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42 today we are breaking down my 42 kill fondell squads win this was my first 40 bomb so clearly a big deal for me but I really want to break down the four things I think are really helped me transform from where I was back on war zone 1 which is a 1.3 KD player back in The Rance days to what I am now at the time of this article I'm a 5.2 KD with almost 1, 000 wins on Resurgence so clearly a big difference and just really the four most important things I think that have helped me go from where I was to where I am now so.

I was just getting right into it, so I dropped over here in this area. I kind of show it here on the map. I've been kind of toying around; if you've seen some of my old articles. I normally drop mul, but I've really been exploring dropping in this area just because I think there is more potential for hotter starts over here, which is.

Hot starts

best tips for vondel

My first tip for hot starts is don't be afraid to push things early, because the hotter your start, the more kills you get early, and obviously, the easier it is to have a big, high-kill game. So in this game, I actually had 12 kills at the end of the first circle, which, as you know, is obviously huge.

That's what I've really set myself up for—at least a 40-bomb, if not better. So really, that number one thing is hot start, and I think what really kind of makes this area different is that in this area of Vond Del, there's really only three types of fighting you can have: you're either going to be fighting on roofs, you're going to be fighting on the ground floor, or you're going to be fighting somewhere within a building, so really, just based on that, you can kind of adjust your play style and how you're going to play differently based on you know where you are in the buildings, you know what kind of fights you'd expect things like that, so, at this point I already have three.

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I've already got a whole bunch of knocks, and really, I'm just kind of going back and forth. I was lucky to find some really good ground loot guns off rip. I've got a Vel and an RPK. At this point, I was honestly doing so much fighting that I was just having trouble finding enough time to reload my guns.

I had an RPK and a, like I said, and really, you know, just trying to knock one, look at the map, see where the teammates were, and just kind of go from there. The other thing is because I'm kind of away from my teammates. I'm really playing everything like a 1v4 right now, so I'm kind of playing patiently, really trying to third party as much as I can get that free damage, get those free knocks, things like that, and go from here.

I knocked on the guy on the stairs here, one below me. Again, place low. Just to kind of confirm, did I hear what I think I did like that? Go back up. You know, really, you just have to keep picking them off. Have the one come over the wall, and the other thing you'll notice is that I'm fighting over this little A-frame here, this little orange ridge on the roof.

I'm not typically going straight over it; a lot of times I go to the left side or to the right side. I heard some gunfighting below me get again an easy knock move across.

Power positions

Power positions

The other thing you'll notice as I fight on these roofs is that I'm maintaining my power position, which is my number two tip power position. I'm trying to keep that high strength, you know. High Advantage position, so right now it's the roof I'll kind of show here later in the article of where some of those really strong positions are things like that, but get two quick knocks to kind of move down to get those, thirst.

So do one come here and get that third knock, but now it actually kind of slows down a bit, and I actually go over to buy my guns and kind of reset from there and get to the guns that I'm more comfortable with now that I have my guns and actually bought a perk set to the Commando perks, which gives me fast hands and high alert.

Skip ahead a little bit in the game and actually rotate over towards Market, where my team is trying to get loaded.

Fight priorities

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Market's one of the hottest load drops; there's usually at least four or five ladies there, but this really kind of brings me to my third point, which is fight priorities. So, what I mean by that is that you have to prioritize who you're going to pick to fight, you know, in what order, so the reason I say that is that guy at the top of Market, there.

I see people dropping in obviously free kills, but when I hear gunshots right next to me, I go for him first because he's basically the biggest threat or the biggest risk to me. He's probably got guns, probably got plates, and if I'm, you know, occupied or distracted by shooting people trying to drop in on me, he could easily, you know, peek out that little door there where he ended up, and you know, easily get me and just ruin my whole pacing.

get more kills vondel

So, what I would say is that your biggest threat is obviously somebody who might have loaded guns, somebody who's already, you know, established positions like that. Second I would say is probably somebody who could surprise you know maybe not necessarily has Loadout guns or things like that but somebody could drop in on you the other thing is a lot of times it's a big risk or big threat to pacing is, if somebody's dropping in on you and then also you know kind of coordinates that with a teammate where they you know push you at the same time, or basically getting pinched is obviously a big risk and then after that it's kind of just like normal fighting so I would say the next would be if somebody has a better position than you would be a big risk other than that just normal fighting so.

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This one is coming up the ladder again in the audio queue. Their thing is that whenever I'm playing, I would say, probably 70% of the information I'm hearing, and I'm or the 70% of the information I'm using when I'm playing the game is audio. At that point, it made sense. You know, there was nobody else dropping on the roofs, and now it was time to slowly go down and start picking those people off, and actually, the way I go down is this jump spot here on the front towards the bu, but really, you know, basically just doing laps on the roof, you know, going look, going to look at ladies.

In this video, I break down the 4 Tips which help me get more kills on Vondel and get more kills in Warzone 2! These tips have helped me improve from a 1. 36 KD back in Verdansk in Warzone 1 to a 5. 21 KD in Warzone 2 Today.
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