News - Vondel Is Back. But For How Long. Plus The Best Primary Warzone

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We don't know how long we have Vondo back, but all we know is that for the next week we have Vondo Quads. Fortunes Keep Solos. Duos trios and quads, and then we have, of course, fortunes keep trios rank. Today I got you with a high kill solo quads live commentary where, as I'm playing. I'm talking you through my thought process about why I'm doing what I'm doing and how I go about dropping 20+ kills in a lot of my games.

I hope you learned something, and if you are looking to get better at War Zone, make sure you are subscribed below. Back yeah, we've had one week of Fortunes Keep Solos, Duos Trios Quads, and of course Fortunes Keep Trios Ranking, which I've been having a ton of fun playing. I'm going to continue playing, but I'm also going to be mixing in some D&B.

As well, now for this week it's just Vondal Quad, so it's not the best game mode, in my opinion. I really enjoy solo duos on V and solo trios on Vond. Even solos on Vond Quads can be a little bit tougher because of how stacky they are, but look, I like Vondo because we have 72 people poten, for you know, much higher kill games than Fortune Keep.

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I also think there's a lot more outplay potential, so it's kind of the pubs that I'm going to be playing. I'm going to be playing some fortune keep pubs, but for the most part, I'm going to be no I am going to be playing fortune. Keep playing cuz I got to I got to coach you guys because I know a lot of you guys do enjoy it.

After a week, are you? If you keep playing, which rank are you going to go to? The one question we don't know the answer to that is very interesting is: What is going to happen to Aik Island? All we know right now is that the playlist for this next week is that I thought I heard do I hear somebody I mean.

I hear people across the street here, but I thought I heard people as well as enemies. Areo, yeah, I saw that, guy. I just really wanted to quench my thirst. There's the third. I didn't want to oversell it; I couldn't oversell it, but I needed to get it. Where were we? What were we asking about?

I don't know. All I know is that we're going to play a little 20-kill game right here, guys. Anyone around me here should probably make sure. Since there's so much happening, what's this guy doing? nobody there Okay, I'm just going to. I'm just going to keep going to load out. I don't need to get into that mix just yet.

best primary for vondel

Let's be smart here. I'm playing solo quads. I just have to play. really, just make smart decisions here when it comes to my pushes, because I can't push into a 1v4 situation recklessly. I also see that guy that was over to my left or right side now by the ammo. Crate-well counter-uavs are still in the game.

We are going to be using the TAC e and the Ram 9 here, but I didn't. Really po poop popop, poopu Watch this, watch this guy pull your shot, I dare. Here, why do you just keep flying at me? Here, I don't know what's happening around here; what's this guy going to do to you? You're dead, too. No, I just fell for the one thing that couldn't have happened.

I'm just going to keep playing smart here for a second. Let's reload this. Here, kind of, nasty stuck him. Now watch; here's what we're going to do. We're going to push this way instead. Instead, there's the kill. His teammate ran away from him. Yeah, shooting, I'm going to challenge him with this.

best primary in warzone

Way bunch of people up top here we should be in a great spot to play should be in a great spot to play positioning here we've got off to a really good start we're a little bit on 30 Pace here actually. Now marking the rest of that on your what are you guys doing, I'm there's no shot. I'm pushing in there, and I'm going to reload this thing.

As I'm pushing up here, there should be people up top on these rooftops, but I don't know how that PA didn't hit that guy. Yeah, be really careful with one-shot snipers. Shotted from university, I'm sure at some point let's push up top here; we are definitely on 30 Pace. Let's play smart. Here, I told you one was flying in.

Above, do I reload this thing? Again, one across that. There's no way I'm going to win that fight; that's just not going to happen. They're going to stack that out so hard. We've got to reposition, find a different angle here, and see if we can push up on top of this. No, I don't know how I just lost that gunfight.

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Let's go and observe the rest here. That's the worst circle I could possibly ask for. I probably needed to push to the graveyard. There, how do I lose that? I hit all the high-damage areas too. Let's see what these guys do. That was just a really hey, we take it. That's the worst possible end circle that I could possibly ask for.

There's just no cover whatsoever. I mean, maybe I go to the graveyard, but this is where I ultimately needed to be. You got Yeah, there's just too many teams out here out in the open when I'm 1V. Fouring, let's see what he does here; he's got to win. Go win this gunfight. You have to go. You have to find a way to win this if you don't win it.

You're already in a bad spot, but you know where he is. And then that's what happens. Yeah, he just waited and waited and waited and waited instead of pushing. He pushed, but once he already lost aim assistance because of the smoke, go push that aggressively. It's a one-vs.-one fight. You know exactly where he is.

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Hit high-damage areas. Look, this guy has no teammates here, so it's like he just lost because he wasn't confident enough to push it, and he knew exactly where he was. He knew exactly where that guy was. Let's see what they do from here. Still not a ton of still not a ton of ways to push, you've just got to, yeah, the edge of Zone's always tough; it's just a very out in the open Zone here based on it being him being solo quad.

It's solo quads, guys, or it's quads; it's not trios. Also, notice he's using the sniper; let's see if he gets one shot. Snipes, guys i appreciate everybody hanging out on this article. If you already have it, make sure you subscribe below. Just take a second and make sure you are. If not, hey, you might want to think about it if you're looking to get a better bunch of people on the right side.

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One straight-ahead hit the snipe for me one time, baby. All you've got is mastery camo, so I know you can snipe. I know you can snipe. Do you think that is a terrible circle pole? That is the worst possible circle pole you could ask for. There are seven other enemies, so it's a good shot, but he just missed the head shot.

Maybe now that he's probably dead, he's got to rotate far right, and you have no gas. Mas bud, you got to go. You have to go. You can't rotate straight through because there's nowhere to go straight through. Guys, the only way you survive this is if you rotate far right, and it completely ignores all the shooting that's happening to your left.

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