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Today I've got you the Ultimate Guide to dropping a 30+ kill game on Vondo while actually breaking down a 31 kill win that I had. Now I've got about 8 to 10 tips for you and 8 to 10 things I want to talk about, but let's go and jump in here immediately. Notice where my teammate landed across the street.

And you're going to see that we don't really do anything for the first minute, or, so you know, we've got a minute and a half here until the first circle starts to close, and then we have about 2 minutes or so until the first circle completely closes. Because you cannot regain One Straight Ahead here, that's going to be kill number three, and just like this, you kind of start to see our pace pick up a little bit but real quick when it comes to getting load-out guns right instead of load-out.

We've got three kills so far; now we're going to go ahead and play our high ground, which is going to be in the hot area. That is going to be something we're going to talk about throughout this article: you have to be in the hot areas as much as possible. Right here, I know there's a bunch up top full team.

how to drop a 30 kill game vondel

You know, I've got one right here. I'm just going to go and trust my high alertness. I'm going to drop down, but we are going to be thinking about this re-engagement right here. How do we re-engage? I'm just going to wait for him right here, kind of waiting for him to push through; there's that next ping, and I see that he doesn't.

how to get 30 kills in warzone 2

Now there's the nuke skin so we've got to kind of play this a little bit patient here we're going to read challenge, finally we get the advantage with the break and we're just going to wait on him there's kill number six, bunch of people up above here still a minute and 17 seconds I'm going to keep bouncing back and forth between in the action time kills there's kill number seven so we're getting closer to that 8 to 10 spot, right here, now one of the things that I do want to talk about is you do kind of need the right Lobby a little bit you're going to see this isn't like a super sweat Lobby it's also not a super bot lobby like you could tell there are actual people who can kill me but it's not like the sweatiest lobby of all time you might get one of those per night and it's about you executing it's about you getting the information, hitting your shots using movement it's about having those building blocks in place that I talk about aim movement positioning game strategy and anticipation.

To be able to, you know, pick up the 30 kills that you need and put yourself in action. Now one thing that we do need to talk about that we haven't seen thus far, and we'll kind of see here in a little bit, is just fighting by yourself. You know you're going to have to fight by yourself at times.

You're going to have to put yourself in situations where you're taking on teams or solo, and that's just based on kill potential. If we're fighting a full team of four and there's four of us in the area, basically our kill potential is like, technically, it's four, but we're going to split up kills.

how to get 30 kills on vondel

If I'm fighting a full team by myself, I'm in a good spot to be able to get four, five, or even six kills from that one team, and we kind of keep pushing for 30. Now the other thing that we are going to talk about is hot areas you know hot areas and quick decisions, right here you know just a quick decision to fly over you've got to make these quick decisions you can't really wander if you're looking to drop a 30 kill game now right here we hear one flying in we're going to hear a two basically two teams fighting inside the building here so all of a sudden just like that we are back in that hot area and the one time you saw the hot area earlier was when I kind of popped that UAV before somebody did and there were like two or three teams in this area, a big part of dropping the 30 kill game is going to be kind of playing this pace and, pacing just Based On A lot of people are around you now we at 10 kills here there's one right there obviously make sure you're using metag guns we got the lockman sub here in the castto 762.

how to get more kills on vondel

I still know that there are a bunch of people around me. I'm just not 100% sure where yet, so we're just going to kind of keep playing our high ground here, keep trying to pick some enemies off, and maybe pick some off that are flying back in. There's no need to go get Mixie inside just yet. There's no need to put myself in a spot where I'm fighting two different teams in one building and I get shot from, like, who knows where, so we're going to be able to get this guy right here.

I get caught out in the open. Good play by this guy that was the guy that I killed up top before that ends up being able to push me and kind of regain, and he challenges me right there, so we're up to 16. Now here's the tough part: the moment you die, your game could end. Thankfully, I'm going to push this forward, and you notice right here that my teammate's in a really bad spot.

We've got 8 seconds to respawn back in, and like. I'm just praying. That he days alive like that's all I can do. I'm on a heater right here, but if my teammates die, there's nothing I can do now. Going back to what I said earlier, here we've talked about a lot. We talked about 8 to 10 in the first, and we talked about loading out early so that we can always regain later on.

tips to get 30 kills on vondel

I got 17 kills just because I bought my loadout guns. I bought a perk package, and I didn't have to hit free Loadout. Now we hit free Loadout right now. Hopefully this thing sticks around for a little bit because my teammates don't necessarily hit it, but I basically got to play the rest of this game as if you know hey.

I might not be able to hit Freeloadout again. Now I am going to slow down here a little bit. From 14 seconds until the second circle closes, we're at 17 kills. You know, we only need 13 more. We're at 45. Technically speaking, if you are subscribed, you know this I say that to drop a 20-kill game, you need six in the third and six in the end game, so you need 12 between the third and fourth circles or the third circle and on.

vondel guide

To get 20. I need 12 here to get 30 because of my early game, so in my opinion, early game is the biggest thing that changes: putting ourselves in the action, getting off to a good start in that first and second circle, and then we clean it up with our end game just like we do in a 20 kill game. Now, right here.

I'm just, you know. I'm reset a little bit, right, you know. I've got I'm getting high alerted that way I'm getting a guy to my left side notice the circle rotation here. I don't have any plates, so my whole goal is that I've just got to basically get into these buildings. I've got to get into these buildings right here.

Dropping 30 kills is difficult but not impossible so today I'm giving you the ultimate guide to 30 kills while breaking down a 31 kill win that I had.
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