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Today we are back with our study of the Pro Series, where we break down gameplay from some of the best War Zone players out there. Today we're breaking down a 48-kill game here from Knight, who is easily one of the best Resurgence players and easily one of the best war zone players, and I'm going to be honest with you guys, this game is absolutely Insane a lot of people are going to scream bot lobby this bot lobby that but this was not a bot lobby and he still drops 48 kills and by the way throughout this like we're going to highlight a lot of things that you can take away from this game and apply to your own, game that will Li to continue to get better and start to drop higher kills first thing here is notice his landing spot right like a lot of people feel like you have to land hot to drop High kills you got to land control you got to land prison, he's just going to land here in Nova 6 loot up for a little bit get his load out which if you are subscribed I talk about that all the time prioritizing, that load out getting two guns that we feel comfortable with that we know kill fast getting our perks which give us a ton of outplay potential and then from there we can really start to push we can easily get kills on enemies who don't have load out guns who don't have perk packages.

In this moment, we just push towards the hot area. Now, the hot area is one of two things. First of all, we see shooting over this way, which is most likely controlled. Think about the mini map and where that's pinging, but I'm just going to work. We're just going to work our way through here, right?

We're going to work our way to Grandma. Is there anybody in Grandma? Is there anybody in prison? We're just going to work our way to these hot areas and start to kind of clear them, and we see the fighting under control, but if he were to run into a team in prison. Hey, we're going to go ahead and take that fight right.

best rebirth player

We're going to go ahead and act on that information, so a lot of times you just need to rotate somewhere. If you're really unsure where to go, just push towards a hot-area living quarters prison. You know, depending on what side of the map you're on, this center area is really hot, so let's just go and work this way and see what we can find now.


C's one flying over; he, by the way, is using the DG58. And the HRM 9 this HRM 9 is post Nerf so this isn't the one that we were using for months this does have a slightly slower ttk, but what we're really going to see here is the high damage areas now this is the first thing that I want to talk about kind of three things to highlight in this first little sequence right here that we are going to continue going back to when it comes to winning gunfights okay number one is going to be live pinging he's going to live ping a ton it's one of the biggest things I've taken away from Knight because, when this guy kind of goes behind the wall we're able to see hey are you going to go this way or are you going to rechallenge and watch which way he goes here you can see that he pushes back inside at which point Knight can Center his crosshairs that's number two putting your crosshairs where you think enemies are going to be, specifically.

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Subscribers this one's pretty simple and I want you to really focus on Mini map throughout this because it's an area that a lot of you guys are struggling you're missing information you're not acting on information pops the UAV one on his level just to the right side here what does he do centers his crosshairs perfect then now he makes a little adjustment all high damage areas now he works on the guy above he sees this enemy pushing towards him he's not going to grab that specialist for a while, watch him clear straight through here clear straight through his centering is so good and when we talk about winning gunfights and not only winning gunfights, but also taking less damage getting that first shot off by centering your Crosshair as well and he's just got to trust his high alert here in the back yep he said I'm just going to hope that sniper misses while I'm strafing when we talk about winning gunfights and take here winning gunfights and taking less damage centering your crosshairs, hip firing that's going to allow you to get a huge advantage on your enemy, now another thing we're going to talk about a lot throughout this is changing pace so even in our Close Quarters.

We can change our pace a little bit. He's just going to wait for this guy; he doesn't have a great angle on him. If he were to push down here, right? If he were to push down and play this from this head glitch right here, it's kind of an awkward fight, so what's he going to do? He's just going to wait for this enemy right here.

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He's just going to wait. Finally, he has the angle right there. Now we're going to push in, and that gives us some information: one guy. Straight Ahead, working his way in that direction, hits his throwing knife, quick reloads, and one back behind him has to make a move. All high-damage areas back inside take in all the information and notice this started quiet.

Now we're in the action we maybe we landed maybe he landed control here another game and might have been in the blender or maybe you land control and this is a situation where you end up in the blender because of so many teams said he prioritizes, that load out now he's got this full momentum in terms of load out guns throwing knives stems he's got everything in his disposal that he can use to outplay teams what do I love about this we see the hip fire guys look at how much of an advantage this hip fire gives us challenge around the corner right he's already broken by the time Knight is fully ads, like that's how much of an advantage that hipfire gives us and it takes getting used to absolutely does if you're not you know shooting Bots and working on if you're not you know playing lock down and really working on it then you absolutely should be in focusing on that hipfire component we see it again.

how to get more kills rebirth island

About, he's got 128 he hears somebody close watch the, centering, notice the patience here right I think this is a big one is notice he's not caught in a attack Sprint okay watch how he turns his corner see how he slow plays his Corner a little bit you know see how he slow plays it doesn't tack Sprint up he just kind of waits for this guy and kind of keeps those crosshairs out keeps him ready to shoot so that he can track that guy and notice we have people over at mini map 16 kills as far and you know, people are shooting back people are slide cancelling like this is where now we change our Pace again right we're playing slow with the DG here playing a little bit more positioning we're going to be the one that's third partying instead of being in the mix and.

Today we are breaking down a 40 KILL game from Knight who is hands down one of the best Rebirth Players out there.
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