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We officially got the season two deep dive blog that Infinity Ward and Raven have been teasing over the past week or so, and this gives us a ton of details on what's going on with our changes between Battle Royale and DMZ multiplayer, so on and so forth. So I have not read any of this, and we're going to dive into it for the first time together here.

We want to share some updates coming to season two. We'll zoom in a little bit more here for all modes, including new features. Maps, modes, and more will be shared over the coming weeks, so we still have new announcements coming, which is really cool. The changes outlined in this blog will be further detailed with new content in MW2 and Warzone 2 patch notes released prior to the season's launch on the 15th, so Global.

Global changes coming to warzone 2 and modern warfare 2

Global changes coming to warzone 2 and modern warfare 2

Changes crashes, and stability We remain dedicated to improving the overall stability and performance of the games, including reducing crashes across all platforms. Expect the season two patch notes to detail further specific bug fixes and changes, so they're going to be working on crashing updates, so that's pretty solid audio and okay data.

suggests that some PC players may be experiencing audio issues due to discrepancies in the number of channels they are outputting. We've added an option to force PC to stereo output, but please be sure to check Windows and in-game settings are set correctly in accordance when listing when you're using your listening environments investigation.

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Of player reports regarding audio lettuce to identify a previously unknown issue impacting occlusion across the game, basically, they're going to be updating audio occlusion across the board; it'll be addressed in the season 2 update, and we continue to work on fixes and new audio features to better the experience, so we are going to be seeing some solid audio updates with season two.

That's very exciting, because as it is right now, the audio is kind of iffy, like it's not all that consistent with the UI. A number of UI updates are coming in season two to improve the overall flow of the menus. These updates include improved navigation and organization of the camo menu. a more polished social tab, including improved Channel-switching new bundles on my screen quickly equips items from the battle pass and store reticle, shows previews in store, and improves the gunsmith.

Clarity of attachment blocking logic, gunsmithing, and more; we've also recently introduced a fix that restored some of the stuff as well as improved the experience; after the Action Report, the play again feature will debut in Battle Royale, and Bug fixes for challenges, the battle pass, and weapon progression as well.

Balance is something we are always analyzing, and we'll be balancing weapons for season two just like any other seasonal or mid-season update detail. Details on weapon balancing can be found in the upcoming season two patch notes.

New warzone 2 gameplay changes revealed

New warzone 2 gameplay changes revealed

I'm expecting some big changes to some of those top meta weapons, like the rpk and , the fennec, and we get into battle royale here and see what's going on with this. The Gulag 1v1 will be returning with this, and players will see the return of the original war zone overtime mechanic in place of the jailer.

The jailer is going away in order to bring this change online sooner. We have edited the existing Gulag map for better 1v1 combat, but we are actively working on a dedicated 1v1 map for future seasons, so we are going to see a new Gulag map. We've also made logistical changes to the Gulag experience; groundload has been revisited, as have loadouts that players spawn in with, and we've updated the pool to include rifles.

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SMGs, and LMGs as primary weapons as the circles progress. have been removed, while handguns will remain for those leaving the arena. Victorious in the Gulag will grant a larger cash reward as well, and this change to cash will allow players to redeploy and get back into the game faster. The gulag will now spawn Cash's ground loot as well, so you can actually pick that up.

So some pretty solid changes to the gulag hash In addition to the cash changes outlined in the gulag, we are balancing the Battle Royale economy with a slight reduction in cash rewards for completing contracts. We are increasing the lowest value of cash piles on groundnut to 800 and from cash registers to 500, so there's going to be more cash in the world but less reward for contract completion.

Cash can be acquired via ground loop containers and white strongholds. Supply boxes are throughout all of Masra but can no longer be found in basic and legendary Supply boxes, so that's kind of interesting there. In blue, in inventory, we are shifting away from the loot windows and menus to floating loot that'll now drop out of the world just like in Warzone 1.

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The changes are intended to improve the pace. We are excited to see the new backpack system give players the agency to customize their inventory for desired play style or roll within a squad and our continued effort to balance engagements, mediums, and large backpacks. will no longer be available, and illuminated players will drop blue onto the ground rather than loot field backpacks.

So no more medium or large backpacks whatsoever; I'm pretty surprised by that change. The player is going to have the same backpack throughout the entire game, which will reduce the impact of stacking medical supplies, equipment, and kill streaks, so I do like that there are no more million self-revives, million airstrikes, or spam.

Solid products have always been a core part of Battle Royale and Warzone, and as such, we're making further changes to how players acquire them. Season 2 will introduce customization and Perk Packages, so they've gone back on Perks, and we are customizing Perk Packages for Season 2. This feature will launch with a slightly reduced pool of available perks, so they're going to take some out, which we may slowly reintroduce over time.

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That's super interesting, and we want to navigate this particular feature carefully. Primary weapons will continue to be available at buy stations, but now at a more affordable price so that players can pursue victory with their most desired weapons. We, too, remain happy with the introduction of loadout drop markers, though we have taken a careful look at that price point.

The price of loadout drop markers has been slightly reduced so that respective squad sizes can acquire those; in addition, on extremely rare occasions, players may find one while looting throughout all Mazda A second loadout public drop event has been added, so it's probably going to be the first and fifth zones first and fifth zones I should have just read the last part of the sentence there, so loadouts are basically going back to how they were in war zone one at this point.

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