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The range The range—oh, yeah, the Akimbo X12 pistols might be the best weapon in the entire game, and that's the reason we're currently using it because we're back on the Ultra Mastery grind, and I am. I'm currently trying to get all the OP weapons out of the way, especially the ones that are probably going to get nerfed during season two, and I have a feeling, especially with how good these things are in normal 66 and how good they are in war zone 2, that they're going to get nerfed.

If I have to get a thousand kills with the weapon, obviously I want to do it when it's in its best state, not right after it gets nerfed, and I'll leave the build for these monstrosities for now. At the end of the article if you want to see it, these have 50-round magazines. With each weapon, you just don't have to reload.

It only takes a couple bullets to take someone down. It's ridiculous but speaking of Ultra Mastery, that's what I wanted to talk about in this article because there have been a lot of questions people have had concerning Ultra Mastery. What's going on with it? What exactly have they officially said?

What do we know for a fact? It gives me an excuse to get back on and start working on this because I'm a little bit behind. I definitely still plan on getting this, but we gotta start making more progress than what we currently are; we've only caught a few weapons since season one dropped. No, I think you can run in here and out of the building.


Not sure why, but on the hide it only shows that I have one pistol and one magazine, so what happens if I shoot the left one? It just doesn't exist. So in the game, after you unlock all the camo once you get Orion gold and platinum, there are actually weapon mastery challenges, and for this, you have to get a certain number of kills with a certain camo on a weapon.

So to get the gold mastery, you've got to get 100 kills with the gold camo on the weapon to get the platinum mastery, and you've got to get 200 kills with the platinum camo to get the polyatomic. You got to get 300 kills of polyatomic, and then to get the Orion one, which is what we're currently working on right now, you've got to get 400 kills with the Orion camo, and they've got to be done in order, and then once you get all a thousand kills for the weapon, you know, getting all the kills for all the different camera requirements, you unlock a Mastery charm for that weapon, which is a charm that shows the weapon and has a number on it.

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This can be done for all 51 weapons in the game, and they confirm before the game even launches that you get a reward for getting all 51 of these charms, and that's where things get interesting. Yeah, would that not be surprising that a challenge in Call of Duty was bugged and nothing unlocked after that?

There was a thing on Twitter where they got deemed by a developer and passed this point. Nothing like that was two months ago, and since then many, many more people have gotten the ultra mastery. I get DMS all the time from people saying things like, "Hey, I finished it." People are coming in droves and seeing tons of stuff on Twitter.


There are probably close to 200 people, I would guess, who have finished the Ultra Mastery, and since that day two months ago, it's been radio silent. And the reason I held off on making this article is because I really thought we were going to get some kind of news for that blog post for season two because a lot of people have been talking about the Ultra Mastery and what's going on with it, and this seems to be a major bug.

In multiplayer, that just, I guess, didn't get addressed. Maybe a day after posting this or before season two, we'll still get some sort of blog post because there is more information to come, but it's what I was waiting on to make this article because I was sure it was going to have a different tone, so this is where it leaves us.

So when the game launched, there was actually a charm in the game called "weapon mastery," and it looked like all the other charms, but it was green and had a bunch of weapons on it. This is pretty much one of the only ultra-mastery rewards that we know about. I mean, there's nothing else that would be for; however, not even that is unlocked, so we know there should be a charm that comes with the Ultra Mastery.

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We just don't know about anything else, and if it was just this charm, a lot of people are saying it's probably just going to be this charm, but I don't know, man, if it was only going to be this charm if this charm was the only thing you would get for finishing the ultra mastery. I feel like we wouldn't have been waiting two months because I just there's been like three or four patches since the first person was able to get the ultra mastery like that was before Season One Reloaded if it was just a broken charm that didn't unlock when you met the requirements.

I think they would have fixed that first season when it was reloaded. I feel like that would have been something like, "Yeah, we'll fix it and make it so the charm unlocks." Part of me wants to get a little bit hopeful about the fact that it's just, you know, been radio silent for two months. Maybe this is them taking the time to let you know about a bunch of additional rewards I've talked about in the past, and where I thought this would probably be if I had to guess what the reward's going to be right now.

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I think it might be like the nuke rewards in War Zone 2. You know how if you get a nuke in War Zone 2, you get a bunch of items? You get an operator skin, you get a charm, you get a calling card, you know, you get like seven different items, you get almost like a bundle's worth of items, and I think that's one possibility, and this charm will be one of the items.

Maybe you'll get a charm, you'll get a calling card, and you may maybe get an operator skin that's got some Orion stuff on it that'd be sick, but that's kind of a stretch maybe. You'll get a blueprint, you'll get a few other things, and maybe you'll get these insanely powerful OP pistols that can just keep spamming shots and never stop.

That, to me, is the best-case scenario. I've kind of given up on the whole camo swapping feature. I would love that, but I don't think -- I don't know, I feel like if it were going to be a camo swapping feature, that's something we would have seen earlier on, but I could be wrong. I'd love to be wrong on that.

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The Ultra Mastery is not going to be a new camo. I've never thought that's going to be a possibility, and that to me just seems extremely unlikely, but a lot of people are dead set on it, with the Ultra Mastery being a brand new camera. If that's the case, this is going to be the hardest cam we've ever seen in COD history, but, yeah.

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