath rounds.

So yes, in multiplayer, the KV broadside is getting reduced damage, and they're also nerfing the dragon breath rounds. If you have played Shipment, it's pretty much KV broadside 24 7. The Doof, Doof adjustment will make its way to Warzone 2 as well, so this is getting nerfed in all modes. If you play DMZ, if you play Warzone 2, if you play multiplayer, the KV broadside is getting nerfed all over, and I mean, it's pretty strong in all modes, the KV broadside is.

Get your camos and masterys for it now

Get your camos and masterys for it now

If you played Modern Warfare 2, if you've played any of these modes, you've probably run into the shotgun, and it's probably pretty annoying, but on On the other hand, if you haven't gotten your camos for the KV broadside yet or if you plan to get all a thousand kills for the Mastery challenges, you probably want to do that before it gets nerfed, so you've got very limited time, so hop on shipment 24-7 and get it done before the update.

New banned weapons

We've also got new band weapons and restrictions for ranked play. This is coming from Treyarch on Twitter. In Modern Warfare 2's ranked play for season 2 reloaded, cast off 762. I was a pretty big fan of this weapon in ranked play; it had a really high skill. Gap: if you were able to hit headshots, it was better than the attack; however, if you couldn't hit headshots, it was a lot slower than the rest of the ARs, but it is what it is.

The cast-off is now banned in ranked play; you can no longer use it after the update.

Weapon tuning banned

They're also completely removing weapon tuning from ranked, which I agree with; tuning weapons in rank just didn't seem right, and there were so many different builds that it was just kind of annoying, so I agree with them.

removing it Obviously, both the cast and weapon tuning will still be available in normal multiplayer in Warzone, and in the DMZ, the only place this is getting removed from is ranked play.

New limited time item in mw2

It's pretty expensive, but if you head over to the Call of Duty shop, there are now three different things you can buy: a melted t-shirt, which costs 35 dollars; a hoodie, which is the same thing but in a hoodie for 65 dollars; and then there's one in a crop top tank top, which costs 35 dollars.

How to get the melted callingcard in mw2

How to get the melted callingcard in mw2

Yes, I did buy one of these; it ended up costing close to, like, 40 dollars. Tax After I bought this shirt, I got a code in my email. Once I entered that code, this is the calling card I got. It's called the melted calling card, and it pretty much looks exactly like the T-shirt.

New exclusive item in-game

I don't recommend most people get this limited-time item because, yes, this is a calling card you'll probably never be able to get again.

It's very basic; legitimately, it just says "melted." It's got some bullet holes in it. It's a cool calling card, but not for 40 bucks. You do get a shirt with it if you want that, but I don't see myself wearing the shirt too.

New audio updates in mw2

Much more now, finally, for our last update. This was from a few days ago and also from Infinity Ward on Twitter.

Season Two Reloaded will include audio updates and submix fixes that were affecting enemy footstep volume equalization (sand footsteps) to better cut through the mix, similar to dirt and concrete. PC users will have an audio update allowing users to select stereo or surround outputs; this option will default to stereo if is not set.

Audio issues in mw2

We've been investigating clips that appear to only include the front left or right channels when the output may default to surround, resulting in missing channels of audio.

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